Chapter 1: Piccolo

"Hey! Alright, my time here is almost up, so I'm gonna put on one last

request then hand the reins over to my home boy Yamcha here," He said into the

microphone. All the ladies cheered as Yamcha waved out to the night club. "So he's

gonna mix things up for you and I'm outta here! Bye guys!" He set the last song on the

player and set the microphone next to it. Why Can't I by Liz Phair began to play as the

last semi-slow song of the night.

Out fro the DJs box he jumped, landing lightly on the ground. Several groupies giggled and sighed as he flashed them a toothy smile and used the back exit to leave the building. He pulled off his dark sunglasses and baseball cap and sighed upon begin able to have a moment to himself in the ally. He striped the homie-like clothes he wore and replaced them with his everyday normal clothes that consisted of a loose fitting shirt, loose fitting pants held up by a blue belt with a white cape and turban.

He rolled the clothes into a ball and stuffed them into a duffle bag which he then carried to a red hover car parked in the street right next to the ally. He popped the trunk and placed the bag inside then locked the car once more.

As he passed the front window he noted the time flashing on the car clock; 10:15 p.m. it read. He sighed and wished he could go home. Sighing he walked around to the front and reentered the club.

Yamcha had the club in full blast party mode now and the music blared inside his ears, nearly making him deft. Upon seeing Piccolo enter Yamcha smiled and flashed the thumbs-up sign. The Namek simply smiled back and made his way to the back were the music wasn't quite as loud. There he sat down at the bar.

"What'll it be?" asked the bar tender as he cleared out a glass.

"Water," Piccolo replied. "With ice, and no alcohol." The bar tender nodded and filled the cleaned glass with ice water and set it in front of Piccolo.

"Are you waiting for someone too?" asked a voice. Piccolo turned to see a young man about his age, maybe a few years younger, looking over at him. The youth had spiky black hair which sprung every which way and charcoal black eyes to match. His skin was barely tanned so you would hardly be able to tell unless you examining the almost invisible tan lines very closely.

"I guess," Piccolo said, tearing his eyes away from the dark eyes of the stranger. He hesitated a minute then continued with, "my friend works here."

"She sounds like more then a friend to me," the youth replied. Piccolo looked back at him but he closed his gaze and sipped on his drink.

"She's a he," the Namek replied. "And there is nothing going on between us."

"Alright," said the stranger. He smiled over at Piccolo again and held out his hand. "I'm Goku. What's your name?"

"Piccolo," he replied without feeling any need to equivocate. "Nice to meet you. Are you waiting for someone?"

Goku drowned the last of his drink and set the glass on the counter. "I was, but she isn't coming; she never dose." He got up and stretched out.

"You know, you meet people a lot faster when you socialize," Piccolo said sipping his drink.

Goku laughed. His whole body seemed to laugh with him, and he gave off an energy that seemed to attract people to his easy-going personality, at least Piccolo thought so as he watched him. "No it ain't like that brother," Goku said. "She's my girlfriend, her name's Chichi. We used to come here every night but lately..."

"But lately?"

Goku looked and at something Piccolo couldn't see. "She's stopped coming..." his voice trailed. "We were so happy together, I'm just wondering what could've happened."

"Why don't you ask her?"

Goku turned back to Piccolo "What reason would I have for doing that?" he asked.

"She's your girlfriend isn't she? That should be reason enough. You love her don't you?" Goku just stared at him; stared deep into the dark eyes of Piccolo who stared back. The Namek then realized that this boy would be leaving soon and, for some strange reason he couldn't name, he didn't want him to leave. "Tell you what," he said pulling his eyes from that tight eye lock to look at his drink. "If you stay here and chat with me, I'll tell my friend to keep an eye out for your girl. Sound good?" He looked back at the boy who considered him a moment.

"Well, I don't see why not." He sat back down and reached into his jacket pocket. Pulling out a beat up old wallet and opening it he pulled out a picture and handed it to Piccolo. "Here, that's a picture to give to your friend. But tell him to be careful with it cuz I want it back. It means a lot to me."

Piccolo studied the picture. In it was Goku, maybe two or three years younger then he was now. His head was wrapped in a bandage and he was leaning on crutches. He wore clothes similar to what he wore now; baggy pants with a mucal shirt and an over shirt. Next to him stood a very fine looking lady of about the same age. Her long blonde hair flowed around her shoulders as she pressed her body in to Goku's.

"She's cute ," Piccolo commented even though he thought she looked like a slut. "I'll give this to my friend. You wanna wait right here?"

"Yeah, sure," replied Goku.

Piccolo got up and turned to the dance floor. He took a deep breath and started walking toward the blaring music's center. He weaved between dancers and pushed through to the DJ's box. The security guard on duty held up his hand to prevent him form going further. "You got a pass there Green Boy?" he asked in a rather mean burly voice.

Piccolo calmly pulled out a backstage pass from his pocket and handed it to the guard. The guard looked it over and then handed it back to Piccolo and stood aside to let him pass. The Namek proceeded on up to where he had been only minutes before. "HEY YAMCHA!!" he yelled over the loud music.

"HEY HOME DOG!!" Yamcha cried over the loud music also. "WHAT'S UP? YOU NEED SOMETHING?"


"WILL DO, MY HOME DOG." Yamcha hugged Piccolo and walked him back down the steps of the box so no one could see them. "I'll catch you later tonight okay?" he whispered into Piccolo's ear and kissed him lightly on the cheek. The Namek simply smiled back and watched him leave to put on the next song.

*End Chapter 1*

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