This section of the story is a section about Kagome and Sesshoumaru. I don't want to write much so I thought that since we got many parts with Kohaku and Rin ill continue with it later. So on with the Sessh/Kagome.

Kagome had fallen asleep on Sesshoumaru's shoulder. Her glasses neatly placed away in her bag and Sesshoumaru had laid his head on her head.

She stirred slightly and sat up. He smiled as he took his head off hers. She looked at him and smiled that B-E-A-utiful smile. (sorry just HAD to do that lol)

"Sleep well?" He asked. She nodded. He put the armrest up and grabbed her around the waist. She giggled. She snuggled back into his warmth.

"So have you thought about it?" He smirked. He had asked her to help him with something earlier.

"What...Oh yes I have. I would love to come and live with you and Rin. I'm flattered that you want me as a role model of a mother." She blushed. He kissed her cheek.

"thank you" He pressed his cheek to hers. She smiled.

"So when do we land?" She changed the topic. He laughed.

"What's so funny?" She looked up at him.

"You!" He continued laughing.

She pouted childishly "I am not..."

He laughed again and brought his face to hers again. He kissed his way over to her mouth. She responded back with light kisses toward him. When they matched lip to lip their tongues battled caressing and pushing each other.

They broke apart. Sesshoumaru laid his forehead on hers and closed his eyes taking in her scent. "I love you." He whispered to her .

"Love you too." She smiled as she put her arms around his middle and rested her head on his chest again. He smiled lightly and pulled her closer.

Kagome's voice filled his ears again. "So...when do we land?"

He laughed lightly again. "Soon. I think another hour." She started to get up. "Nah uh where are you going?" He pulled her tighter.

"Bathroom." She said trying to get up again. He pulled her down once more kissed her lips again.

"Alright, but come back here and sit with me." He smirked. "I don't want to be alone for the whole trip."

"Awww...Mr. Serious has turned into a scared fluff-ball. How cute!" He growled at her.

"Maybe I should just make you sit here till you pee in your pants huh?" He smiled at her evil-like.

"You wouldn't DARE!" she sent him a warning glare. He continued to smile and poked her. She squeaked.

"wouldn't I?" he laughed maniacally. He started tickling her. She started squirming and laughing really hard. They fell on the floor with him on top. She was laughing to hard to realize he stopped.

Then she stopped. She blushed and turned her head. "Kinda child-ish aren't we?"

He didn't answer. He collapsed lightly on her. She gasped.

"Hugging you is like hugging an angel. So delicate."

She smiled then realized. "umm.. Sesshoumaru may I go to the bathroom now? I think im going to explode." She blushed harder.

"Fine fine...ruin my cuddle session huh?"

"I'll be right back. Can you grab me a glass of red wine though?"

He raised his brow. "Fine"

She got up and went to the bathroom. When she came out she saw Sesshoumaru in his seat in what looked like a light sleep. She walked up to him and brushed a few strands of hair out of his face and sat down next to him. She smiled and leaned in to his chest. All of a sudden his arms went around her and hugging her. He smirked.

"My cuddle session shall not be interrupted anymore." He faced her to him with her straddling his lap. He growled as he pressed his lips on her possessively. She moaned in his mouth. He pushed more. He nibbled on her lower lip. He broke it apart. She just stared at him. Then he attacked her neck with a light kiss. He was giving her a hickey.

"S-Sesshoumaru...please don't lose control. Remember w-we still have b-business to take care of. S-Strictly business!" She started to struggle. He growled again.

He finally snapped out of it when she started to sob. Her eyes were crystallizing over with her tears. He stared at her with a guilty face.

"I-I'm sorry Kagome." He stood up and pulled her up to him. He embraced her rubbing smooth circles on her back as she cried. "I'm sorry..."

Kagome looked up. Her tears were streaking her face. "I-It's ok. I'm ok I was just s-scared that's all." She put her face back in his chest.

"My brain wasn't functioning to your pleads I am so sorry. Please forgive me." He rubbed his nose in her hair.

"It's ok. I forgive you!" She said into his chest.

"Good" He said as he tilted her head up and gave her a light brush of the lips.