AN: Umm…my first Naruto fic, even thought I've been in love with the series for forever. I feel everybody is VERY OOC but hey, it's my first so it's expected. Naurto-tacchi are about 18-19. This is just a drabble, don't know if I should continue…R&R

Red everywhere, spreading…until

White…just white…

"It's time Sasuke-san!"

"Sasuke-kun, you're going to be all better now!"

"Hmmm…about time…"

A chirpy voice of an annoying nurse is not what I want to hear, especially so early in the morning. Cruel as it sounds I didn't want to hear Sakura, whose voice while less aggravating still grated on my nerves, or Kakashi with his low murmurs either. I wanted…someone else to be by me, someone whose voice, though both chirpy and annoying, was still music to my ears.

"Are you ready, Sasuke-san?"


Yes, now for god's sake remove them already you stupid crone.

Her hands move slowly, softly brushing against my face, so different from his hands. His were rough and calloused from the constant training, larger than hers but twice as gentle when gliding over my face, caressing my body …

"All done! You can open them now."

Slowly, I pry my eyes open, feeling exactly like a new born babe opening its eyes and seeing for the first time the world outside of the safe haven of his mother's womb. Was this what it looked like to him, a world of blurs, grey and white, before everything jumped sharply into focus?

"Sasuke-kun! Can you see? How do you feel? Is everything all right?"

Anxiety lines Sakura's voice, her worried green eyes peering into my own. I remember that look; Lee gives it to her every time she leaves on a mission, fear in his eyes which masks the pain underneath. But the concern of Sakura's was always for me, never anyone who would return it back to her when the time came. Still don't understand do you, Sakura?

"Hn. I'm fine."

"Good. but you should still rest for a while. A wounded shinobi will only be an impediment to his team."

Humph. Trust Kakashi to lecture about something he himself doesn't adhere to. So when Iruka was wounded on the battle field you just sat in your hospital bed like a good little boy didn't you, Kakashi? Hmm? That's right, I didn't think so.


Silence, until—

"Where's Naruto?"

More silence.

Interesting, Sakura won't meet my eyes and Kakashi—Kakashi has become stone, pulling up the façade of a jounin. Sometimes I think he wears a mask to have something tangible to hide behind and that he's truly no good at hiding his emotions, because I can read him like an open book.

"What happened?"

My voice is strained, that loser Naruto, dead last, dobe, he's too stupid to be killed by anyone, to stubborn to die, so what's he done now?

"No, no! He's not…dead," A tremble and shake of a pink head, "but…"

"Tell me now."

Cracked, my voice and my heart, no matter what Naruto, nothing will change between us I'll still fight with you, throw insults, and…and…hate you, of course. Even at night when you're pressed up against me, sweaty and hot and oh so tight, moaning my name for the world to hear, I'll still hate you, always have and always will…because you're the only one who understands that when I say hate, I mean love…

"Room 122. Down the hall—"

I don't wait for Kakashi to finish. I'm already sprinting down the hall


I slam the door wide open and there he is sitting by the window bathing in the morning light, looking, for all the world to see, like a heavenly angel that has descended to earth. Such radiance and purity, but then, he turns and smiles and I'm bathed in the lights of all the stars, the moon, and sun all together. Gods, Naruto, when did you become so much to me?


"Humph. Who else dobe?"

That smile, how can it be, widens, brightening even more until I'm blinded by his light, his beauty, his…love.

"So you got wounded too?"

I touch his eyes softly; whoever inflicted this onto him would pay. But for now I'm content to soak in his light, and let him drive away the darkness inside me.

"Uhh…something like that…"

He's not telling me something, I can tell from the way his body tenses and his shuffling footsteps to his bed opposite the window. He sits down gingerly, as if expecting an explosion of some sort.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Hehe, you worry too much Sasuke no baka! I'm going to be Hokage one day, I won't be wounded so easily!"

I smirk and let my gaze drift upwards towards the picture hanging above his bed. The glass is so reflective I can see the autumn leaves falling outside of the window, swirls of red, orange, and brown, and the clear blue sky that matches…that matches…


"Hmm? What is it now pretty boy? Lose your hair brush?"

"I remember…"

"Be careful, there are medical shinobi in Orochimaru's ranks…"

"Look out!"

"Thousand Fanged Acid!"



"My…my eyes were…they…melted…gone…"

My hands are trembling now, as I touch the glass in the picture frame. Staring back at me are eyes as blue as the sky, his eyes not mine.