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Sherryl typed the last few words in her newest story, one about how she fell into Valdemar and saved Vanyel from being thrown to Stefan's not- so-tender mercies, saved it, and posted it to Fanfiction.net. Now to wait for the reviews from her myriad of adoring fans to start flowing in, and she could back once again bask in the glow brought on by ultimate success. . .

She noticed that the first reviewer had mentioned something snide about poor grammar, bad spelling, and awful characterization. She was the Author, what use did she have for any of that? The review also mentioned something called the "Official Fanfiction Collegium of Valdemar", and had an application on the bottom. What the heck, might as well fill it out. . .

It was a bit unusual, though. It must be some weird sort of chain letter thing, only posted to the bottom of reviews. With a last couple taps at her keyboard, she had the thing completed, and she saved in to her hard drive, figuring she might get a kick out of it later, and went back to her thoughts of all the positive reviews she would be getting.

In her daydreaming, she missed how her well-cared-for The Last Herald- Mage trilogy glowed for a moment behind her, or the set of figures that emerged from the glow. Missed them, that is, until one of them cleared her throat.

Sherryl whirled around in her computer chair- she loved those whirly chairs- to see a girl who looked like she might be in her early teens, a white horse- no, a Companion! There was a Companion in her bedroom!

"Is this the one, Femela?" asked the human figure. Wait. . . Femela? That's what she'd put down as the name of her Companion! She must have fallen asleep, and was dreaming that her Companion was coming to Choose her. . . But that didn't explain the woman, though. . .

:: Indeed it is, Violet. This is most certainly the one.:: Femela shook her beautiful head a bit, and pointed her nose directly at Sherryl.

"Good. You have permission to do what you must, Femela. Then I can get on with my part of this." The girl, Violet, had a glint in her eyes that didn't look like the healthiest thing...

::Then I shall get on with it, and let you do your job.:: The Companion angled her head, so that Sherryl was looking into deep, endless blue eyes. . . ::Fanwriter Sherry, I hereby counter-choose you. We shall be spending plenty of time together, I assure you.::

At that, Sherryl was kicked out of those blue eyes, and found that she had a bit of a headache. . . That didn't seem like how a choosing was supposed to happen. . .

"My turn now. Fanwriter Sherryl, you have written a number of Very Bad Fictions, containing bad spelling, poor grammar, and terrible acts of bad characterization. You have since filled out an application to the Official Fanficion Collegium of Valdemar, and have summarily been accepted. Congratulations, you get to learn to be a better author. I'm your Student Advisor, Violet White. Pack your bags, we're leaving in fifteen minutes. And don't bother with anything technological, it'll just be confiscated upon your arrival." The girl had that glint in her eyes again, and a dangerous smirk hovered over her lips.

She found her school backpack, and quickly stuffed it with some clothing and a few books, including her copy of The Last Herald Mage in the pile. Looking around, she grabbed a small stuffed tiger and shoved that into her bag as well..

"Fifteen minutes. I hope you've finished packing."

Violet pulled an odd device out of her pocket, and proceded to fiddle with it a bit. After a moment, something that looked kind of but not really like a Gate opened in the middle of her bedroom. Violet stepped through, and Sherryl found herself being shoved through what was actually a Plothole by Femela.

Stumbling, she fell through the inky darkness of the Gate, feeling suddenly disoriented.

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