"Why did I let them talk me into this?" Inuyasha silently makes his way through the stampede of home bound teenagers. He was about 5'9" tall, with thick silver hair that fell to his knees. His bright golden eyes flicker slightly as he was shoved towards the girls bathroom, and almost inside of it. He wore a pair of baggy red jeans, with a black t-shirt on it that said in big gold letters "I know all, I see all, I want all".

Three chains hang from the silver studded belt around his waist, each chain a different length and width. A pair of black sneakers with silver studs around the shoelaces rest on his feet, a good size metallic object for kicking unsuspecting teens in the shins should they mess with him too much. A set of two white dog ears poke out from behind the long bangs, flickering back and forth as he tries to find a familiar voice.

"Ugh.. Why did this have to happen to me? This so totally sucks," Miroku pushes up a pair of small lens glasses up the bridge of his nose. He was 5'11" tall, with short black hair tied into a tiny pony-tail at the nape of his neck. He had dark blue eyes, almost a violet in color. He had a chain with a silver cross dangling from his neck.

A white t-shirt that hugs his upper torso dresses his chest, a black leather jacket over that. He had on a pair of blue jeans on, a pair of regular red sneakers on his feet. He had a laptop resting neatly in his hand, trying to protect it from the flinging hands of the other teens. It was made of solid black, a sticker of a silver cross and some barbed wire dotting the outer covering, and his name written in golden metallic permanent marker written in kanji at the right corner.

Inuyasha stops, hearing Miroku's plea he jogs off to him, seeing him he lets out a soft sigh of relief, seeing someone he knew he grabs Miroku's arm, pulling him to the side he growls, "Where the hell have you been!? I've been looking all over this damn school for you!"

Miroku lifts up his hands submissively, then laughs at the hanyou's anger, "Calm down, Inuyasha.. I've been looking for you as well. We don't have any classes together, I'm afraid."

"No SHIT," Inuyasha folds his arms, glaring at him he sighs, then looks towards the other human bodies as they dwindle down to a few stragglers still trying to get their books into their lockers.

One girl in particular caught his eye. She was about 5'7" or 5'6" tall, with thick black hair that fell about her waist in waves. She had slate greyish blue eyes, and wore a pair of flare legged jeans. She had a red shirt with the word 'Angelic' across her chest. A pair of blood red sneakers were on her feet, a red belt with silver studs and a red watch with a blue face gracing the rest of her form.

She looks up, feeling Inuyasha's eyes on her she looks towards him, feeling a light blush creep across her cheeks. With a quick jerk she grabs her bag, then pulls her keys out of her pocket, making her way out the door and past the hanyou.

Miroku couldn't help watching her as she walked, head tilting sideways as the shifted with each step she would take. Inuyasha looks over to Miroku, lifting a hand he smacks him upside the head and causing him to fall flat on the ground. What a bone head. He looks to the girl, taking a whiff of the air he caught it.

"The nerve of that guy!" Kagome, the girl in question, opens the door to her black corvette, thrusting her bag into the back seat she gets inside, putting the key into the ignition she revs up the old car, knowing full well she had to pick up her brother Souta from the middle school.

"Man, he's such a pain!" she shifts it out of park, backing up she lets out a shriek as the back of her car rams into another. A bright green F-250 was behind her, then entire hood smashed in.

A girl with thick brown hair tied into a pony-tail at the top of her head steps out of the truck, eyes wide. She wore a white tank-top, a black shirt under that with a pair of broom legged black jeans gracing her legs. She had bright violet eyes, with red eye shadow above the irises. She had light skin, and stood about 5'8" tall, with a muscular frame. She looks towards Kagome, making her way around the truck, "Are you all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks.. I'm so sorry about your truck.." Kagome looks to the wreck that had happened. Sango, the owner of the now disheveled truck, shakes her head, "I should have watched where I was driving.."

Ugh, Kagome slowly walks towards the middle school. Her mother was going to have a cow, and her dad was going to end up eating it, when they found out about her car. She was in some deep crud if she didn't figure out a way to expelling the huge dent in her trunk. She approaches the school, lifting a hand she tucks some hair from her eyes as she looks up at the statue in the middle of the front lawn. It was so strange, to have a Koala as a mascot. And to have a statue of it in the middle of the front lawn? Weird much!

"Kagome!" Souta races out towards her. He had short brown hair, cut in a bowl cut at his ears. He wore a T-shirt with some kanji on it, no one knew what it meant, though she hoped it wasn't cussing out somebody's mother. He shoulders his bag, his large eyes blinking at the huge chunk of missing car.

"WHOAH! You are SO going to be in TROUBLE!" he snickers. Kagome grabs his ear, pulling him away from the school. Man, this was so not going to be cool.

Inuyasha sighs softly, sitting in the tree above the lake at the park about two miles away from the school. The winding sidewalks made his head spin, so he would simply sit down on the branches to think over what exactly was going on in his life. He looks down as Miroku types away furiously on his laptop, the clicking noises causing his ears to push back slightly. It was too annoying. He chucks an acorn at the genius, causing him to yelp and rub his forehead.

"That wasn't very nice, Inuyasha.." Miroku continues to rub his scalp, looking upwards to the hanyou as he scoffs.

"You type too much.. Why don't you get yourself a girlfriend instead of chatting with them all the time online? You're nothing but a gee!" Inuyasha falls down beside him, crouching down he grabs the laptop, looking to the conversation he couldn't help but blush as he read just what he and the other girl were saying. Since when did fornication come that easy online?!

"YOU PERVERT!" he drops the laptop, Miroku diving and catching it. He had a light reddish hue to his cheeks as well.

"Hey, it's not like YOU'VE done anything to get yourself a girl," Miroku states, fixing his

glasses he continues typing. Inuyasha felt something turn in his stomach, and he felt like hurling. That was disgusting.. Downright disgusting.

"You make me sick, Miroku.. Sick, sick, sick, sick!" Inuyasha stomps with each word, causing dust to rise. With his excellent sense of smell he inhales some of the dust, then lets out a sneeze, causing poor Miroku to jump and the laptop to fly from his hands into the lake.

"NOOOOO!" Miroku stands, about to jump in until he saw a fish rise to the surface, dead, "Dammit, Inuyasha! Why did you have to go and do that!?"

"ME? I didn't do anything but what comes natural to a person who has to SNEEZE!" Inuyasha rubs his nose slightly, grumbling softly to himself he sits Indian style, stealing Miroku's jacket and putting it on. He shoves his hands into the sleeves, not used to not wearing his usual long sleeved kimono.

"Inuyasha! Give that back, dammit! That's mine!" Miroku grabs the sleeve of his jacket, trying to pull it off, but to no avail. Inuyasha flicks his nose, causing him to fall back in shock.

"That's not fair!" Miroku pouts.

"All's fair in love and war, Miroku.. Didn't you say that last week? I think it was because you got yourself smacked for groping a teacher?" Inuyasha looks to him, shaking his head, "You'll never learn."

"Oh yeah! Well, I think you're just jealous.." Miroku lifts a hand, rubbing his chin in thought.

"Fe.. Yeah, I'm soo jealous.. I'm jealous of your many scars, scratches, bruises, and red marks from the many women that have turned you DOWN.." Inuyasha takes off his jacket, throwing it at him and lazily lifting himself up into the tree once again. This was entirely too boring. He lays down on the branch, his legs and arms dangling as he rests his chin on the rough bark. The two tendrils that tend to fall over his shoulders hang from the sides of his face.

"You have the attention span of a goldfish, you know that?" Miroku brushes off his jacket, slipping in his left arm as he watches his friend above him. Inuyasha looks down at him, lifting a hand he makes a motion of squashing his head in-between his fingers.

"Better a goldfish than a gnat, leech," Inuyasha stretches his arms and legs, looking comical as they all extend outwards. Miroku shakes his head sadly, then with a yawn he makes his way towards a bench, sitting down he sighs, watching a black spot becoming smaller and smaller in the lake, knowing full well it was his laptop, "You're buying me a new laptop, ya know."

Inuyasha falls from the tree face first into the ground, "Excuse me!? What gave you that idea?!"

"It's YOUR fault I dropped it!"

"Key word there, YOU dropped it! Not me!" he folds his arms angrily, glaring daggers at him. Miroku finally backs down about two hours of arguing later. Inuyasha was stingy when it came to money, and after what he had seen him doing, he wasn't about to give it to him with open arms.

Inuyasha pulls himself back into the tree. He liked this tree, it had the scent of both pine and oak, and it seemed to calm his nerves. He lays down on the branch once more, watching the people as they go about their lives. One little girl always intrigued him.

She was about 10 years old and she was 5'4" tall, with thick obsidian black hair that came to her waist in huge curls. She was lightly tanned with crystal blue eyes. She wore a white velvet top with golden thread embroidered from the corner of her neck across her chest. She wore long black pants of velvet as well, a golden dragon wrapping about her leg.

She had a pair of large lens glasses. The top was sleeveless, revealing slender, but not boney, arms and a slightly bishoujo physique. She was a pretty little girl, and as she turns, one could see a dragon tattoo running up her left arm, the head wrapped about her wrist, then the rest of the tail wrapped about her arm. She stretches her arms, showing she may be slender, but she was made of pure muscle, and occording to the scar on her right shoulder, she had been through plenty fights.

She always walked on the same sidewalk every day at the same time. He couldn't help noticing the pattern. She would walk towards the lake, throw a few stones for about an hour, turn, see one of his legs, or arm, even that white hair of his hanging down from the tree, stand, then walk calmly away.

That always intrigued him for some reason, why she wasn't scared of him, or of the fact someone watches her every day. Today, for some reason was different.

She makes her way towards the lake, seeing Miroku one slender brow quirks, fixing her glasses she places them in her back pocket, kneeling down into the lake she places her hand an inch above the water.

"WAIT!" Miroku suddenly races towards her, pulling her hand back, "My laptop fell in there.. It's dangerous to stick your hand in there."

She didn't say a word, she never had, and probably never will. She removes her hand from Miroku's grasp, then places it over the lake's surface. A soft pastel light surrounds her, something only Inuyasha seemed to notice, as Miroku tries once again to pull her away. She finally lowers her hand into the water. There wasn't a wrinkle of disturbance, not a ripple of interruption. She then brings it back to the surface, revealing the dripping laptop. Miroku's eyes widen and he watches as she opens it op, it automatically rebooting and it seemed that everything was fine.

She turns to him, smiling softly she holds it up to him. It was dry, and it already had chimed in its welcome greeting to the user. He takes it from her, "Thank you very much.. Miss..?"

"..." she remained silent as she turns towards Inuyasha. The cold, almost dead ice blue eyes sent a shiver racing down his spine to cause the hairs on his very hanyou ears to stand on end. He drops down from the branch, watching her cautiously. It was as if a wolf stalking his prey. He circled her a bit, not noticing Miroku with his fist raised and a vein ticking in his forehead.

The little girl just smiled happily, then reaching out a hand pressed it to his arm. He felt his body tense from the cold. As cold as death. He looks down to her, eyes wide as she suddenly disappeared to walk on the sidewalk.

"You know that little girl, Inuyasha?" Miroku walks up beside him, watching the child as well. The hanyou shakes his head, "She comes here everyday, at the same time, does the same thing, then leaves at the same time. It's like clock work."

"She's kinda creepy," Miroku rubs his shoulder as he boots up his internet connection on his laptop. Inuyasha sighs, then lifting the arm that she had touched he sniffs it. There wasn't any scent at all!

"Okay, that's freaking me out.." he mumbles. Miroku looks up, "What's the matter?"

"She has no scent.. Nothing at all. It's like she didn't even touch me at all!" he rubs his arm absently, trying to figure out the mystery known as the little girl. What was it about her that made his fur stand up on end?

"Maybe she was a zombie, Inuyasha," Miroku offers sarcastically, only to get a large lump on the back of his head as a reply. Inuyasha snorts softly, then shoving his hands into his pockets makes his way down the sidewalk towards a small dojo. He was going to figure this out if it killed him!


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