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Chapter 7

When all was quiet, Harry apparated to her room.  When he got there, he could hear the shower running, so he just collapsed onto the bed and buried his head under the covers, wanting to disappear from the face of the earth.  His talk with Remus had been so…embarrassing.  He moaned in remembrance.  And it had also reminded him of some serious issues he'd completely forgotten about.  What if he became a father?  He cringed at the thought.

Soon, he heard the water stop, and a few minutes later, he felt Tonks slide into bed beside him.  "What's eating you?" she asked when she noticed Harry's head was under the covers. 

He groaned.  "Remus just gave me 'the talk.'"  His voice was muffled from the blankets. 

Tonks burst out laughing.  "You're kidding!  That's hilarious!"

"Yeah," Harry muttered sarcastically, as he emerged from the covers.  "Ha, ha, ha." 

He saw that she was hugging her knees to her chest and rocking back and forth mirthfully.  "Tonks?" he said seriously. 


"We haven't been using any protection."

She smiled at him.  "Did you just now think of that?" she laughed, amused at his innocence. 

He blushed.  "Yeah," he murmured sheepishly, his face turning pink.

 She kissed him on the cheek.  "Harry?  Just don't worry about it, okay?"

"But Remus said…"

"What did he say?"  Her tone was still light.

"About getting girls pregnant and using condoms and..."

"Harry.  I'm not going to get pregnant.  There are plenty of more effective methods than condoms.  And besides, I hardly think I was the type of girl Remus had in mind when he told you that stuff," she said wryly.

"Oh God," he moaned, hiding his head under the covers again.  "I feel like such an idiot."

"It's okay," she reassured him, as she patted the lump where his head was.

"It's just that I'm…well…new to all this."  His voice lowered.  "And I've never done it before." 

Her tone turned serious.  "I'm glad you've never done it before.  And I like it that you do it with me."

He emerged from the covers again.  His hair was sticking up everywhere, and his cheeks were flushed from the heat from the blankets.  "Really?"

"Yeah.  Really.  I love it that I'm your first.  And only, as of yet.  At least I think…"  He smiled, and she reached out and tousled his hair playfully, making it even messier. 

"Hey!" he said, swatting her hand away.  "You're messing it up!"

"It's already messed up, Sherlock," she said sarcastically.  "Besides, it's cute when it's like that."

Harry snorted.  "Yeah right."

"It is!" she went on teasingly.  "And your flushed cheeks are cute, and your glasses are cute, and your mouth is cute…"

"Stop it!" he pleaded, hiding his head under the covers again.  This time she dove under with him and began tickling his stomach.

"No, Tonks!  Stop it!" he begged, barely able to talk from the laughter. 

"Say please."


She stopped and they just looked at each other as their breathing returned to normal.  Then she kissed him deeply, making him shudder.  . 

"Fuck me," she whispered.  And he did.


All the next day, Harry felt a profound sense of relief at the fact that he would not be becoming a father in the near future.  Boy, was he lucky.  He was also assigned to Moody, which was very good since being around Remus was still intensely uncomfortable.  Harry tried his best to just steer clear of Remus altogether until the whole incident blew over. 

He tried to keep his mind occupied with training during the day.  Well, as much as he could with training, for Tonks was always on his mind.   He was looking forward to seeing her that night. 

Unfortunately, it was not to be.  Late that afternoon, Ron accidentally set off a dung bomb in Hermione's bedroom, and the smell rendered the room completely useless.  McGonagall told Hermione to share a bedroom with Tonks until the smell cleared out.  Needless to say, both Harry and Tonks were a little ticked off at the turn of events.  Their days together were drawing to a close and every second they had together was precious. 

As Tonks and Hermione were preparing for bed, Tonks excused herself, ostensibly to get a snack from the kitchen.  She immediately apparated to Harry's room. 

"Harry?" she called softly.  But there was no answer.  He wasn't there.  Shit.  Maybe he's with Ron.  She went ahead and apparated to the kitchen anyway to bring back some convincing evidence for Hermione.  It was completely dark and she tripped over a chair as her eyes were getting accustomed to the lack of light.  Suddenly, she heard a movement. 

"Lumos," she whispered cautiously.  The light from her wand illuminated the kitchen, and she saw Harry sitting at the table.  He looked strangely still and quiet. 

"What are you doing down here?" she whispered.

"Getting a snack." 

"Me too."  She began rummaging through the fruit bowl to find an apple to take back to Hermione.  She selected a large green one. 

"Can I show you something?"  His voice was oddly detached and eerie.

"Sure," she said quietly, forcefully stilling her hands.  She watched him as he placed his wand on the other side of the table.         

"Accio apple," he whispered.  Immediately, the apple flew from her hands to his.  He grinned triumphantly.  She looked stunned.

"Harry!  That's wandless magic!"

"Yes, I know," he said softly. 

"Many wizards and witches can do it when they're upset, but the outcomes can't be controlled.  But you did exactly what you wanted!"

"Yeah," he said modestly.  "I've been practicing."

"Do a larger object," she urged eagerly.

He looked around the dark room.  "Accio chair."  Immediately, the chair beside her flew towards him. 

"Harry," she said seriously.  "That's fantastic.  I don't know of anyone who can do that.  Do something else."

A small smile crossed his face.  "Accio Tonks."  In no time, she was perched on his lap, with his hands on her waist. 

"Harry!" she said in surprise.  But she didn't say anymore because he gently pulled her close to him and nestled his face in her chest.  She suddenly felt weak and dissolving.  She had never been more turned on by Harry than she was right then.  The fact that he had the power to do stuff she couldn't do, hell, nobody could do, was infinitely sexy.

"It has its advantages," he whispered seductively, stroking her stomach. 

She turned to straddle him in the chair, grinding herself into his lap.  "I know.  And what else can you do?"  Her voice was ragged as she struggled to keep her breathing normal.

"Oh, lots of things.  Want me to show you?" he whispered as his mouth found a place on her neck, and his hands trailed up her thighs to push up her nightgown up around her waist.

"Show me," she sighed as her hands went to his head and she ground herself against the bulge in his pants even more. 

"You asked for it," he grinned.  With that, his mouth was on hers, his tongue probing hers hungrily, and his hands were on her breasts, stroking gently. 

She was moaning under his touch, and her own hands found their way to his lap.

Just when things were starting to heat up, out of nowhere, the door opened, and the room was bathed in a harsh yellow light.  It was none other than Severus Snape. 

"Midnight rendezvous in the kitchen?" he said as he caught sight of the pair.  "How lovely."  His voice was as smooth as silk but his words were deadly. 

Tonks was facing the door and saw him first.  Her stomach dropped to the floor and she was stunned into silence.  Harry immediately jerked his head towards the door in shock, feeling as if someone had just poured ice water all over him.  Up until then, Snape had only seen his back, and he hadn't realized just who he was.  But now, he saw fully. 

"Potter?" he spat, with a look of utter disbelief and revulsion on his face.  "My God, woman! What were you thinking?" 

Harry quickly turned away and stared at the floor.  Suddenly, a small smile appeared on Snape's face, and he began slowly clicking his tongue.  "Tonks, you must be really desperate to stoop this low."  The pair didn't say a word.  "Well, I guess I'll just leave you two to your "activities"," he said smoothly as he left the room.

The two were still numb from shock and embarrassment.  The passion that they'd been feeling just seconds before had vanished into thin air.  Harry was the first to speak.  "I can't believe this!  I can't fucking believe it."  He angrily ran his hands through his hair.

She hopped off his lap and began fixing her clothes.  She sighed.  "I can't either."

"Now that bastard is going to run off and tell the entire wizarding world!  I can see the headlines now.  'Famous Harry Potter Caught Shagging Teacher!'  Our reputations will be ruined!  And what the hell is he doing here anyway?" 

"Wait a sec, Harry," she said, adjusting her nightshirt.  She'd never seen him so angry.  "I know Sevvie's bad, but do you really think he'd stoop that low?"

"Of course he would!  He goes out of his way to make my life miserable.  He gloats over every blasted mistake I make in potions class, and he never misses a chance to embarrass me or make me look bad.  This will be his ultimate revenge."

She bit her lip.  She'd always been a non-conformist and done exactly as she pleased.  She usually didn't give a shit what people thought.  She wore pink hair, for God's sake! But this was different.  This could alienate a lot of people.  She cringed when she imagined the look on Dumbledore's face if he were to find out. 

Suddenly Harry's face lit up.  "I've got it!  We can use a memory charm on Snape!"

"Sorry to bust your bubble, Harry, but Snape is too powerful a wizard for that.  We'd never be able to do it.  If only he were some inexperienced student.  Then it would work brilliantly."

Harry sighed.  "You're right."  Then he said sarcastically, "Besides, he's probably already put it in his pensieve by now."  He thought some more.

"We could blackmail him," he threw out.

"With what?  Even if we did have something on him, the guy's already got the worst reputation imaginable.  Nothing we could do could make him seem any worse.  I mean he was a death eater, after all."

"You're probably right."

"How about we bribe him?" she suggested.

"With what?  Money?  I've got some but I'm willing to bet that ruining me would be worth more to him than all the gold in Gringott's."

"How about sex?  I could offer him a piece of the action…"

"No way!" he bellowed.  "You're not sleeping with him," he said firmly.

"I was just joking, Harry!" she giggled at his reaction.  "Besides, we don't even know if he likes girls anyway.  For all we know he could be batting for the other team.  But maybe you could give it a go…"

"That's disgusting!" he moaned, hiding his face in his hands.  "I'd rather die!"  She laughed.

"Listen Harry," she said seriously.  "I'll talk to him first thing in the morning and explain.  I just hope he hasn't already blabbed it to the whole house."

"No," Harry shook his head thoughtfully.  "If I know Snape, he'll do it when we're all together.  Like at a meeting or a meal."

"I hope you're right.  Anyway, tomorrow I'll try to get him alone and talk to him.  Maybe he isn't planning to tell anyone, after all."

"I doubt it, but we can both hope."

She sighed and rubbed her forehead.  The night's events had been emotionally draining for the both of them.  Harry pulled her into a tight hug and gently ran his fingers through her hair.  The contact was so soothing, so warm.  She suddenly remembered what they'd been doing together in the kitchen in the first place.  She closed her eyes and let him hold her, rocking her gently.  He finally pulled away and tilted her chin up so he could look into her eyes.  "Let's just get some sleep, okay?  Maybe things will look brighter in the morning."  She nodded, and they went upstairs to their bedrooms.  The apple lay forgotten on the table.  

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