Hehe. This is a poem and a fic together, like a song fic. Please review!

Last Breath

Inhale sharply your last pure breath

Because the cold is seeping in

Her hands, coarse-looking and without nails, grasped onto the edges of television, using them to aid her as she wriggled out. She sprawled loudly onto the floor; the wood groaning as she heaved herself up.

And as it contaminates the air

She laughs; her cruel, spiteful one

The darkness was spreading. You could feel it; the aura of malice engulfed all, making me feel nauseous. I backed up from the demon before me. Then a childish, yet cruel sound rang out, breaking the cold silence; like a large rock interrupting a calm, serene lake. Laughter, my mind told me.

And you desperately cling on to your life

But the battle is hopeless; she is not human

Every time I slid away in fear, she took a step forward. Suddenly, my hand came to grasp a cool, hard object; through the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a shiny white. With all my strength, I hurled it at the demon-child; but what happened next forced a terrified scream to rush out my dry throat.

She will win at all costs; she will drink in you soul

Your lungs burn and you are forced to breathe

The porcelain bowl flew at an amazing speed, but then it suddenly halted – in mid air – three inches in front of her face, then with a strangled cry from her, it exploded in a severe blast of shards. They landed everywhere, causing a shrill sound to erupt, then nothing. Silence.

She stood there in thought – then, her curtain of long, flowing hair parted. The Eye stared at me, and light erupted. I felt myself leaving, and I realized I had been holding my breath. I exhaled, wheezed in my last breath, and screamed.

And then you inhale the icy darkness

And you become it on the inside.