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Chapter Three : Ghostly Girls!

Inuyasha gropes about in his mind, trying to find some answer, some reason as to why he was there. He looks towards the path, approaching a place that was quite familiar.

"I'm.. At my house?" he looks up to the sign, seeing it wasn't Youkaihanyou anymore, in beautifully carved calligraphy the name 'Yousugi' was hanging on a cherry wood board from the arch.

He then notes that the entire front yard was covered in all kinds of flowers, trees, even some bushes with lush berries run about the dojo. The cobble stone path he had walked so many times looked brand new, the perfect shine of the marble causing him to blink once again. This wasn't right. Something was going on, and he couldn't put his claw on it. He looks towards the dojo, seeing the name carved pillars bare, only ivy wrapping about the white painted wood. The floors still had the slick varnish, and even the old creaky step was fixed.

A well gurgled softly to his left and he makes his way towards it, leaning over it he looks inside, seeing darkness he reaches down into it, only to have his entire arm and sleeve soaked.

"Okay, that was a little stupid," he starts to wring out his sleeve, the many smells of the garden almost giving him a light headed feeling. Drugged on the aromas he makes his way towards the veranda to sit down on the steps, trying to regain not only his thoughts, but his wits. He looks towards a small clearing leading off to a forest path.

"Once there was a little girl, who thought she was alone. Until she met a half human friend, and until then she'd known, only friendship can break the bonds of darkness. Only love can find a new light. And she can't credit anything to forgetfullness, for now she's found the strength to fight the fight," a small girl makes her way up the path, singing softly. Thick ringlets of dark obsidian black hair dance and spring behind her as she hops down the path. She wore a bright red kimono, with a small white puppy embroidered on the left side. It had golden colored eyes, and a thick white tail behind it.

She appeared about ten years old, maybe nine, and looked vaguely familiar to him as well. In her left hand she held a silver staff, a large circle at the end with four small rings clanking about on the inside of that. A string with red, blue, and black beads dangle from the ring as well, a long dark colored feather dancing about with each movement the staff made.

He squints his eyes to try and get a better look at her face, seeing a pair of crystal blue eyes that were full of that sparkle of life. Her skin was slightly kissed by the sun, a pair of slightly reddened cheeks signifying she'd been out for a while that day. A small barret pinned some of her hair back from her eyes, it being a bright blue butterfly with red tips on the ends of its wings.

He stops mid breath, recognizing her immediately. The little girl from the park! He watches as she makes her way towards him, not noticing obvoiusly. She stops at the steps, then looks over at him, blinking.

"Oh!" she then beams, "You're half human, aren't you!"

"Yes.. I am.." he cautiously watches her as she reaches over his head. He ducks as she rubs his ear slightly, "Stop!"

"I'm sorry.. You just remind me of a friend I have.." she grins, then picking up her staff she lets the bottom clank against the wood as she makes her way up the few steps, "Come in if you're hungry."

It was like she was psychic, his stomach rumbling as if on cue. He blushes lightly, then stands, making his way inside as well. She then slips her hand in his, the small fingers curling about the palm as she guides him through the hallway.

It looked like it had before he left. The rooms were the same, save the living room was a training room. One girl stood in the middle of it, lifting her sword, then pulling it down, repeating the process over and over again. She had thick blonde hair that fell about her middle back, it swaying with each movement. She wore an attire similar to his, save hers was blue and red.

"Who are you?" she turned, sheathing the wooden sword by slipping it into the cloth belt about her waist. He looks at her again, trying to place..

"Nami?" he then remembered her. She blinks her large red eyes, then lifting her hand she tucks a few locks of hair from her face.

"Yes.. That's my name.. I asked you YOUR name, hanyou," she folds her arms in agitation. The little girl from earlier tugs on his hand, causing him to look down at her. She smiles, then pulls him into a crude looking kitchen where a man stood hunched over the stove.

"Darn onions making me cry all the time," he mumbles. He turns, revealing thick violet hair that was tied in a loose ponytail at his neck. He had dark brown eyes and darkly tanned skin, wearing the same attire as Nami, only masculine. d'uh!

"Oh, Neika! Good timing, love.. Lunch is almost.." he looks up, seeing Inuyasha he feels his breath catch in his throat. He shakes his head, then smiles softly to him, "Neika, introduce me to your friend!"

"This is Hanyou-san!" she smiles, still holding onto his hand like a life preserver. Inuyasha blushes slightly, he never had anyone hold his hand or any of the sorts like that at all. He never really felt important, but for some reason.. The hanyou looks down at Neika, he felt like she really looked up to him or something.

"Hanyou-san? It is a pleasure to meet you.. My name is Yamoto Yousugi," the old man nods his head to Inuyasha as the hanyou looks back up to him. Inuyasha bows his head back. The hanyou's nose twitches slightly as the smell of freshly made rice balls causes his mouth to water. Yamoto turns sharply as a small patch of black smoke begins to rise in to the air.

"The rice balls! Aiyah.. Burned again.. Neika-chan, you were supposed to help me COOK today!" her father whines. Neika smiles brightly, standing on tip toe and patting the man's bent head, "I'll make some more!"

"Thank you, darling.." he then turns to Inuyasha, grinning, "I'll show you around while she makes the lunch.."

Inuyasha nods his head slightly, not really coming to grips as to what was going on, save the fact that the smells rising from the kitchen were beginning to make his stomach turn over in hunger. He shakes his head, then follows after Yamoto silently, looking about as the old man points to each room.

"It's not often that my little girl brings friends home.. I'm afraid I've never even seen you before, Hanyou.. Do you have a name besides that?" Yamoto stops at the veranda's teps, sitting down and leaning his back against a pillar. Inuyasha sits on the railing, remembering the many times he had done that before he had been transported there. He looks down to Yamoto, then nods his head solemly, "My name is Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha, eh? I knew one of a name similar to that.." Yamoto nods his head, then looks towards the forest as a large flock of birds suddenly took flight in a frightened frenzy. The hanyou jumped up, hand resting neatly on the hilt of the sword at his waist. Yamoto stood as well, "Something the matter, Inuyasha-san?"

"Something doesn't smell right," Inuyasha turns his head slowly, catching the scent of something he couldn't put his finger on. It was a horrid smell, like rancid meat and decaying flesh. He snorts slightly, but stops as a few droplets on the ground catch his attention. The sky was completely clear, yet it was raining? He looks up, then an overpowering smell wafts to his nostrils.

Blood. It was raining blood! He barely grabbed Yamoto in time and moved the two of them to safety from a falling demon piece. The flesh was black, as though it had been burned straight through, and blood oozed out from the severed end.

"Oh my gods.. That smell.." Inuyasha could barely stand it, it was too much! He looks towards the ground as blood stained it red, and more and more pieces began to fall: a head, then another arm, the leg, piece of a tail, some upper torso. Inuyasha felt his stomach turn, he wasn't all that hungry anymore.

"Inuyasha-san.. Get Neika and Nami.. Make sure they're safe," Yamoto growls, grabbing his staff he spins it suddenly, slamming the end into the ground and causing it to shake. Inuyasha stumbles slightly, then lets out a short yell as something errupts from under the earth.

"Yamoto, you wretch.. I'll destroy you.. And your precious little family.. Each and every one of them.." something hissed. A huge creature suddenly errupted from the rubble and debris, it was a large muzzle at first, but as it leapt completely out Inuyasha could see what it was.

A large, almost dog-like, creature stood there. It's eyes blaze with a bright crimson color, blood drizzling from its yellow stained fangs. It stood at about twenty feet in height, and appeared to be about thirty feet long. It's fur was as black as the raven's wing, shimmering only when the sun danced across the multicolored black strand. It's facial structure was like that of a wolf, but the scent definately wasn't wolven, it wasn't even alive! Inuyasha growls, fang puncturing his lower lip and startling him. When did his teeth grow out!? He lifts a hand to the white ivory, and stops as the demon looks towards him, eyes widening slightly as it lifts one huge paw, slamming it onto the ground.

"What is the meaning of this!? A hanyou!?" it's vouce had a hidious echo to it, and was a bit raspy sounding as well. It reaches out towards Inuyasha, taking a single swipe the entire left wing of the dojo was demolished.


"NEIKA!" Yamoto lifts his staff again, smacking the demon in the eye with it in a lame attempt to distract it from his daughter. The little girl could only cry out as the demon's claw came closer and closer to her. Inuyasha leaps, soaring over the emansive leg and grabbing Neika, looking about he saw Nami trying to get her leg free of a large beam that had collapsed over her.

"Hold on!" Inuyasha speeds towards her, holding Neika tight to his chest, then skids to a stop. He curls his fingers under the wooden beam, then grunting he starts to pull it up, straining slightly under the weight he manages to pull it, and the rest of the debris, up and off of Nami. She grimaces, her broken and bloody leg bent into an obscure angle. Inuyasha puts her over his shoulder, the scent of her blood and Neika's causing his adreniline to pump. He had to get them to safety, and fast.

"Hanyou-san, look out!" Neika cries as he suddenly trips over a root, causing the three of them to flip over and roll down the ravine about ten to thirty feet away from the dojo. He rolls with a good amount of short yells and curses as he hits the rocks and jutting branches. With a resounding thud he lands on the ground below, one arm curled under his body while the other was bent backwards.

"Ow.. Neika-chan, Nami-jo?" he looks about, seeing the two girls in the river. Nami was unconcious, slowly drifting under the spray of the rushing waters. Neika was clinging onto a rock for dear life.

"Hanyou-san, help me!" she cries, fingers slowly slipping against the slick surface of the almost polished stone.

"Neika!" he dives into the water, letting out a gasp at the icey cold waters that pierce through his clothing and stab at his skin. It was so cold, he could barely move, save the fact that he knew Neika was in danger. He dove under the water, trying to find Nami, but he couldn't see her anywhere. He acks, a large bubble rising as his head bangs against a hard object, and he realizes, as his eyes adjust, that it was Nami's wooden sword, stuck in the gravel. He saw a single hand rise from the corners of his eye as she went over the falls.

He could just hear Neika crying out for him as he pushed down against the ground to send him rocketing up to the surface of the water. He was too far away from Neika to reach her. He pumps his arms and legs, trying to swim against the current towards her, her small hand reaching out towards him, but it was too late. Her other hand slips, sending her rushing past him. He manages to grab the back of her kimono, pulling her towards him he grabs onto a root of a near by tree, pulling himself and the girl out of the frigid waters.

"Hanyou-san.. Nami.. Nami went over the falls.." she sobs against his chest, shuddering at the bitter cold. Inuyasha hugs her gently, but something else was bothering him. What was that thing that had attacked the dojo? Was Yamoto okay? YAMOTO, DAMMIT! He stands up sharply, taking Nami onto his back he races off, towards the dojo, seeing the smoke rising, he knew the kitchen was done for, damn and he was still hungry!

"Yamoto, you're death will be my pleasure!" the demon had the man in its mouth, teeth clamped hard around the poor priest's, yes, priest's, arm, waving him around like a puppy would a small rag doll.

"INUYASHA-SAN! GET NEIKA OUT OF HERE! PROTECT HER!" the priest grabs his staff from the tree it was stuck inside of, letting out a yell, "NECHOYOU!"

"Inuyasha-san.. Watch over my dear daughter.. This is the only thing I can do.. It's up to you now," the light errupting from the priest's body blinded both demon and Inuyasha, an explosion sending a burning priest to the ground, and the large creature in the opposite direction.

It wasn't before long the demon stirred, rising onto its four paws slowly, "Foolish mortal.. Your sentiments were wasted.. You know full well that was just a small step towards your enevitable demise.. The Kamikazi has no effect on that which is already dead..."

"YOU BASTARD YOU'LL EAT THOSE WORDS! ALONG WITH THE TASTE OF MY BLADE!!" Inuyasha growls, letting Neika down he unsheathes his sword finally.

With a golden light the sword errupted from the sheathe, the once thin blade suddenly bursting with light, and becoming as thick as he was wide. It was huge! He lifts it over his head as he races forwards, the fur lined handle shifting through his fingers as he brings the blade down atop the demon's pointed head.

"RAAAARGH!" it roared and hissed, and finally, with an explosion of golden light, it disappated, leaving Yamoto on the ground with his entire arm missing, and dead. Blood drips once again above them, some of the blood having sprayed onto Inuyasha's face and clothing, the smell almost causing the poor hanyou to vomit. The demon's head lay split in two on the ground, the eyes lolling about inside the skull.

Inuyasha makes his way quickly towards the man, shaking him by the shoulders in a faint attempt to wake him. Neika stumbles towards them, her bright crystal blue eyes wide and glassy.

"P.. Papa..?" she makes her way towards them slowly at first, then she began to run, stumbling over a few debris, but she managaes to hug her fathers head to her chest, sobbing uncontrollably as Inuyasha stands, shaking his head, "I'm so sorry, Neika-chan.. He's gone.."

"No.. NO! HE'S NOT GONE! HE CAN'T BE!" she shouts, still hugging the lifeless form of her brave father to her body. Tears stream down her cheeks, her entire body trembling as she slowly lowers him to the ground, eyes wide with realization. She stands slowly, looking to her bloodied hands and her blood stained robes. "Papa.. PAPA!!" she cries, dropping once again to her knees and throwing herself on top of his lifeless body, sobbing onto his tattered and torn robes. Inuyasha felt his heart twist, pain seering through his body. It wasn't any physical damage the demon had done, it was the realization that this small girl was all alone, the pitty, and sympathy for the girl that over powered his senses.

"Inuyasha-san.. What am I going to do..? There's.. There's no one left.. What am I supposed to do?" Neika slowly looks up at Inuyasha, tears and blood staining her once smiling face. Inuyasha looks away, then turns slowly, what could he do? He didn't know where he was! He didn't even know what had happened.. All he knew was that he was alone, and, with a start, he realized that so was Neika. Her sister was dead, her father murdered.

"Inuyasha-san.. Don't leave me alone.. Please.." she stands up, clinging to his arm and almost knocking him over as she hugs it tightly, "I don't want to be alone.. Please.. Don't leave me.. I don't want to be alone!"

"I'm not going anywhere.. I'll be here for you, I promise," Inuyasha kneels down, hugging the girl gently he strokes her hair, ears twisting slightly as her sobs suddenly die down, and for a moment, she was cold. Not cold from the river, cold, but cold as death, cold. The wind suddenly picked up again, and with a puff of silver smoke the girl was gone.

"Neika? NEIKA!!" Inuyasha cries out, standing up he cups his hands over his mouth, calling out, trying to see in the blackness that surrounds him. He lashes about, trying to find something, anything. It was so cold..

"Inu.. Yasha.." it was Misae! He turns sharply towards the bright green light, his pupils dialating as he tried to regain focus, "Where's Neika!?"

"She died.. Not long.. Afterwards..A pack.. Of fire demons.. Attacked the village.. And she.. Was killed.." she whispered. Inuyasha's eyes widened, "What!?"

"You relived.. The past.. And you will regret.. That promise you made.. Inu.. Yasha.." suddenly it was black again. He could hear something thumping, it wasn't his pounding heart, and it wasn't his feet as he ran. Tears gently rolled down his cheeks, it was all his fault, he wasn't there, he wasn't there for her! He PROMISED!

Suddenly there was a soft light, bouncing about in front of his eyes. He reaches upwards towards it, and for some reason there was a faint pain on his fore head. It was as if someone where beating him with the light.

"INUYASHA, WAKE UP!" Shippo yells, beating him on the fore head with the flash light. Inuyasha slowly opens his eyes, blinking a few times and then grabbing the youkai's tail, throwing him across the room, "DON'T YOU EVER HIT ME WITH A DAMN FLASHLIGHT AGAIN!"

Inuyasha looks about his room, seeing the black painted walls gave him little comfort, nor did the posters of the many bands and anime shows that he liked dotting the ceiling and walls. He had a small oak desk to his left, a Dell model computer humming slightly on it. That's funny, he thought, I don't remember turning that on.. Shippo doesn't know how to use it, and Miroku has his own computer in his room.

"You stuck your foot in my mouth! THEN you started CRYING! You wouldn't wake up-- Hey! Why are you all wet!" Shippo pokes at Inuyasha's side, seeing water starting to soak into the bed spread and matress.

"What?" Inuyasha looks down, then upwards, seeing the sword resting on the mantle above his bed he stops. Was it all just a dream? Was it real? Did his baby sitter and that little girl REALLY live here before? Was he going nuts? He couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong, then he looked to his computer.

Something started to beep, then suddenly the screen flashed black, something seeping through the cracks and the modem. Inuyasha jumps back, Shippo doing the same as blood, yes, blood suddenly began to spew from the monitor, it seeping through each nook and crannie of the keyboard.

"Inuyasha! What's going on!? Is it SUPPOSED to do that!?" Shippo leaps up onto Inuyasha's shoulders as the blood pooled on the floor, landing with sickening plops on the once white carpet. Inuyasha looked to the moniter again, then couldn't help staring as something blinked.

"PLEASE... HELP... ME... INUYASHA... SAN..." was typed across the screen..

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