Chibi Era

A/N- *can't stop laughing* ok guys here's another story from me. I'm writing it purely for fun, & lots of comedy! I'll continue "The 5th Son" soon enough, I'm just sorta having major writer's block on it at the moment  o.O . This fic will have you laughing so hard you might die O_O , lol just kidding ^-^;;; . Well trust me, I'm having fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy reading it!(& yes, you'll find random things misspelled, but hey they are 5 yr olds, they'll do things like sez, instead os says, ect… ^^;; )

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The Chibi Era~

        Our story takes place on the dark side of the playground in Naraku's play area (DUN dun DUN!)   "A, B, seven, orange juice, square, h, i, z….. uh oh… um…" .

"Hey, Inuyasha?" ."What?" replied Inuyasha.  "Um.. what comes after Z?" whispered Naraku skittishly. Inuyasha slapped his hand against his forehead "I already told you, It's fluffy bunnies are cute!" . "Ooohhh yaaaaaaaa" replied Naraku continuing  "h, i, z, fluffy bunnies are cute".

      "Hey everyones, Naraku sez he likes fluffy bunnies!" Inuyasha yelled across the playground. Tears began to well up in Naraku's  little eyes as waves of laughter directed towards him erupted from the playground. "I-I-I'm telling Mrs. Rosy!!!!!!!!" cried Naraku as he ran to the classroom.

"Feh, what a little wimp" Inuyasha mattuered as he made his way towards the sand box where he knew Kagome would be. Kagome looked over to see Inuyasha heading her way. "Hey  kagy what ya doing?" asked Inuyasha as he jumped in the sand box spraying sand all over kagome. Kagome brushed the sand off her skirt & then glared at Inuyasha "First of all, DON'T CALL ME KAGY!, second watch were you is jumping, and third, I saw what you did to Naraku, that was very mean!" huffed kagome. Inuyasha blinked "well so what, you are nots my momma & you's cant tells me what I can or won't do!" said Inuyasha as he stuck his tongue out. 

        Suddenly there was a tall shadow hovering over Inuyasha & he turned around to see a very angry looking Mrs.Rosy. "YOU young man have been causing quite enough trouble for one day, I want you to go to time out & think about what you've done" said Mrs.Rosy sternly as she crossed her arms in anger. "but, but I-" inuyasha studdered . "No buts about it, time out now!" Mrs.Rosy said a hint of anger in her voice.

        Just then the bell rang and everyone ran into class tripping over one another. Inuyasha was allowed to leave time out & take his seat because class was starting. Miroku leaned over his seat & cupped hand to the side of his mouth "hey Inu, saw what you did back there, it was real funny!".  Mrs.Rosy looked at Miroku & Inuaysha talking "Ehem, Miroku am I going to have to move you next to Sango again?" .  Miroku's face froze with terror , & he looked as if he was about to cry on horror "no, please no!!!!!!!" he begged worriedly. "ok then, now hush" Mrs.Rosy said as she began the lesson. Mrs.Rosy began "Ok, class today we will be learning our shapes, the first shape we'll be looking at is this block, wich is a square" .  Kagome raised her hand "Mrs.Rosy is that like a person being  block head?" .  Mrs.Rosy held back a laugh "no Kagome, that's something else, that you'll learn about, uh… later" ( ^^;; )


A/N- I thought I would end this chapter here, ya it's short, but I'm most certainly not out of Idea's, I'm just saving them for later chapter (just wait till art day!). I really like writing this fic, & oh the evil things I have planned for Naraku (Evil laugh) . I haven't even added all the characters in yet, ex:Sango, sessy, Kikyou, ect…

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