Chapter 3

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"This can't be happening." Severus thought to himself "I'm dreaming. Neville's potion addled my brain. I am not touching Hermione Granger and letting her touch me. It's a --- Ohh that's a sensitive spot. 20 points to Gryffindor for finding that one"

Hermione currently had her teeth teasing Snapes neck and was lightly stroking his lower abdomen, using her fingers to make him groan and gasp. It was a heady feeling for her. For once, he wasn't looking at her with a sneer or with malice in his eyes. He was looking at her like she was, well, a female. And a desirous one at that. Being the bushy haired bookworm and sidekick of Harry Potter didn't do much for her in terms of males noticing her other assets.

"I could kiss Neville right now" Hermione thought before bestowing wet kisses down her Professors chest and stomach. She felt him tense and hold his breath as she came upon his.... hmmm what should she call it? Snape Jr.? Hermione's private happy toy for the moment? With a wicked grin she lightly used her breath only to tease the hair at the base and ran her hand up his inner thigh. If possible, the man got even larger and harder than he was before. His face almost looked like he was in pain. Taking mercy on him, she ran her tongue up his length and moved it in circles around the tip.

"Honestly the man should breathe" Hermione thought before taking as much of him in her mouth as she could. She heard him moan and exhale (at last) and she started to move her lips up and down slowly until his hips started jerking. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up to crush her lips against his. He reached down to her curls again and found her wet and ready. With a few soft flicks she was moaning as loud as him and he moved to position himself at her entrance. Then he stopped. Hermione's eyes flew open. Did he change his mind? His eyes were not the dark empty pits they usually looked like but seemed to be burning into her. He spoke

"Are you sure Miss Granger? There will be no going back" He warned. Was he serious?! Hermione stared at him incredulously for a moment. Here she was, her body on fire and screaming for him to do something about it, and he was asking questions and making warnings! Then she smiled.

"I think it's permissible to call me Hermione now"

Severus, her acceptance noted, pushed into her. He felt her stiffen for a moment as he broke through the barrier of her virginity and he whispered apologies until she relaxed and sighed in happiness. Severus was hard pressed (ha ha) to not explode right there at the tightness squeezing him. He gritted his teeth and slowly began to move, making sure he hit all the most sensitive spots with each thrust. Hermione's legs came up to clamp around his waist as the thrusts became more and more powerful. She felt the floor beneath her biting into her back but couldn't seem to care. The only thing that mattered was that this man keep doing whatever he was doing to bring back the feeling he had given her before. She could feel the tension building again and the little tingles that danced through her body. Severus, watching her face, knew the exact right moment to increase his thrusts. The moans of each intermingled with each other. With a final half scream, half moan, Hermione felt as if she had shattered into a million pieces. A second later, her Professor joined her, spilling his seed and moaning in her hair.

Their sweaty, exhausted bodies clung to each other as their breathing slowed to almost normal. Finally Hermione spoke

"That was... Wow. I mean that was even better than the first time which I didn't believe possible."

Snape exhausted, simply replied "A hundred points to Gryffindor"

Hermione giggled. She understood that that was his way of saying it was the same for him. She kissed him gently and laid her head on his chest for a few minutes while he stroked her hair. Their solitude was broken a few minutes later by voices outside the door.

"Hermione?" She heard Harry call worriedly "Professor Snape? Are you OK Mione?"

They both jumped up and hurriedly pulled clothes on before Hermione called

"Were fine Harry. Is it safe to come out now?"

"Yeah" He replied "The smokes gone. Where are you?"

"Be out in a minute" She called not answering his question. She turned to Severus. He had his sneer back on and was looking at the door. When he turned to look at her though, it faltered for a minute. Seeing that, Hermione reached out and hugged him tightly before they opened the door and exited the safety closet. Harry started to escort her back to the common room. She made an excuse to return to the classroom alone and at Severus's shocked look told him

"So I'll see you at my detention tomorrow?"

With a confused look he stared at her. Finally realization dawned and he gave her a slight smile.

"Remember you have detention for the rest of the week, possibly all year" He said trying to keep his face straight. With a cheery grin she ran back to Harry and went to the common room. Neville was sitting in one of the chairs reading a book and writing something on a piece of parchment. When he saw Hermione he jumped up

"Hermione I'm so sorry!" He said worriedly "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine Neville" She said in a cheery voice "Though we may need to study that potion better a little later, I can help if you want"

"No" Neville said quickly "I'll get it eventually. It's nice to see you're in a better mood though."

Hermione smiled "I am. I think I'll go and rest a while though"

And with that she skipped off to her dormitory. Neville sat watching where she left for a few minutes before a sly smile appeared on his face. He opened his book again and looked at his parchment before taking a quill out and writing

"The properties of both ingrediants are known

for increasing lust if the feelings are present


He smiled and added a footnote

"Also they may induce a change in moodiness"

He smiled again and thought to himself

"And they all think I'm such a dunderhead"


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