TITLE: Value

AUTHOR: Gomey (grissomsgnome@yahoo.com)

ARCHIVE: Anywhere . . . just let me know, so I can brag. Heheh. J/K

TYPE: GCR (what else?)

RATING: R (just on the safe side)

SPOILERS: *shrugs* I guess . . .

DISCLAIMER: All known characters and premises belong to their respective owners. So there.

SUMMARY: Catherine worries over a rather distracted Grissom.

NOTES: This is my first attempt at a CSI fic, so please keep the death threats to a minimal. *grin* I know: it's off to a slow start, so I promise to have the next installment soon.

----------Value - Part One----------

Gil Grissom pursed his lips, deep in concentration. His eyes rested in front of him, unfocused. He loosely gripped a single piece of paper.

Catherine Willows breezed into his office and stopped short. Her eyes immediately fell upon his lower lip and she wet her lips unconsciously. She fought back the urge to grasp his lips with her own, to savour him, an urge she often denied herself of. She glanced at what she thought her supervisor was transfixed upon, then slowly shifted her gaze to his eyes; they were somewhat glazed over but ever intense. Her mind concocted images of him in his most intimate moments - those beautiful eyes half-closed, moaning, panting her name. She inhaled sharply, willing those forbidden thoughts to grace her only in her slumbering moments. "Grissom." She said, walking towards him. She gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

Gil blinked out of his trance, exhaling slowly. "Cath." Her name melted off his lips, but he didn't bring his eyes up to meet hers.

She noted that he seemed surprised by her presence. She leaned in, narrowing her eyes, and observed the paper in his hand. "It's blank." She stated lamely.

Gil swallowed hard; her hair tickled his neck while her gentle aroma forced his pulse to quicken. "It's nothing." He stated casually, slipping the solitary sheet into the paper shredder.

Catherine shrugged. Her boss had tendencies to shut himself off from the outside world, not to mention to be rather on the odd side so she quickly dismissed his actions. "I was just wondering if you were coming to hand out our assignments, professor." She teased.

A small smile escaped his lips then quickly faded as he stood there, observing her. His crystal-blue eyes pierced through her, stroking her soul.

"What?" Catherine began to feel nervous. Normally, her exhibitionist side would thrill at the mere thought of someone watching her, but with Gil, it was different. She often contemplated their relationship, taking pride in the fact that he would only open up to her - on those rare occasions when she found a small imperfection in the otherwise flawless brick wall he had built around him. She didn't consider him her supervisor . . . and somewhere down the line, she was sure that he dropped his title for her. They were friends, best of them, she was sure. They were the "parents" of the Graveyard Shift, the eldest and the most respected. Women were always taken in by Gil's handsome looks, teetering on the boyish side. His eyes always spoke volumes, though only in riddles - conundrums for those who dared to tackle the mystery that is Gil Grissom. Catherine was no different from those women, except she wasn't taken in. . . she plunged, fell head first in love with the docile man. It was his mannerisms, his strong intellect and respect for every creature imaginable that attracted her so strongly to him. Women would easily be lining up at his door, but he scared them off, hiding behind a mask of indifference when it came to his emotions, shyly declining to embrace physical and psychological contact.

Grissom couldn't help but stare, almost etching her entire being into his mind and assuring himself that it would never be slid to the backburner; her angelic face would forever haunt his thoughts. He bowed his head, letting out a sheepish chuckle. "Sorry." He whispered apologetically and walked towards the door, where she was now standing. "After you." He ushered her out, his hand a breath away from touching the small of her back. He didn't feel worthy of touching the famed beauty . . . his "Venus". He fell behind a bit, watching her walk in front of him, hips swaying tauntingly. Her golden hair bounced childishly and then caressed her cheeks as she whipped around to see what was keeping him. Men loved her. They loved her body, her bubbly personality and her boldness. But they didn't know her, not like he knew her. He loved the essence of her - her confidence made him feel confident. Her presence made him feel that he could accomplish anything. Without words, she could convey strength to him, halt him from doubting himself and force him to believe in his capabilities. He grinned at the cliché, but felt it fit: she completed him. When she had been dancing, he knew that she had another calling. He had seen the intelligence, the dedication behind her eyes, and knew that she deserved more than a lubricated pole and hard-ons, though the latter seemed to visit him more often than he would like to admit. Never had he seen anyone climb the ranks so fast, and he often joked about how she would soon take his place as supervisor. His eyes focussed on hers, and she gave him a darling smile that sent shivers coursing through his body. He walked briskly towards her and they walked towards the break room where the other investigators had gathered. "Sorry I'm late." Gil muttered and went straight for the coffee. He poured himself two cups, handing one to his blond companion.

He picked up a folder that was resting on the table, observed it then put it down exactly has it had been before he had come into contact with it. "Sara." He cocked his head to the right. "Since you've already seen it, which one do you want?"

Sara's eyes dropped down. "How do you know Warrick didn't look at it? Or Nick?" She protested, not even bothering to deny that the files had indeed been viewed.

He pointed at the folder, which looked seemingly untouched. No papers were out of order, nor were any protruding the sides. It had even been placed directly in the middle of the table, parallel to the edges. "It's meticulous." He nodded towards Warrick and Nick. "They're not."

Nick's brow furrowed as both men began smoothing invisible lines out of their clothes. "I'm meticulous." Nick said, almost childishly.

"But that's how it was when I came in here." Sara said, confused at how her supervisor and once mentor could have concluded tel outcome.

"Exactly." Gil tapped his temple. "You're CSIs for a reason." He commented on the team's obsession at observing everything. He picked up the folder and skimmed through the files quickly. He picked out the third one and handed it to Sara. "Jane Doe found in Red Rock Canyon." His eyes smiled mischievously. "The paper has that," he paused, looking for the word, "worn-out feeling to it."

Sara grimaced and snatched the paper. "I don't know how you do it." She muttered under her breath.

"Nick." Gil pointed at Sara. Nick got the gist and jogged up to meet with his partner.

"Warrick, you have a lovely stack of paperwork to go through, and then you'll be on call." Gil crossed his arms over his chest, daring the young CSI to defy him. "You've put in a lot of overtime - I don't want you collapsing out of exhaustion."

Warrick passed a hand through his wild hair. "Fine." He sighed and left the room.

"And. . . ?" Catherine raised her eyebrow impatiently.

He flashed her one of his boyish smiles that always made her knees go weak. Suddenly, his smile disappeared, almost as if he had remembered some terrible news. Catherine saw him pale, and walked over to her best-friend.

"You okay?" She asked, gliding her hand over his back in an attempt to comfort him.

Gil took a deep breath. "Yeah." He exhaled. "Let's go. We have a murder at Lupo, the restaurant at the Mandalay Bay."

"You're taking me to a nice restaurant? I'm surprised," she paused, "and a little frightened."

Gil held the door for her. "It's the things that don't surprise you that should cause worry." He said, wisely.

"Either way, you always take a gal to the nicest places." She sighed dreamily, brushing against him as she exited the break room.

Gil closed his eyes, leaning his head back against the door. «That woman will be the death of me yet.» He thought to himself as he followed her to the parking lot.