The Chibi Era

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Chapter 4: Horsemones

Inuyasha sat with an agitated look on his face. The trip to the Principal's office the previous day, had been none too delightful.

Kouga and Naraku had been told that kissing girls was something that they should wait for, and that their horsemones must have kicked in a little early.

Whatever those are…

While he and Sesshoumaru has been scolded repeatedly about how it was wrong to try and kill your class mates.

"Wasn't gonna kill him. Just make him stop living!" Inuyasha huffed to himself.

They had all been sentenced to class room pick up for a week… Inuyasha sat and contemplated what had happened the other day.

"The primcipal sure is weird, talking about horsemones and stuffs" Inuyasha sighed resting his chin in his palm.

"Maybe that's what's wrong with Sango…" and then suddenly the weight of it all hit him.

"Horsemones are contagious!" He said to himself. This was bad, what if he got them too!!!?

Inuyasha began to panic as he frantically thought of what to do.

Who all had horsemones? Who all didn't? These things were important!

"Please take your seats class" came a voice from the front of the class. Mr.Steinler, he was substituting for the Sick Mrs.Rosy today. In other words, the class was free to do whatever they liked.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" a blonde girl named Clara giggled as she ran past Mr.Steinler, knocking his cup of coffee off of the desk and into his lap.

Kagome looked on with interest. "Hey guises. Why is his head turning all red, and him making funny faces at us?" She asked as she tilted her head in curiosity.

"I'll… be right back" Mr.Steinler managed to squeek before he quickly exited the room.

Miroku began to get antsy as he noticed Sango eyeing him. He broke into a slight sweat as she stood up and made her towards him.

Miroku -eeped- and bolted out of his chair, Sango close behind. "Miiirrroookuuu!!! Don't run from me!" Sango called as she ran faster.

"Miroku get back here! I'm gonna marry you some day, I pinky promise! I swear!" she called out as she dove and latched onto Miroku's leg, knocking them both down.

Sango smiled and bent her head to kiss Miroku.

"Wouldn't do that if I is you" Inuyasha said as he stepped up. "Huh?" Sango asked looking at him in confusion.

"Yous got Horsemones Sango, you don't wanna give them to Miroku too, do ya?" Inuyasha said idly.

Sango gasped "Horsemones!?" She said frantically as she got off of Miroku. "Yes…" Inuyasha said grimly.

"But, um… Whats a horsemones?" Sango asked in confusion.

Inuyasha hesitated for a moment. "Uuuhh… Well, it's where for some weird reason, you start liking other people, and you wanna kiss them…" Inuyasha paused and eyed Naraku and Sesshoumaru.

"And that's only the begging. Cause, soon after that…" Inuyasha stopped, the suspense thick in the air.

"You turn into… A horse!" Inuyasha yelled raising his arms.

"I don't wanna be a horse!!!" Sango wailed as tears started to build up in her eyes.

Inuyasha shrugged. "Better be careful everyone. Sesshoumaru, and Naraku have Horsemones too, and horsemones are contagious." He said happily.

Immediately everyone in the room distanced themselves from Sango, Sesshoumaru, and Naraku.

Sesshoumaru simply rolled his eyes "That's stupid." He huffed.

By then, Sango was in a full fit, crying about becoming a horse.

"Hey, it's ok Sango, maybe… Maybe it'll be fun!" Miroku reassured her. "And, um, I'll still be your friend!" he added.

"If you is are gonna still be my friend, then why are you poking me with the broom!?" Sango wailed.

Miroku dropped the broom and coughed "Um, woops."


It was near lunchtime, and by now everything was even worse.

The kids who had been labeled Horsemones were all on one side of the class room, while all the other kids had built a small fortress out of blocks, on the other side of the class room.

"Miroku, can I come over?" Sango sniffed, hoping for a positive reply.

"No!" Miroku said quickly, hiding behind the blocks. He'd rather not never ever ever have snacks again, than catch Sango's horsemones.

Sango's face twisted into that of anger. She was fed up with all the other kids who didn't have horsemones!

"That's it. Everyone, come on! They can have horsemones too!" she said defiantly, and the other's had had been dubbed with the miss-interpreted illness, cheered.

"Go get them!" Sango yelled as they all ran towards the other side of the room.

"Oh no! The horsemones are coming! Quick, defend!" Inuyasha yelled as the kids who were dubbed horsemone free grabbed globs of Ply dough.

Go!" Inuyasha yelled, and everyone began throwing play dough at the others. "Don't give up, keep going!" Sango urged as they reached the block fortress and began to pull it down.

"Ruuuun" Inuyasha screamed as the blocks came tumbling down.

And, from a spectators view, that spectator being Sesshoumaru, it could almost be viewed as some sort of, odd, twisted Kindergarten ballet.

What, with the various colors of Play dough, flying through the air. Children running about wildly, screaming random things like "Stupid" and "But-head".

"No." Sesshoumaru stopped himself. It was nothing like a ballet. Shrugging he stood up and went off to find the substitute.


Minutes later…

Everyone lay on the floor. Play dough battles tended to be rather exhausting…

Inuyasha grunted and he felt play dough between his toes. Then he groaned and looked at the ceiling. Some how, he felt that he was going to get blamed for this…

And, as if on queue… "He started it" Sesshoumaru said to Mr.Steinler, pointing to Inuyasha.

"It appears you need to go to the principal's office young man." The substitute stated.

"I'm already on my way." Inuyasha muttered as he stood up and walked out the door.

"At least I don't have to clean up the room today…" he reassured himself.

Kouga looked enviously at Inuyasha's retreating back. Since Inuyasha was going to be with the principal, he couldn't clean today. And since Sesshoumaru had nothing to do with the play dough war, he didn't have to clean either.

Kouga turned his head and saw Naraku smiling at him. Shutting his eyes and shaking his head, Kouga groaned. Naraku was SO annoying…

"Mr.Antler" Sango said tugging the man's pant leg. "Steinler" He corrected. "What is it?"

"When I'm a horse, would you make sure to tell my mommy to give me cereal for breakfast still. I don't wanna eat horse food." She said sadly.

Mr.Steinler raised and eye-brow. "And what makes you think that you're going to become a horse?" he asked.

"Cause Inuyasha said I's got horsemones." He sniffed.

Mr.Steinler smiled. He probably confused Hormones, for horsemones.

Bending down he patted Sango on the head "Don't worry, you aren't going to turn into a horse."

Sango looked up in surprise "I'm not!?" she asked in excitement."Nope" he replied smiling.

"Yay!" She giggled, and then spotted Miroku.

Miroku gulped. Why couldn't she just turn into a horse?


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