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            Harry opened his eyes to find himself in the middle of a giant bed. The top of the bed was a canopy in a deep crimson color. The wood that made up the posts and frame of the bed was of a dark brown color that complimented the color of the material.

The sheets themselves felt as though they were made out of clouds. The satin material felt so smooth against his naked body. A smile crept across his lips as he turned to his left and looked at the beautiful girl lying next to him.

"Mine," Harry whispered to himself as he gently stroked the girl's silky hair. His body and everything around him seemed to move in reverse order very rapidly. It was as if someone hit the rewind button and the scene was going back to the past. Harry felt drops of sweat reappear all over his body and he moved to his left and the girl sat up and took her place on top of Harry's body.

"Harry," the girl moaned sensually as her hips rocked back and forth. Harry's eyes were closed and feelings of ecstasy took over his body. Nothing in his entire life had ever felt as good as what he was experiencing that exact moment.

Once again the scene was pushed back into rewind mode as the two nude bodies switched places and Harry was kneeling between the girl's legs. He looked into the girl's eyes and inwardly gasped at what he saw in her eyes. Love. Love was written in her eyes. The phrase that he had heard the other day, "The eyes are the windows to our souls." He smiled the biggest and most honest smile he ever had in his life. He saw love in the girl's eyes and it was love for him.

"I love you," he whispered as he gently inserted himself in the girl. She took in a breath very quickly and closed her eyes and her head fell back. Harry pulled out of her right away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," he said as guilt took over him.

The girl opened her eyes again and looked at him with a smile on her face. "That was far from hurt Harry," she said in a deep voice that was very different from the voice that she used normally.

Harry smiled instantly. He changed it to his trademark-charming smile as he looked back at the girl. "This time, don't close your eyes." Harry said as he gently kissed her on her lips. "I want to feel your eyes on me." The two smiled lovingly.

The scene once again rewound as the two moved from the bed and put their clothes back on. The moved backwards and sat in the two over stuffed chairs in front of the fire. Candles lay scattered all over the room covering almost every empty space.

The moving stopped. The girl was crying in front of him. Harry watched as her shoulders shook. She looked up at him with tear stained cheeks. "You can't, I wont let you. How do you expect to fight him when you're…you're—" she choked out.

Before she could finish the scene started to melt away. The flames in all the candles seemed to intensify and consume the entire room. Waves of fire started circling around Harry. He was soon surrounded by a tornado of fire. He felt his body spin and being thrown against a soft wall.

His body started shaking tightly and he heard his name being called from a distance. But the voice was not of the beautiful girl he had just been with; it was too deep, to masculine.

"Harry! Harry—" he heard the voice call as it got closer and louder.


"Harry!" Ron shouted even louder and he shook his friend. The red haired boy had been taking turns shaking his friend and laughing. Finally he saw the familiar sight of emerald green orbs open slowly.

Harry opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of all of his roommates. They were all looking at Harry with smiles plastered on their faces. He swatted away Ron's arms that continued to shake him. "I'm up!" he yelled in anger. He looked up at their faces and saw both Dean and Seamus drop to the floor and start laughing. He slowly sat up and looked at the two boys in annoyance.

            "What the hell is their problem?" Harry asked as he tried to rub away the sleep from his eyes. He looked at Ron and Neville and noticed that they too were laughing. He was starting to get seriously annoyed. It seemed that everyone in the room was in on a joke that he did not know about. He slammed his body back onto the mattress so that his entire body lay flat against it and pushed the covers off of his body. He lay there wearing only a pair of boxers.

            "What is so funny?" he demanded as he looked at the two red and laughing boys.

Neville's laughing increased and he fell to the floor. Ron was on the edge of joining his roommates and collapsing on the floor in fits of laughter. His face was Weasley red and he was shaking very hard trying to keep his laughter in. Finally though, his body gave in and he fell to the floor and started rolling around like the other three boys.

"What the bloody hell is going on you prats!" Harry yelled venomously. In ordinary circumstances, his tone of voice would have scared the pants off his roommates, but since they were too busy rolling around on the floor to even register him talking, it had no effect.

Ron's laughing subsided slightly as he hoisted himself on so that he was on all fours and looking up at his friend. He lifted his right arm and pointed at Harry. "It's—" laughter, "it's—" more laughter erupted from his mouth.


            Ginny was sitting in the sixth year girl's dorm room talking to Hermione as the girl stood in front of her wardrobe of clothes trying to pick out something to wear for the day.

"So I don't know what's going on. I mean he has been showing a lot of interest in me lately, and it's practically what I've been praying for ever since I was a little girl. But, he's different. I mean, he's been acting like Malfoy only worse lately." The red headed girl shook her head. "But that's not the thing that bothers me. Whenever we're talking, there are always some girls that are trying to flirt with him and I can see him look over my shoulder and smile at them. Smile at them! While he's obviously talking to me!" she said frustrated.

   Hermione looked over her shoulder at her friend. It was true, the entire female population of Hogwarts had been drooling over her friend since their train ride to the castle; and he wasn't the only one they'd been drooling over. She frequently saw or heard girls talk or look over at her boyfriend. It wasn't the first year he had been getting attention, but now that she was involved with him, she was noticing it a lot more. Hermione knew somewhat how Ginny felt. But what seemed off was that Ron would only acknowledge his admirers when he was teasing her. He never seriously paid them any real attention, but Harry was. And that put Ginny in a hard spot.

"Well, why don't you say something to him? I'm sure he's not doing this on purpose. This is Harry we're talking about. Nice, innocent, and chivalrous Harry. Just say something," Hermione said as she flipped through her various different shirts.

"Oh yeah, I'll just march right up to him and say, 'Harry, I want you to stop flirting with other girls.' Yeah, that'll go over well. Especially since I'm not even his girlfriend. Besides, we're talking about a completely different Harry here. I remember Harry from last year and the years before that. I remember how he acted around girls that were obviously hitting on him. He would stutter, become really nervous, and turn all bright red." She heard Hermione laugh. "But he's different, now he's—well he's—charming. It's almost scaring how gorgeous that new smile of his is. I mean I wanted some more salad at dinner and I asked Emily to go down to the end of the table and grab the bowl for me. Of course she said no. But then all Harry does is use that smile of his, say 'please', and she's off sprinting at full speed to the end of the table to grab the bowl for me. Just one word, and you know how Emily is. She wouldn't give me her chair even if my life depended on me sitting down," Ginny finished.

"Okay, well then I don't know what to say Gin." She turned around and held up a shirt to her friend. "Does this match those pants on the bed?" she asked as she held up a shirt. Ginny glanced up and shook her head 'no'. Hermione sighed and turned around to look for another shirt. "Honestly Ginny, I suppose all you can do is deal with it, as much as I hate to say it. Harry's felt the need to become this different person this year, and we have to deal with it. You know how stubborn he is, it'd be impossible to change him. How about this one?" she asked as she held up another shirt. Ginny once again shook her head no.

"Oh well, I suppose my little dream of being with him will just have to stay a dream. Besides, I don't need to be his girlfriend to have some fun with him," Ginny said as she got off of Hermione's bed and pulled out a shirt and handed it to her friend.

Hermione looked at her friend in shock. "Ginny!" she shouted in surprise. "You better not be talking about what I think you're talking about!" she lectured.

Ginny shrugged her shoulders. "Sex?" she giggled mischievously. "I don't know. But either way, it's not like it's going to be my first time. I told you about Seamus," Ginny said as she looked at the small library that Hermione had set up in the room.

"Yes you have, and I believe that I told you even then that it was a stupid thing to do" Hermione raved. "And he was your boyfriend!" she shrieked. It was known that Ginny and Seamus had spent the summer owling and visiting each other. Ron had not been happy that his sister was owling a boy. Ginny barely had the courage to tell him that she had lost her virginity. Hermione was the only other person that knew. "I hope you aren't seriously thinking of that Ginny. Do I need to remind you what you went through when you and Seamus broke up?" she asked her friend.

Ginny frowned at the girl. "It was just a thought. Besides, I'm different this year, I'm more grown up now," Ginny defended herself.

"Trust me, I don't think either of us will ever be grown up enough to do what you just said," Hermione said as she walked into the sixth year girl's bathroom that was right next to the dorm room. A minute later Hermione appeared on the outside of the door wearing the day's clothes. "So, how do I look?" she asked.

Ginny looked at her friend and frowned. Hermione looked back down at herself. "Is it that bad?" she asked.

Ginny shook her head. "No it's not that. It's just—since when did you become so interested in how you looked?" Ginny asked. Ever since Ginny knew her, she had never known Hermione to be concerned over her appearance.

"Since I started dating your brother," Hermione answered. Ginny raised her eyebrows at the girl. "I know I've given you the speech on how you shouldn't change yourself for a boy, but I want to. It makes me feel better about myself when he smiles at me when he sees me. Besides, if he's too busy looking at me, he wont notice all the other girls drooling over him." Hermione laughed as she saw Ginny's face scrunch up in disgust.

"Eww, that's my brother! And I don't think you really need to dress up for my brother. He liked you before your change, and he'll like you even if you decide to go back to your frizzy hair days." Ginny laughed and ducked as Hermione threw a pillow at her head. "Besides, my brother is too oblivious to everything to notice the crowds of girls that drool over him," Ginny smiled innocently.

Hermione smiled at her. "Well, maybe I like other boys than just him smiling at what they see," Hermione said devilishly.

Ginny's mouth hung open at the girl's words. "Hermione!" she shrieked as she threw the pillow back at the girl. "You better be messing around. My brother may be a jerk, but that doesn't mean I wont hex you into next week if you hurt him" she scolded her friend. Hermione merely smiled innocently and played with her hair. Ginny rolled her eyes at the girl's antics. "Merlin, the old Hermione was so much easier to get along with," Ginny said as she smiled at her friend.

Hermione laughed lightly. "I guess Harry isn't the only one that's changed," she said as she smiled back at Ginny. The two girls laughed good-naturedly. Hermione picked up her book bag and slung it over her shoulder. "The old Hermione may have been easier to get along with, but you have to admit she wasn't as fun." Ginny smiled and nodded her head.

"I bet the boys aren't having as much fun as we are," Ginny said as she and Hermione walked out of the room. Hermione laughed and Ginny picked up her book bag and carried the strap in her hand.


            "If you don't tell me what's going on I'm going to hex you all into oblivion!" Harry yelled at the four laughing boys. To his dismay, his threat did not effect any of the boys' actions. Harry laid back down on his back. The scene had been going on for quite awhile and Harry was getting seriously irritated with his roommates.

Finally Ron stopped laughing and sat on the floor facing Harry's bed. He was leaning on his hands that he positioned behind him and had his feet flat on the floor with his knees bent as he faced Harry. His eyes focused on Harry's face and if the ever strayed away, he was start laughing again lightly.

"Sorry mate, it's just not everyday that you wake all of us with a—um—happy greeting," Ron said as the boys started to laugh again.

Harry looked at his friend from his position on his back with utter confusion. "What are you talking about Ron?" he asked. The boys laughed even harder.

Ron laughed at his friend and shook his head. Perhaps he should try a different approach. "So, did you have any nice dreams last night Harry?" he asked. The boys laughed even harder after Ron asked his question.

"Dreams? No, why?" Harry asked in confusion. The boy's laughter continued. Why was his friend acting so weird? True it was Ron; he was quite infamous to Harry for his quirky behavior.

Ron sighed to himself and chuckled, "Oh Merlin." He thought and tried yet another approach. "Oi, 'Arry, have you ever been camping?" he asked as he looked at his friend. This caused the boys' laughter in intensify ten fold.

"Camping?" Harry asked annoyed. "What in the name of Merlin's beard are you babbling on about?  I'm not greeting you special this morning, I didn't have any nice dreams last night, and the only time I've been camping was with you at the Quidditch Cup Finals. So what the hell are you talking about!" he yelled at the red head. The boys' laughter continued as Harry glared from each one of them to Ron and then back again.

Ron laughed and shook his head. "And he's the one that says I'm oblivious," Ron thought to himself.

"Alright, alright, sorry Harry. It's just that—well, you might want to look down to your feet," Ron explained solemnly. All the boys' laughter quieted down considerably and they all turned to see what Harry's reaction would be.

Harry looked at his friend in confusion. Why would Ron want him to look down towards his feet? Harry just shrugged and decided to humor his friend. When he looked down, his eyes bulged out of his sockets and his face instantly turned bright red.

"BLOODY HELL!" he yelled. All four boys were on the floor rolling around as Harry stared in shock at what was before him. But before he could say anything else, he heard a scream come from the door.


            Draco Malfoy sat on his bed in the Slytherin sixth year boy's dormitory. Thoughts filled his head. It was only the second day of school and Harry Bloody Potter was already making his life terrible.

First it started with his visit to Diagon Alley. Potter had humiliated him without his even knowing. Draco had talked to him as thought they were friends. He even complemented Harry on his taste in women. He had been nice to the damned Boy-Who-Lived.

And then at the station, Harry had thrown it right back in his face. It had all been a plan. "He planned it all just to make me look like a fool in front of everyone," he thought in anger. "And he actually mentioned father. That bastard!" Draco yelled out loud. Goyle had been looking for something in his trunk when he heard Draco yell. He looked up alarmed at the blonde Slytherin. Draco glared over at the idiot in front of him. "Get out," he hissed. Goyle stood up and ran out of the room.

Then there was that comment about him and other boys the other day in front of the castle. At this Draco smiled in spite of himself. "I guess he hasn't talked to the female population of Slytherin," Draco thought to himself as he picked up a pair of Pansy's panties. The girl had forgotten them from the previous night. She had been so sad over the fact that her wand was broken that Draco decided he would make it up to her.

"I guess I'm just a softy at heart," Draco mumbled to himself as he twirled the girl's under with his finger as he walked out of the room. "Pansy!" he yelled. "You forgot your underwear in my room again last night!" Draco smiled at the looks on the other students' faces as he walked through the common room. Pansy looked up from her group of friends and stared at him as though he just slapped her. "I guess you couldn't think straight after a night full of you screaming 'Oh Draco, you have such a big—'" but he stopped when Pansy screamed.

The girl ran up to Draco, grabbed her underwear that he had been waving around the common room, and ran right back into her dorm room. The whole common room burst into fits of laughter.


            Ginny and Hermione were sitting down in the common room waiting for the boys to come down so they could all walk down to breakfast. Hermione was pacing back and forth. "What is taking them so long? Everyone is probably down there already, and if we don't hurry up we'll miss breakfast and be late to class," Hermione complained.

            ""Knowing my brother and Harry, they're probably just getting up," Ginny said as she rolled her eyes.

            "Oh," Hermione said, "maybe I should go up and wake them. I refuse to be late today. Harry and I have Potions as our first class, and the last thing we need is to start the year off with a detention from Prof. Snape," Hermione said as she started towards the stairs that lead to the male dorms.

Ginny jumped up from her seat and pulled Hermione back. "Oh no you don't, I know for a fact that my brother only sleeps in his underwear and I don't want to be waiting down here while you're up there snogging him," Ginny said as she started walking up the stairs. "I'll go wake them up."

She walked up the stairs and made her way towards the sixth year boys' dorm room. She smiled and laughed to herself as she remembered the night that she discovered her brother's sleeping attire. It was only a couple of months back. Fred and George had been inventing some new products in their room when they had accidentally set fire to their beds. They had screamed 'Fire!' and ran out of the house screaming it over and over. It had been during the middle of the night, so everyone had jumped straight out of their bed and ran outside. Ron had come running out of his room clad only in a pair of boxers. The twins teased him incessantly over his appearance.

As Ginny neared the room she heard roars of laughter come from the other side of the door. "What is going on?" she wondered as she knocked on the door. No one answered her, so she knocked again. She sighed in annoyance. "They probably can't hear over their own laughter," she thought to herself. "I hope their dressed, well maybe not Harry," she mumbled and smiled as she turned the knob and opened the door

The sight of Dean, Seamus, Neville, and Ron all rolling around on the floor greeted her. The she heard Harry yell out. She turned her head and her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. Harry Potter was lying on his bed wearing only a pair of boxers. Even though his muscular body was exposed, that was not what she was shocked by. She screamed when she noticed that Harry was "excited" and making a rather large tent out of his underwear.

When Harry heard her scream he turned at looked at the girl. "Get out!" he yelled as he quickly sat up and tried to hide the obvious large bulge that his roommates had been laughing about.

Ginny jumped up at his shout and quickly ran out of the room. Harry's face was way beyond red as he closed his eyes. "This is not going to be a very good day," he thought to himself. He turned and glared at his best friend that was laughing at him from the floor. "Why didn't you tell me?" Harry roared.


The entire population of the Great Hall jumped up when they heard the doors slam open as Harry entered.

Harry entered the Hall alone and was soon followed by Neville, Ron, Seamus, and Dean who were all limping. Harry was in a very bad mood and had not taken kindly to his roommates' sense of humor. Finally after the four limping boys, Hermione and a very red Ginny walked in and sat down at the end of the Gryffindor Table.

All the other houses whispered amongst themselves as Harry walked over to his seat. Harry glared from his spot at the table and the entire hall went silent, except for the whispers that came from the Slytherin Table. Draco Malfoy sat in his seat looking at Harry in confusion. Harry sneered at the boy and he received the same gesture in return.

"Come now Harry, eat something. There's no use in starving yourself over what happened—" but she was silenced by a kick from Ginny under the table. Harry glared at his friend and continued picking at his food with his fork. Fifteen minutes passed by before Hermione sighed and picked up her book bag. "Let's go Harry, we have five minutes to get down to the dungeons, and I for one do not wish to receive a detention on my first day of Potions." Harry sighed and picked up his bag as well. He slung it across his chest and the two walked out.

"Look on the bright side mate, at least it wasn't a little tent," Ron yelled from his seat. Harry merely stuck his middle finger up at his friend and continued walking. Once the Great Hall doors shut, Ron, Neville, Seamus, Dean, and Ginny burst out into fits of laughter.

Neville turned to the girl and smiled devilishly. "Well, congratulations Ginny. I'm sure you're happy to know that Harry has a big—"

"LONGBOTTOM!" Ron roared.


            Hermione and Harry quietly made their way down to the dungeons. Hermione tried to think of something to say as they walked, she was not very comfortable with silence. She had been sitting on one of the chairs in the common room when she heard Ginny scream and come running down the stairs. After a couple of minutes of Ginny blushing and laughing, she finally calmed down and told Hermione what she saw.

"Poor Harry," she had thought when she had heard the story. Unlike Ginny and the other boys, Hermione prided herself in having a certain level of maturity. She had felt sorry for her friend. "But maybe this is just what he needs to get him to stop acting like the arrogant arse that's he's been," she thought as they continued their way to the Potions room.

Harry walked in humiliation. Not only had his roommates had a good laugh at his expense, but also Ginny, the girl who he had been flirting with shamelessly, had walked in on him in at the worst possible time. It had been mortifying.

What would she think of him now? She probably just saw him as some horny teenager that had perverted dreams at night. She had screamed in fright when she saw him. And then Hermione knew about it. His friend, Hermione knew about it. And she just happened to be the girl that he had to walk to the dungeons with alone. She probably thought he was some pathetic loser.

"Get a hold of yourself Potter," a voice in his head scolded. "This is what the old you would be doing. He would be wallowing in his own self-pity. But not anymore, you've changed. No more taking crap from people." A scowl formed on his lips as he continued walking.

"Hey Potter," Daniel Radmus called out, "walking your mudblood of a girlfriend to class?" this aroused only a few nervous laughs from the other Slytherins. The hallway contained only the group of Slytherins and Harry and Hermione. Daniel's fellow Slytherins looked back and forth from Harry to the other boy. Apparently he had missed Harry's grand entrance to breakfast. The other students had obviously been witness to Harry's foul temper at both the morning meal and at the Platform 9¾ with Draco Malfoy.

Harry whirled around and before the Slytherin sixth year knew it, he was being forcefully shoved into a wall with the front of his robes bunched up in Harry's fists. He looked on in shock at the pair of flaming green eyes stared daggers at him. He swallowed hard and his eyes shot to the group of Slytherins for support.

In true Slytherin fashion they all took a step back away from the confrontation. Hermione looked at the group and frowned disapprovingly. Their reaction to the situation did not surprise her. Since coming to Hogwarts, Hermione learned two things about Slytherins: a Slytherin's actions were only performed to further himself and they were all extremely proud. She rolled her eyes at the small group. They would rather see their friend get extremely hurt than insult his pride by aiding him.

Harry sneered at the slightly shaking boy in front of him. He knew that the boy was scared. Even though his face remained composed, he could see the fear in his eyes. Harry pulled the boy back slightly from the wall and then slammed him into it once again with a large amount of force. The boy coughed from the impact and winced slightly. Harry narrowed his eyes even more. He knew the boy could take the pain, no doubt he had been trained to hide his pain by his father.

"Let me give you a little piece of advice Radmus, today is not the day to cross me. So unless you want to find yourself in the Hospital Wing for the next week or so, leave me and my friend alone." Harry promptly removed his hands from Daniel's robes and watched as the boy fall back down to the floor.

Radmus stumbled slightly but managed to stay on his feet. He turned and sneered at Harry and Hermione's retreating forms. "Bloody Potter, thinks he's some kind of king."

Harry and Hermione entered the Potions classroom and took their seats on the right side towards the back. Snape's desk was stationed at the front left corner of the room and the two wanted to be as far away from the Potions Master as possible. Past experiences had taught them of his hatred for anyone outside of his own house, and that went double for Harry.

"In your seats now!" Snape snapped at his class as he walked through the door. The remaining students who had been hanging around the door immediately sat down in the nearest seat. Harry looked around the room curiously. To no surprise to him, a Slytherin majority occupied the room. Harry and Hermione were the only Gryffindors that had taken potions. There was three Ravenclaws and Susan Bones was the lone Hufflepuff.

The Slytherins sat perfectly in their seats facing the Professor and throwing a sneer every once in awhile to a non-Slytherin student. Draco Malfoy sat in the first row of tables with Blaise Zabini.

"You should all consider yourselves extremely privileged. I have agreed to take all of you, some more forced than others, he said as he glared at Harry, as students for my Sixth Year NEWTS Potions Class." Snape had begun pacing around the room in between the different tables. Every time Snape was facing Harry's general direction, he would sneer at his student.

"Today as your first assignment, you will be brewing the Intimo Potion. Can anyone tell me what this potion does?" Snape asked as his eyes swept over the room. He stopped when he reached Harry and smiled evilly. "Ah yes, our resident celebrity, Mr. Potter. Please, I know that you will not be able to answer such a simple question, but I will give you the benefit of a doubt. So please, enlighten us," Snape pompously said as he motioned the entire class.

Hermione looked over at her friend nervously. She had been hoping that Snape wouldn't do this. It was not a secret that Harry wasn't the best potions student, and Snape had known this after their first week at the castle.

Harry smiled innocently up at his Potions Master. "Well, it depends Professor," Harry answered. "There are two different types of the Intimo Potion in existence. The first is the male type. This potion, when taken by a male, will act as a cousin to the Veritaserum Potion. When the subject is asked a question, the subject will reply with either the truthful answer or a secret. The subject cannot answer in any other way. The sister potion works in the same way, only with females. The Intimo Potion was the groundwork for our present day truth potion. It was believed back then that the person would rather tell the truth than divulge a secret of their own," Harry said smugly to the Potions Master. "If you want to know what happens to a male who takes the female potion or vise versa, I would be happy to enlighten you Professor," Harry said as he showed his charming smile.

Snape scowled at his student. "Since when did the little bastard become the next Granger?" the professor wondered to himself. He shook his head 'no' and turned around facing the rest of the class. "Nice guess work Potter," he sneered. Harry only smiled back victoriously.

"Now that you know what the potion does, you will make it. We will be testing out the potions at the end of the class so pray to your mothers that you do not mess up. The supplies you will need are at the front of the room. Get to work!" Snape barked at his students. One person from each table walked to the front of the room to gather the needed supplies and ingredients.

Harry strutted to the front of the room and gathered the ingredients that were listed on the board. He could see Pansy Parkinson out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head and noticed the broad smile that played across her lips. His eyes trailed lower at her crossed legs that were constantly crossing and uncrossing themselves giving Harry a nice view of her underwear. Harry looked back up at her eyes and saw her raise an eyebrow at him suggestively. Harry flashed his smile at her and winked as he turned and headed back to his and Hermione's table.

Pansy watched the retreating Gryffindor. "Merlin bless his mother for giving him life," she mused to herself. She heard a coughing noise behind her and turned to see her former boyfriend Draco Malfoy glaring at her. The two had shared many a nights in Draco's bed. She smiled at him, he had broken things off with her, but she would never pass up the chance to spend another night with him. "You rang?" she asked sweetly.

"What do you think your doing drooling over Potter? He's a Gryffindor. Roll your tongue back up and remember your loyalties Parkinson. Slytherins do not socialize with Gryffindors," he snapped at the girl. Just because she stopped lying in his bed didn't mean that he wanted her lying in Harry's.

Pansy frowned at the boy, but then slowly morphed her frown into a smile. "Jealous Draco?" she toyed with the boy. She was suddenly ecstatic, Draco Malfoy was jealous of another boy.

Draco sneered at the girl. "I have no reason to be jealous of Potter," he spat out.

Pansy continued smiling. "Well from my seat, there's a whole lot that you could be jealous of," she said as she glanced back at Harry. She caught his eye again and gently moved her lips to form a kiss for him. He smiled back at her and winked again before turning back to his work. "And there's another reason for you Draco."

Draco glared at the girl. True, he didn't like her. She was only good for the occasional shag when his lower half needed one, but other than that he felt no attachment to her. Even though that was true, he still didn't want Perfect Potter to have her.

Harry carried the supplies over to his and Hermione's table. He set them down and Hermione began arranging them by their cauldron. "Harry, what do you think you were doing over there?" Hermione asked in a very McGonagall voice as she was arranging the vials in the order that was written on the board.

Harry looked over at his friend and immediately knew what she was asking. She knew about him and Ginny, and now she just witnessed him flirting with another girl; a Slytherin no less. "Just having a little fun Hermione, not that it's any of your business" he shot back at her.

Hermione stopped and turned to look at her friend. Harry subconsciously moved back slightly when he saw the reprimanding look on his friends face. He immediately regretted his last words, but right away mentally refused to apologize. "Harry James Potter, I don't know what's gotten into you lately, but you will not talk to me in that manner," she lectured quietly so as not to get in trouble with Snape. "How dare you lead Ginny on the way you are and then turn around and flirt with Pansy Parkinson, the whore of Slytherin." She glared at Harry.

Harry was slightly taken aback by her words. He always knew his friend to be opinionated, and generally right, but at the moment, he did not agree with her. "First off Hermione, what I do is none of your business. The second, unless you haven't noticed, there isn't a ring on Ginny's finger, so I have the freedom to do whatever the hell I want. And the third, Ginny's a big girl. If she has a problem with it, then she can say something for herself," Harry hissed back.

Hermione looked surprised by his words. Harry had never spoken to her that way before.

Harry saw her reaction and immediately felt guilty. He knew he friend wasn't trying to start a fight; she was just trying to protect her friend. "Look, I'm sorry 'Mione. I didn't mean to snap at you," Harry smiled gently at his friend. Hermione smiled in return and was about to say something when Harry cut her off. "But that doesn't mean that I'm apologizing for my words," Harry continued. "I meant what I said. I'm sorry if you disagree, but like I said, it's between me and Ginny. But she's really lucky to have a friend that cares about her as much as you do 'Mione."

Hermione didn't know what to say to that. "Maybe I should tell Ginny all this. She deserves to know. And like he said, if she has a problem, she should tell him." With that thought, Hermione smiled and nodded to her friend.

Harry smiled, thankful that Hermione wasn't lecturing him. He cast a glance back at Pansy and winked. His smile grew wider when he saw the look on Draco's face as he did. Harry turned back to Hermione. "And on top of it, it's pissing Malfoy off." Hermione glanced and noticed the sneer on Draco's face. She merely laughed to herself and continued with the work.

The two worked in silence for the next couple of minutes. Hermione began adding the first of the ingredients and stirring them together. Harry set to work on crushing the beetle legs into a fine powder. Hermione looked over at his work. "That's fine Harry, just add it in slowly and then stir it in a counter clockwise direction."

Harry followed her directions and began stirring the contents in the cauldron. Hermione looked up and quickly grabbed the stirring spoon away from Harry with a look of fright in her eyes. "Harry, what do you think you were doing?" she asked as she looked at him incredulously.

Harry was shocked by his friend's actions. He had done what she said. He added in the beetle legs and then stirred it in the direction she told him to. "What are you talking about? I did exactly what you said. You said to add and stir and I did. What are you flipping out about?" he asked.

"Harry, after you combine beetle legs with any sort of reptile vile, you have to mix them slowly. If you do it too fast, their magical properties will collide too fast and it'll blow up, I would have thought you knew that!" she said as thought it was common knowledge.

"What makes you think I would know that, look who you're talking to. I'm the king of potion explosions." Harry said as though it was common knowledge.

"Well that's what I used to think, then you come in here and answer Snape's question and even more, I thought maybe you magic'd yourself to become a potions expert." Hermione explained as she continued to stir.

Harry looked at her as if she were mad. "Yeah, if you find a spell that can do that, sign me up for two," Harry rolled his eyes. "I'm still the explosion master with potions, I just read the potions book over the summer. I'll memorize all the potion ingredients you want, just don't ask me to make one for you." Harry and Hermione both laughed quietly. "I'll always be terrible at this," Harry added.

Draco Malfoy had been listening in on their conversation the entire time. He turned around to look at the two Gryffindors with a sneer on his face. The Slytherin was only two tables away. "Well, it seems as though hell just froze over. Potter, did you actually just admit to not being perfect at something?"

Harry looked over at Draco and frowned as though he were thinking. He sat there looking at his lap and counting on his fingers in deep concentration. "No, I definitely don't remember ever inviting you into this conversation Wanker Boy," Harry replied with a charming smile.

"How witty Potter. Finally learned how to talk out of your mouth instead of your ass," Draco added.

Harry was about to get out of his seat when Hermione pulled him back down into his chair. He shot her a look that said 'back off' and she returned it with a 'this is not the time' look. Harry sneered at Malfoy one last time before he returned to his work.

Ten more minutes went by and the two had succeeded in mixing all of the ingredients together. "Harry could you please get rid of the scorpion tales? Make sure you put them back into their container right away. They've been exposed to the air for too long. If they get just a little wet, they'll explode." Harry nodded at his friend.

He began walking towards the container in the front that Snape always had that would make dangerous leftover ingredients disappear when he heard part of a conversation that he never should have.

"Ok, now you can add the scorpion tales into the potion. But do it fast, they've almost been out for too long," Draco told Blaise as he continued reading his potions book. The red headed Slytherin girl nodded her head and was about to add the tails in when she knocked over her book and bent down to pick it.

Harry looked at the two as he walked by them. Draco was busy reading his book and Blaise was busy under the table. "I shouldn't, it would make their potion explode," Harry thought as he 'accidentally' dropped a few scorpion tails into their pile. Harry walked to the pot and deposited the rest of the tails with a grin.

"Ok, got it," Blaise said as she placed her book into her bag. "Alright, scorpion tails in," she said as she dumped the tails into the liquid potion.

BOOM! The cauldron exploded and sprayed the deep blue liquid in all directions. All the students in a ten-foot radius got hit with the potion. Luckily, Harry had accidentally knocked down a jar, so he had been behind a workbench when the cauldron exploded.

"BLOODY HELL ZABINI!" Draco yelled. His once white blonde hair was now a royal blue color as was the rest of his face and body.

Harry was in the front corner bent over laughing as he saw the scene in front of him.

"Mr. Malfoy!" Snape boomed as he stomped over to the Slytherin boy. "What is the meaning of this?" Draco looked up at the professor in confusion.

"I don't know professor. We made the potion just like the instructions said to. All we had left was the scorpion tales. I chopped them up and told Zabini to add them in. They had been out in the air for awhile, but it wasn't long enough for them to—" but Draco cut off when he noticed Harry laughing in the corner.

"Mr. Malfoy, I do not appreciate your diverting your attention from me while I'm—"

Draco stared at Harry in thought. When Harry had walked by, Blaise was bending over to grab her book and he had been immersed into his own potions book. There had been a definite small window of time when neither of the two Slytherins were paying attention to their potion.

"POTTER!" Malfoy yelled.

As soon as Harry heard Draco yell his name, he immediately stopped laughing and stood up straight with a neutral expression on his face.

"Can I help you Malfoy? Maybe explain to you why your potion exploded?" Harry asked innocently.

"What is the meaning of this Mr. Malfoy, and what does he" Snape spit out the word in disgust, "have to do with this?"

"He walked in front of our table right before Blaise added in the scorpion tails," Draco sneered at Harry. "Blaise dropped her book under the table and I was reading my book. When he was passing by our table neither of us were paying attention to our potion," Draco explained.

"Well there's your problem Draco," Harry continued his innocent voice. "If there's one thing that I've learned from this excellent educator, it's that you should never leave your cauldron unattended," Harry said with a smile. "Isn't that right professor?" Harry asked Snape.

Snape rolled his eyes and glared at his student. "Oh shut up Potter," he sneered. "As much as I would like to punish the boy Mr. Malfoy, you did leave your cauldron unattended. Just clean up the mess right away," Snape said as he flicked and swished his wand. Immediately Draco and Blaise were returned to their normal state. He walked away and began performing the same spell on the other students purposefully leaving the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw for last.

Draco glared at Harry. Harry only grinned at Draco and winked. "Really Malfoy, you should pay more attention to your studies," he said as he passed by the Slytherin.

Hermione glared at her friend. She had seen him drop some of their scorpion tales into Draco and Blaise's potion ingredients. "Harry, that was—"

Draco snapped his head at the girl and barked out, "Stay out of this Mudblood!"

"Don't call her that Ferret Boy," Harry sneered back

"Oh what are you going to do Scar Face?" Draco hissed back, "Flirt me to death?"

At that moment Harry dove across the aisle and slammed Draco onto the floor. The two rolled around the ground fighting each other. As Harry had surprised Draco, he managed to stay on top and quickly brought his fist down upon the blonde's pale face. The once pale milky skin was now stained with blood. "Get off me!" Draco yelled and successfully exchanged positions with Harry.

Now Draco was on top and punching Harry in his face. On the third punch, Draco heard a soft crack as his fist connected with Harry's nose. Harry let out a quiet "Oww," right before he brought his knee up and connected it with Draco's groin.

A low moan escaped Draco's lips as his fists stopped their attack long enough for Harry to regain the upper hand. He was once again on top of Draco and resumed his attack on the boy's face. After another two punches, Harry heard an identical crack when his fist met the Slytherin's nose.

Snape had been busy trying to calm down a crying Ravenclaw when he heard Draco yell. He was on the verge of performing the 'Avada Kedavra' curse. He turned to the direction that he heard the cry from. What he saw surprised him in an unsurprising way. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were at the moment rolling around on the ground like first years fighting each other.

The scene did not surprise him. It was an unwritten school rule that the two despised each other. But what surprised him was that they had chosen his class to display their discontent for the other.

"Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter, stop this at once!" Snape boomed from his spot across the room. If the two boys heard him, they evidently chose to ignore him. "Potter, remove yourself from Mr. Malfoy at once!" he yelled. Still nothing changed. "That's it" he muttered to himself as he walked up to the two and pointed his wand.

"Consisto!" he yelled. Immediately both boys froze and hovered about the ground a few inches.

"Class is over, return all your supplies and place your potion a vial and place them on my desks" Snape hissed. "NOW!" he yelled. 

The students in the class rushed around as fast as they could trying to finish their potions and return their supplies. In less the three minutes, all the potions were on Snape's desk and the last Slytherin was closing the dungeon door behind him.

"Now, should I even ask for an explanation? Or should I go straight to the detentions?" Snape said as he glared at the two boys.

"Mr. Potter, please explain why you attacked Mr. Malfoy in the middle of my Potions Class!" Snape barked at Harry. Harry stared at his Potions Master in anger.

Harry always knew that Snape was a biased git, but this was so far beyond unfair. "Why did I attack him?" Harry asked in anger. "Why did I attack him? Let me tell you why. I hit him because he called Hermione a Mudblood!" Harry yelled.

Snape looked at him as if he were a little child. "Really, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Malfoy would call another student such a foul name," Snape said as though it were an outrageous accusation.

"You've got to be kidding me," Harry snarled.

Malfoy sneered at Harry from behind Snape's back. Harry returned the action. "Honestly Potter, I would never do such a thing. That is a ludicrous accusation," Draco said with a smile tugging slightly on his lips.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the blonde. He looked at Snape and the greasy haired man was leveling Harry with a glare. "Silly me, here I was honestly thinking that you would believe me Professor. I guess I shouldn't expect much from a Death Eater and his batboy," Harry sneered.

For a moment everyone in the room froze in their spot. Draco's eyes widened slightly. The boy couldn't believe what he had just heard. Harry Potter, the Golden Boy of Gryffindor actually verbally attacked a Professor.

Serverus stood still where he had been standing. He stared at the raven-haired young man in front of him. Memories from his past of an identical young man came to his mind. He remembered the many times James Potter mocked him and called him names. His nostrils flared in anger as he stared at the sixth year before him.

"To the Headmaster's office Potter," Snape barked out, "NOW!" Snape's robes were flying everywhere as he walked out of the potions chamber. "You too Mr. Malfoy."

Draco was still shocked by what had just happened, even though his appearance didn't show it. He looked over at Harry and let the boy's words sink in. "…a Death Eater and his batboy…" Draco's eyes narrowed in pure hatred as he stared at the boy. He had just insulted Draco in the worst way possible.

As Harry picked up his bag and was about to walk out of the room he felt a weight fall on his back. Harry soon found himself on the floor with hits on his back. "Ahh!" he cried out.

Harry swung his right arm behind him and successfully punched his attacker. Harry felt the weight roll off of him. He quickly turned around and punched Malfoy in the face. The action was returned and the two once again found themselves suspended in mid air.

"I expect this from the first years Mr. Malfoy, not from you," Snape spat out.

Harry sneered at the Professor. "What about me Professor?" Harry asked in mock politeness.

Snape rolled his eyes at the Gryffindor's antics. "Potter you walk in front of me. Mr. Malfoy, you follow behind. As I cannot trust you to be within a meter of each other without fighting, I must separate you. Now march!" he yelled at Harry.

The three walked down the hall and received many strange and curious looks from passing students. The Ravenclaws tried to hide their stares as they walked past the group. Hufflepuffs stared open eyed and quickly shot down another hallway to clear the way for Snape. Gryffindors stared openly at the group as the walked down the hall. Dean Thomas actually tripped over his own foot because all his attention was focused on Harry, Draco, and Snape. As Slytherins passed by, they all smirked at Harry and Draco. They mocked Harry and congratulated Draco all with the same look. "Probably because it would take too many brain cells to come up with a different expression," Harry supposed.

They finally reached the hideous gargoyle that guarded the entrance to Dumbledore's office. As Harry stepped onto the revolving staircase, he suddenly felt nervous. He had visited Dumbledore's office many times before, but most of them weren't because he was in trouble. That is to say, school related trouble, not Voldemort trouble.

He had attacked Draco and Snape, not a smart move, but it had just come out. He could explain attacking Draco easily. He called Hermione a Mudblood and Harry just couldn't stand it anymore. But Snape, that was a different story. He didn't know why he said what he did. Before, Harry would only ever think those things; never actually say them. And to top it off, he said it to Snape's face.

Slowly Draco and he took the seats in front of Dumbledore's desk. Snape stood behind the two chairs in the middle. Dumbledore surveyed both Draco and Harry before addressing Snape. Both boys held a similar expression of indifference.

"So tell me Serverus, what happened?" Dumbledore asked calmly.

"During my potions class today, Mr. Potter here chose to sabotage Mr. Malfoy's potion and start a fist fight in the middle of the class. I called for the two to stop and even yelled, but I was forced to stop the two magically. Mr. Potter claimed that Mr. Malfoy teased another student. When I said that I didn't think that Draco would do such a thing, Mr. Potter deliberately called Draco and myself Death Eaters." Snape spat the last part out and glared at the back of Harry's head.

Dumbledore's eyes lost their sparkle as Snape told his story of what happened. He looked at Draco. "Mr. Malfoy, is this correct?"

Draco turned and glared at Harry. Harry continued looking straight ahead. Draco looked back at Dumbledore. "Well, he said batboy, but yes. That was about what happened," Draco replied.

Dumbledore sighed and then turned to face Harry. The old man was dreading the day that Harry would say something to his Potions Master. He knew the two didn't get along, and with Harry's new attitude, he knew the two would be in his office soon.

"Harry, did you do and say all these things?" Dumbledore asked.

Harry continued to stare ahead before he turned his gaze and looked at the Headmaster. "I still say that I didn't mess up anybody's potion," Harry stated, "they never saw me do anything, I was just standing there and Malfoy started yelling about how I destroyed it even though he was the one that wasn't paying attention to his own potion," Harry said.

At that point both Snape and Malfoy scowled. Dumbledore smiled inwardly at their identical reactions.

"And yes I did start the fight, but it wasn't because Malfoy was teasing someone, he called Hermione a Mudblood. I was just sick of hearing him calling her that all the time," Harry said as he glared over at Draco.

"And the other things?" Dumbledore asked. Harry merely nodded his head affirmatively. "Very well, I believe you Mr. Potter," Dumbledore said.

"Dumbledore," Snape began before he was motioned into silence.

"Now, now Serverus," Dumbledore began, "let's not gloss over the obvious. It is no secret to the student population, teachers, or myself of Draco's views on Muggleborns. I do not find it hard to believe that he would address Ms. Granger in that way. Draco I am taking away twenty points and assigning you a detention to be served with Prof. Snape." Dumbledore said as he looked at the blonde over his half moon specs.

Snape was about to object again when he was once again signaled to remain quiet. "Do not worry, Harry will not go unpunished Serverus. Harry, though you did not attack Prof. Snape physically, you cannot address teachers that way; especially with something as serious as a Death Eater," Dumbledore lectured him. Though both knew that he was really lecturing Harry on addressing Snape a Death Eater in front of Draco.

"Sixty points from Gryffindor Harry, and I will also be assigning you a detention," Dumbledore said. Harry signed in relief. He could handle a detention and knew that he could easily win those points back. But Harry's relief disappeared when Dumbledore finished his sentence.

"…with Prof. Snape."

Snape who was about to object to such a pathetic punishment before he heard Dumbledore finished his sentence. An evil smile spread across the Potion Master's lips.

"You and Draco shall be serving your detentions together. Now I believe you two are late for your next classes. I'm sure you wont object to letting any injuries heal the old fashioned way, it'll help you learn your lesson better. Now run along. Serverus, please shut the door behind the two boys, I have a bit of information I wish to discuss with you," Dumbledore said.

Harry and Draco both nodded to the Headmaster, Draco also nodded to Snape, and the two walked out of the room. Once outside of the room Draco turned to Harry and smirked. "Congratulations Potter, I didn't know you had it in you." Harry looked at Draco; he was obviously talking about Harry's comment to Snape. "But you got the batboy part wrong, whatever a batboy is."

"How do you know if I got it wrong if you don't even know what it is," Harry asked the boy suspiciously. Why was he being so nice to Harry after being in two fights?

"It just sounded like you thought Snape and myself were on the same side," Draco explained.

"Aren't you?" Harry asked.

"No, though I doubt you believe me." Draco replied.

"I don't." Harry answered.

"I didn't think so." Draco smirked at Harry.

The two continued to walk down the hall. They both took the same turns and staircases. They looked at each other every minute or so. They both stopped and stared at each other.

"Why are you following me Malfoy!" Harry asked.

"Me? You're the one following me," Draco shot back. "What class do you have next," he asked Harry.

"I have—" Harry paused and looked at Draco, "we both have Dueling, don't we?"

Draco rolled his eyes and continued walking. They reached the Dueling classroom and Draco held open the door. Harry looked at him suspiciously.

"Let's just hope that they never pair us up Potter," Malfoy said as he sneered at Harry.

Harry laughed openly. "Scared Malfoy?"

Draco smiled challengingly, "You wish."


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