Dark Side of the Moon

Chapter One - The Unexpected House Call

Author's Note: I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Ms. J.K. for being a friggin' great writer. I wouldn't be ripping off her ideas if she wasn't right? But as you know, none of these characters are mine, I'm just borrowing and building on them. So, yeah. Enjoy.

A fifteen-year-old boy lay on his back staring at the ceiling above him. His eyes traced over the cracks in the paint and the way they formed figures. He smiled as he saw a bird, then turned his head to the left and discovered a smiling face. The next figure he saw made the grin fade away as the shape of a dog came into his view. He slowly shook his head as he got up from his bed and stared out the window.

All summer long, the boy, Harry Potter, had kept himself busy with holiday homework. By this rate, he would be done with the work by the end of the week, and it was only the first week of July. Though homework wasn't the only thing keeping the boy busy. His Aunt and Uncle were helping him in that area. They no longer antagonized him like they had in the past with physical and verbal abuse. Ever since the meeting between his family and the Order the previous month, the Dursleys had chosen to just ignore his presence unless he was being told to perform a chore around the house.

That was Harry's summer. He would wake up, make his family breakfast, do chores, do his homework, make lunch, do more chores, come in a shower, then make dinner, and then do some more homework. Even though it was a strenuous schedule, Harry wasn't complaining much. Ever since the loss of his Godfather, unrightfully convicted murder Sirius Black, he was eager to do anything that would keep his mind from wandering back to his memories at the ministry only a few months back. So with his current routine, he had most of his homework done. He had also taken to doing extra reading. He was currently rereading all of his second year books, cover to cover. He decided that there was no harm in reviewing any forgotten spells.

In addition, Harry was beginning to slowly change from his short- toothpick boy to a tall and lean young man. All his years of Quidditch, detentions, and chores were finally paying off. His muscles were becoming more defined, and he didn't look unhealthy anymore. Harry had grown a full eight inches since last summer, and was now, he imagined at least, only about three inches shorter than his best friend Ron Weasley. This also improved his wardrobe because his hand-me-downs were now the correct length on him.

Harry had continued writing to his friends, but not as much as he used to. He was now sending an owl to them about once every two weeks. In the beginning, it was one every three or four days, but all the letters were the same. Harry was getting sick of answering how he was doing and saying that he was getting over the fact that his Godfather died, and writing that he wasn't having any dreams about "You-Know-Who". If anything, Harry was becoming annoyed with his friends. He knew that they were just trying to look out for him, but all they were doing was bring back memories and worries that he just didn't want to have anymore.

Hedwig wasn't very happy about her master's choice in mailing. She was becoming bored being stuck in her cage and only being let out every other week. She had begun squeaking loudly and flapping her wings, which succeeded in knocking over her own cage twice. Harry had had quiet a few threats from his Uncle about "that bloody bird."

At the moment, Harry was in the middle of writing Ron a letter.


Hello mate. I need to ask you a favor. Would you please take Hedwig for the rest of the summer? My uncle is about to burst a blood vessel. She's been really loud lately and has knocked over her cage twice so far at night. I'm afraid that he's going to kill her while I'm asleep. Thanks.

Also, could you not owl me anymore? I don't to get my uncle any angrier, he's already threatened to not let me go back to Hogwarts this year. I just don't want to start anything when I still have another two months here.

And no, because I know you're wondering, I haven't had any dreams about Voldemort. Also, I'm getting ok with the idea that Sirius. Don't worry, I'm not crying myself to sleep at night. I get it, he's gone. I know you're worried about me, but don't worry. All I needed was some time. And I'm sorry I can't visit you for the summer. But I need to stay with the Dursley's this summer, especially since Voldemort is officially back.

Thanks for everything. And I know Hermione is going to visit you sometime, so could you please show her this letter? I need to go help my aunt so I don't have time to write another one. Thanks.

See you in two months,


Harry felt guilty as he looked over the letter. He wasn't being completely honest. His Uncle Vernon had been mad about Hedwig and all her noise, but he never threatened Harry or Hedwig. And he was not required to stay with the Dursley's all summer long. But Harry knew that as soon as he stepped foot into the Burrow, everyone would be giving him the "I feel so sorry for you" look and that was not what he wanted at the moment.

Harry breathed a sigh as he motioned for his owl to come over. Hedwig gave him a very pointed glare as if insulted that she should come on command after being trapped in her cage for a whole week. Harry rolled his eyes and waved the letter tauntingly. He watched as the owl visibly was arguing with itself whether or not to deliver the letter. Finally she gave in and flew over to Harry.

"Sorry girl, I know you've been trapped in the cage forever. Trust me, I know how you feel. But it'll get better in a couple of months." He gently pet her snow white feathers as he tied the letter to her leg. "But I've got some good news for you. I want you to take this letter to Ron. The good part is that you're going to stay with him for the rest of the summer. So you can fly around as much as you like." Hedwig's eyes got very big and excited at the prospect of being able to fly again. "But the bad part is that I can't come with you and that you can't come back here. I'm sorry, but I just need some time away from everyone." Hedwig nipped at his ear and Harry yelled out in surprise at the pain. He knew that his owl was cleverer than she looked. He knew that he was being selfish, but after fifteen, almost sixteen years, he deserved to be selfish. "Look, I'm sorry girl, I wish you could stay with me, but it'll be better for you to be with Ron. Don't worry, I'll see you sooner than you know. Be safe." Harry opened the window and held out his arm so she could fly away. Hedwig looked at him, then walked down his arm and gently nipped at his ear affectionately. She then took off into the sky.

An emptiness filled Harry's heart. He would indeed miss his owl. He quietly closed the window again and sat back down on his bed. As much as he denied it, he still missed Sirius, though not with the suicidal-ness that he had before. He missed him like he missed his parents. He wished they were here, but knew that one day he'd see them again. "Hopefully, that day isn't anytime soon."

It was August 1st when Harry felt the familiar feeling of fear again. Harry was up in his room, finishing his last piece of homework, a History essay for Prof. Flitwick. He was dotting his last I when he heard a loud scream coming from downstairs. Instinctively Harry reached into his pants pocket for his wand. Nothing. Panic overtook him as he jumped out of his chair and looked around his room frantically for his missing wand. It was not in his trunk or under his bed. It wasn't under the floorboards in his dirty laundry. A full minute finally passed before he found it in the pants he had worn the previous day. Harry threw open his door and raced down the stairs to the yelling of his uncle.

"Where are they?" Harry yelled as his lept into the living room. His cousin Dudley was attempting, and failing, to hide behind the couch. Though both sides of him were visible on each side. His Aunt was cowering behind a chair shaking with fear. His uncle was standing in front of the fireplace yelling at the top of his lungs. "What is he doing?" wondered Harry as he stepped to the side to look at who his uncle was yelling at. He heart stopped when his eyes traveled from his red-faced uncle to the floating head in the green flames.

"Oh no" Harry whispered.

There in the flames was the face of Albus Dumbledore.