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The sky was so bright, too bright…

"Look out!"



It wasn't so bright anymore, something, _someone_ was on the ground, body twisting and bucking in pain, blood pooling around the dark head, pale hands clutching the face in agony, low groans cutting the air.


My angel…had fallen.


Vanilla skin unscarred even after the countless battles of senseless bloodshed, a shock of night sky hair against the light of your skin…

You're truly beautiful you know.

 So beautiful…and so cold.

Strong and weathered, yet somehow delicate, you are a living work of art, mesmerizing me every night with your tranquil beauty and breathtaking strength. That strength that shelters me from all the hate, that warms in places I had long been frozen in, that reached out and broke the mask of Uzumaki Naruto.

I touch your arm, tracing the sculpted muscles underneath your skin, soft and pale as moonlight. You were always so strong, always there to protect me, even when I didn't want it, you were still there, shielding me with that strength of yours.

"So why?"

Why can't you just get up, shake your head and rub your eyes clear of the sand from the sandman and finally be awake? That's what you've always done, after Haku and Gaara and Orochimaru and countless others, so why are you letting me down now? What makes this any different?

"You bastard…what's wrong with you?"

Just get up already. You're making Sakura-chan and Kakashi-sensei and just about everyone else worried to death over you. And what the hell are you doing? Sleeping!

"Get _up_!

I've latched onto your hospital gown now, I watch my fists shake as they tighten their grip in your clothes, clothes that look so out of place on you, that pure white color, the color of purity, hope. None of those are here for you, nothing is here for you.

"You're fine so, GET UP!"

I finally look into your face only to see your eyes, those fathomless pits of ice and fire that burn brilliantly in the heat of battle but even brighter when you look at me, covered by white gauze, a final testament to the harsh hand of fate, to my weakness in battle, my utter failure of my most precious person. You will never see again.

"You stupid idiot! How could you let this happen to you!?"

I'm crying now.

Do you know how long it's been since I've cried like this, silent streams flowing down my face, salty tracks of self-loathing and despair. Never, not even when we were little and I was hated and feared as the evil Nine-tails, not even when you pushed me away after I kissed you in the forest, our first _real_ kiss and my first real rejection.

But all those stories had happy endings, "and the prince married the princess and they lived happily ever after. The End." This only leaves a bitter aftertaste of better days and memories yet to be had.

"How could you do this to me?"


I never really like autumn.

Leaves withered and fell off of trees, plants wilted and hid underground, and animals hid away, readying themselves for winter. Even so though, there was one thing I enjoyed about this season. Even as they lost strength and died, the leaves were still beautiful. Even in death they gave a breath-taking show with flashes of crimson, orange and yellow, swirls of color fighting against a cool blue sky.

I had hoped to be like that, a brave, awe-inspiring death, one that no one would forget.

Things have changed though. Times like these demand change; otherwise you pay the price: death.

Gone is my fox's smile, all teeth and slit eyes, my do-or-die attitude. And all because of you, Sasuke, because all I can think about is the way your lips would caress my own, murmuring words of affection in the deep of the night, teeth nipping, tongue crushed against mine or how your hands would dance across my skin, sending lightning bolts straight to my groin and how that can never happen again…

I shake my head, clearing it of thoughts before I look up at the trees once more, emblazing into my mind the brilliance of the leaves and the coldness of the sky, devoid of all clouds.

So beautiful…yet so sad…


"Please Naruto, reconsider. You don't understand the consequences this will have."

Yes Godaime, I do. Everything will change, everything _has_ changed, my life, his life, everything, nothing is as it was. But so what? I have to because _you_ are the one who doesn't understand.

"Geez, baa-baa. I get it, so quit with the lecture already, my mind's made up and you can't change it!"

This is Sasuke, the first and only one who saw me for me. Even when we fought, trying desperately to one up the other, cursing and spitting like cat and dog, vowing to hate and _hate_ for all eternity,  he knew that none of that was me.

That the real me just did stupid things to get attention, the real me would jump and dance and pull rabbits out of hats to have even the slightest hint of notice from anyone.

Only he gave that to me, that and more.

We swore and clashed violently, explosions of black and red, everyday, while at night we fought another battle, just as heated but so different…

"Please, for him…anything…"

For you, Sasuke, my most precious person, I would live in this darkness forever.