And here you have it folks. This is it. The end. The last chapter of this fic. Wow. I can't believe it. It's over. After this, there is nothing. I have finally accomplished something, and it's tragic and, Oh Kami, I'm gonna, after your done with this, who wants a sequel???

Chapter 15: Piccolo

"Well, it certainly isn't like Goku," replied Chi-chi. "Oh, lemme see, I think Vegeta lives on the West side of town."

"You think?!" Piccolo said, now very desperate for information.

"Well, no. I'm pretty sure he lives in the Phoenix Rising apartments complexes on the west side.....oh yes, here it is. Apartment number 214. Jeeze, I didn't know he lived there. Not a lot of people have been able to stay there for very long, they say it's haunted by some vengeful spirit. Guess Vegeta doesn't believe that sort of stuff."

"Okay, thank you Chi-chi," said Piccolo and he hung up the phone. "Damn you Vegeta. I'll get you, even if it's the last thing I do," he said as he ran out to his car.

"VEGETA!!" Piccolo screamed as he knocked the door down. "WHERE ARE YOU, YOU FUCKING COWARD?!?!"

"I'm right here Piccolo," whispered a meek voice. "There's no need to yell."

"Bastard! Where's Goku?!" he asked spinning around and clenching his hands in tight fists. There Vegeta was, sitting on the floor with his knees pulled up to his chest. "If you've harmed him in any way so help me Kami I'll tear you limb from-"

"He's in the next room," Vegeta interrupted. "I'm sorry Piccolo, I truly am. I don't know if he's still alive or not I-"

Piccolo didn't wait for Vegeta to finish; he ran into the next room. There he found a body, naked and covered in cuts and bruises; it was Goku's. He dropped to his knees and pulled the body gently onto his lap. "Oh Goku," he sobbed.

"Piccolo?" Goku moaned weakly. He opened his eyes and once he saw his lover's face, he smiled softly through the pain. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Piccolo said softly as he felt Goku's life draining away. "I love you too, I love you Goku. Don't worry, I'm right here, I'll always be right here." Tears formed at his eyes and they rolled down his cheek. Goku finally slipped away and left Piccolo feeling empty and cold.

The sound of a gun being cocked was heard and Piccolo assumed it was Vegeta preparing to destroy the evidence, him, so he wouldn't go to jail. But instead of being shot at, like he expected to be, Vegeta came around and held the gun in front of Piccolo.

"There's two bullets in there," said Vegeta, kneeling before him. "One for you and one for me, if you choose to be that merciful but I don't expect you to be. I didn't kill myself because I know you need to take out your rage on the one who killed Goku. Because I didn't want you to end up like me. Because I can't....."

Piccolo took the gun and held it in his hands for a minute. 'You have every right too,' his mind said to him. 'Shoot him down quickly so you can die beside your Lover.'

Shakily, he took the gun and held it up to Vegeta's chest, right over his heart. "Have you any last words before I send you to hell?" Piccolo asked.

"Just tell Goku I'm sorry because I truly am."

Piccolo closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. The shot was deafening to his hearing. Vegeta fell to the ground, dead before his head even made contact with it. Sobbing loudly, Piccolo picked himself up and dragged Vegeta over to the bed. After pulling a large blanket off of it, he laid Vegeta down on top of it, closed his eyes and rested his hands on his stomach. He picked up the blanket from the bed and dragged it back to where Goku lay. Piccolo pulled off his shirt and put it on Goku before wrapping his dead lover in the blanket with him. For a moment he nuzzled Goku's neck and kissed his face as though doing this might bring him back. Alas, it didn't and finally Piccolo reacted over and took the gun once more into his hands. He raised it and pointed it next to his ear as he held Goku close to his body for one last time.

"If you die," he whispered softly against Goku's ear. "I die."

The gun was fired, and all fell silent in the little apartment.