En Las Montañas

This fic was spawned by a challenge I saw on Beloved Enemies before they moved to ETC - took me awhile to hunt down their new home and update my bookmarks. Anyways, read the specs below:

Beloved Enemies Fuh-Q-Fest Challenge (pre-move to ETC)

# 168 - During the fight with Voldemort, Harry and Lucius hit each other with spells which backfire on them and the Apparate to… (you can select any country - not the UK or the US - so they won't be able to speak with others). None of them want to use (their) magic because either the Dark Lord or Aurors will appear, so one of them will be killed for sure. And for awhile, they decide to co-exist in peace. (Lidi)

Note: Just because I don't want to do all the translation, this - // \\ - denotes dialogue in Spanish. It's not that I can't write in Spanish, but I want clarity in this and I'm far too lazy to translate. And because FF.net strips away the "" that I normally use. *sigh*

**WARNING**: There will be slash later on in this fic! If you don't know what slash is, it is m/m relationship; men luving other men. If you can't deal with that, kindly find another fic to read.

I'd post all the smut here, but I don't want to get locked out again - *snorts* 'unleash your imagination' my ass - so I'll have a URL where it will be posted on my website when the really good stuff happens. The most you're gonna see here is a kiss. No groping, fondling...hell none of the fun stuff.


Chapter 1

This was it. With all the chaotic noise of people in agony and curses, hexes, jinxes and other spells being fired, one thing stood in between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

Or rather, one person - Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy. Lucius bloody Malfoy.

Harry gritted his teeth, feeling anger surge through him. He'd fought his way through to the thickest press of battle where Voldemort was, ready to finally kill him. He'd seen Ron, Hermione, Neville, Cho, far too many people he cared about fall in the battle. He didn't know if they would ever rise again, but he would be damned sure that this insane wizard didn't. And Lucius Malfoy chose that exact moment to interpose himself between Harry and his goal. This was the last straw.

He raised his wand, uttering the first, vicious curse he could think of. Lucius raised his wand, casting something as well. The spells tore through the air and met with a blinding flash of white light that blinded both of them. A second later, when they could see clearly, all that filled their vision was their own spell - coming back right towards them. They didn't have time to react or even move as the world jerked and abruptly disappeared with a loud crack.


Lucius suddenly found himself staring at the blue sky, ringed by red mountain peaks. What happened to the- he grunted as something heavy landed right on top of him. Looking down, he saw black robes and a black mop off hair. He knew exactly who this had to be.

"Get off me boy!" he snarled, shoving Harry off roughly.

Lucius sat up roughly, looking around, wand held loosely in his hand. This certainly wasn't England. Not by a- He was suddenly pitched to the ground, his wand skittering out of his hand as Harry bowled into him, wrapping his slim hands around Lucius' neck.

"What the hell did you do Malfoy?!" Harry yelled his face flushed red with anger and his fingers digging into Lucius' neck. "What the hell did you do?!"

All Lucius could do was give something of a strangled sound, as Harry gave him a hard shake. He glanced at his wand, trying to reach it with a flailing hand. Who would have though that Potter would have such a strong grip. It was currently squeezing the life from his body. Finally desperate, Lucius balled up a hand and punched Harry right in the jaw.

Lucius immediately sat up, gasping for breath. "Merlin's beard, you almost killed me!" he managed.

"That was the general idea!" Harry spat out as he scrambled forward.

Lucius looked up in time to see Harry's fist coming right in to connect with his cheekbone. Lucius glared at Harry as the boy staggered a bit from the force of the blow and fell on the ground a few feet away. Lucius ran his tongue along his teeth, tasting blood; quite a bit of blood actually. He spit it out with a grimace, feeling around for his wand. It had to be here somewhere. He'd could easily kill Harry and be out of here by lunch time.

"Looking for this?"

Lucius' gaze snapped at Harry's smug voice. The blasted boy was standing there, a bleeding gash along his jawbone. And he was also holding Lucius' wand in between two fingers, twirling it idly. Lucius mentally cursed himself quite vehemently. How could he lose track like that?

"I'm going to ask you again," Harry said in a tight voice. "What did you do?"

"Me?" Lucius snarled as he picked himself off and dusted off his robes. "This is all your fault." He winced slightly; his cheek was certainly going to be sore tomorrow. "I should ask how you managed to botch a simple curse so royally!"

"Me?!" Harry spluttered, clutching his wand tighter. "Typical Malfoy; just blame someone else! I'm not the one who screwed up! You are!" Harry glared nastily at Lucius.

"You go ahead and think that," Lucius seethed from between his teeth. "You're just angry because you can't play the good little Saviour, the good little sacrifice who's supposed to do what he didn't get to."

"Say that to my face!" Harry bellowed his expression dangerously red.

"If you bothered to notice, I just did." Lucius spat out.

Harry looked at him in disgust before he threw Lucius' wand back at him. Lucius certainly wasn't about to waste this opportunity; he caught his wand in midair, and when he lowered his hand, he had it aimed right at Harry's heart. Then Harry did something that took him completely by surprise. Harry smiled triumphantly, as if he had just won the Quidditch cup.

"What the hell are you smiling about?" Lucius growled, tightening his grip; the urge to blast the boy and wipe that insufferable expression off his face was almost irresistible. Damn his curiosity for tempering it.

"Go on Malfoy, use it," Harry said with a small smug smirk. "Bring Merlin knows how many Aurors here. I want to go home."

Lucius narrowed his eyes before he gave something of a predatory smile. "And why don't you use your wand? Afraid you'll bring someone down here? Namely the Dark Lord?"

Lucius and Harry spent the next few minutes glaring at one another before Lucius slowly lowered his wand and slipped it into his pocket.

"If you care to listen," Lucius didn't hide the obvious scepticism in voice. "I think it's rather obvious we're not in Britain anymore."

Harry gave him a withering look. "What was your first bloody indication? The sky? Or was it the mountains?"

"Look, Potter," Lucius stalked up to him. "It's rather obvious we can't do anything to get ourselves out of the situation. So we may as well…attempt," Lucius' lip curled up in a sneer. "To get along and find out just where the hell we are."

Harry didn't say anything, simply glaring at Lucius before he nodded his head briefly. Lucius snorted a bit turning and looking around. It looked like they were on a plateau of some sort and needed to scope out the landscape. He looked back around to find Harry had disappeared. Where the hell had the boy disappeared to?

The sound of sliding rocks made Lucius walk over to the lip of the plateau and look down. Harry was managing to slide down the rather steep side on two feet to a smooth black paved road. How on Earth had he missed that?

"Are you coming down or not?" Harry demanded once he reached the bottom and kicked the dust off his pants and shoes.

Lucius looked at the incline doubtfully. He was more than likely to break his neck attempting to get down there. How had Harry made it look so easy? He scowled down at the grinning Potter before placing a foot on the slope. It wasn't that steep. It only looked incredibly steep. He started walking down slowly, intend on not making a fool of himself.

But it seemed that fate had other plans for Lucius Malfoy.

Everything was going fine, until he was halfway down and mistook a rock to be loose. He decided to kick it out the way, and maybe, just maybe, it would hit Harry and soothe some of his battered pride. Only the rock didn't give and Lucius found himself pitched forward and rolling down the rest of the way. When he finally came to a stop it was on the black road that was incredibly hot and had him up in less than two seconds. Lucius looked at Harry to find him fighting back the amused smirk that was trying to break free of the impatient scowl. If Lucius' pride was battered before, it was certainly abused now and cursing fate heartily.

"Shut up and start walking." Lucius growled as he pushed past Harry, brushing the dirt and small pebbles from his robes.


Harry sighed as he wiped the sweat away from his brow yet again. What had he done to deserve this? He was supposed to simply off Voldemort, be the hero and everything would go back to normal as they could possibly be. So when he suddenly found himself gone from the chaotic battlefield with the stormy grey clouds hanging overhead to somewhere else, with blue skies and red mountains, he had been far from pleased.

When he discovered that he was stuck with Lucius Malfoy, of all people, he was more than enraged. He was completely livid and had done the one thing that had popped into his head. Kill Lucius. It had been working perfectly fine until Lucius had punched him right in the jaw. The bugger probably forgot he had his ring on. Or knew all to well.

Harry scowled at Lucius, who was walking ahead of him with a stony silence.

And here he was stuck walking down some lone road with Lucius Malfoy ahead of him, with the sun blazing down and not a cloud in sight. Not to mention some a definite lack of any other sign of humans at all. If there was a God, he was more than likely mocking Harry right now. Harry gave a sour grunt at that thought of divine ridicule. Wouldn't that just be a kick in the-

"What are you fussing about back there?" Lucius asked crossly with a glare.

"Nothing you need to be bothered about, illustrious leader," Harry muttered in a sarcastic voice. "Just keep walking. Maybe if I think it hard enough I'll wake up from this nightmare."

"And people say I have issues," Lucius grumbled, looking back ahead.

Harry shot him a dirty look. His hand was itching to use his wand. He didn't care if Lucius' back was turned or that he would bring the Death Eaters to him quicker than he could say 'Blood-Sucking Bugbear' five times. But he did care if he died; a lot. So here he was, walking along a road, feeling particularly resentful that Lucius Malfoy had been the first one to suggest something that could only be called a temporary truce.

He gave a slight sigh and pulled at the collar of his robes. If this heat didn't relent, he was liable to cook in his own clothes. He undid the buttons and yanked it off quickly with a loud sigh of relief.

"What is it now?" Lucius demanded as he turned around and scowled at Harry.

"Nothing!" Harry snapped a bit petulantly as he continued walking. "Why don't you just leave me alone?"

"I would, but those noises you make are annoying," Lucius grumbled as he fell in step behind Harry.

"You think I'm enjoying this?" Harry asked in an irritated voice of disbelief. "It's not like you're the world's greatest company, you know."

"Did it occur to you that it might be too hot to talk?" Lucius demanded.

"Did you think the black doesn't help?" Harry shot back, giving Lucius a smug look as he folded his robes over his forearm. "Maybe that's why you're even nastier than usual."

Lucius narrowed his eyes at Harry. "I would prefer it if you-"

"Shut up!" Harry said suddenly looking down the road.

"How dare you-" Lucius began.

"I said shut up!" Harry snapped, clapping a hand over Lucius' mouth. "Don't you hear that?"

Lucius chose that moment to bite Harry's hand particularly hard and give him a triumphant, smug smirk. Harry snatched it back with a glare before he pointed to the road behind them. There was a definite sound coming from behind them, from the slight swell of a gentle hill. Then, like a beacon, it appeared over the top, puttering its way. A beat-up old blue truck, but a truck nonetheless; a vehicle that had four wheels and was moving. Gratefully, Harry ran out into the middle of the road, only to have Lucius yank him back.

"Are you insane?! That…thing might hit you!" Lucius hissed from between his teeth.

"Shut up and let me handle this!" Harry retorted. "Unless you want to talk to the Muggle."

Harry smirked as Lucius abruptly released him. "Hey! Hey!" he called loudly, running out a bit into the road, waving his arms frantically.

Harry could have danced for joy when the truck came to a halt and he ran up to the driver's side. "You don't know how glad I am to see you! We need to get to the nearest town. Could you give us a lift?"

The man, clad in a beat up trucker hat, simple white t-shirt and rather faded blue overalls looked at them puzzled for a moment before speaking. // You two tourists? \\ The man glanced out the windshield at Lucius, who was scowling, before looking back at Harry. // English tourists? \\

Harry blinked. He hadn't been expecting that, much less be prepared for it. He had hoped they would come across someone who spoke English not…whatever the man had just spoken. It all sounded like gibberish to him. He glanced at Lucius, who was looking more and more angered by the second.

"What's taking so long, Potter?" Lucius asked in a biting voice.

Harry glared at him before looking back at the man. "Erm…" he wasn't too sure what to do in this case. He motioned between him and Lucius, then pointed down the road then pointed to the back of the man's truck with a hopeful look.

The man's face split with a grin as he nodded his head and shifted the truck's gears. Harry grinned with relief as he motioned to Lucius. "We got a ride!"

"About bloody time," Lucius muttered, following after Harry. "I…" Lucius froze when he saw the back of the truck. "You can't possibly expect me to get in there!"

Harry rolled his eyes as he gripped the high wooden rails on the truck sides and started clamber on. "There're only a few chickens and a pig. Unless you want to walk, this is the only way."

"I do not share travel spaces with livestock!" Lucius looked outraged and utterly disgusted.

"Look, if you're going to start this up again," Harry started as he dusted his pants off and seated himself on the lone crate. "You can keep walking. I, on the other hand, don't want to walk in this heat and will take the ride."

Harry didn't say anything as Lucius scowled darkly at him, muttering something as he gripped the side and easily pulled himself.

"Get up. I want that seat." Lucius said imperiously, with a formidable scowl.

Harry simply gave him a rather malicious smirk. "You didn't get up here quick enough. We might have struck a truce, but you'll find I still won't listen to you. I suggest you sit down."

Harry knocked on the cabin window and gave the man a thumb up. The man gave him one in response and a few seconds later, the truck lurched forward and started rumbling down the road. Harry settled himself on his seat, looking at Lucius, who had settled himself into a corner and looked ready to take on any of the chickens who came to close.

"Look on the bright side," Harry said, earning a nasty glare from Lucius.

"And what, pray tell, would that be, Potter?" Lucius said viciously.

"When we get to our destination, we can get some help." Harry said, watching as the pig made its way over to Lucius. "Looks like you have company."

"Potter!" Lucius growled.

Harry chuckled a bit; it almost sounded like Lucius was pleading with him. But the looks being directed at him, said something otherwise. He was hard pressed to not laugh out loud when the pig looked at Lucius and decided to settled down right on his lap. So now Lucius was wedged in a corner, thoroughly pissed at Harry for not relinquishing his seat, having to share a truck bed with animals and now had a - Harry looked at the pig critically - 200 pound swine draped across his lap. The chickens were moving in as well, settling around Lucius in a tan, white and red ruffled ring.

"You know," Harry snickered. "If it weren't for the clothes, I'd swear you were a farmer."

Lucius scowled at Harry as he crossed his arms and stared stonily at the truck bed. "Shut up."


Lucius looked around as they finally came to a halt. This hellish ride was finally over. And now this blasted pig would get off of him and he could scare the chickens away. He was never doing anything like this in his life, ever again. He glanced up once more, seeing Harry slouched against the cabin window, fast asleep. This had been the boy's brilliant idea. He had better know where they ended up or-

// Sheesh, again? \\ The man chuckled, setting up a board as a ramp down. // Come on, come on. \\

The pig rose and clambered down, grunting. Lucius looked down at his robes that had once been immaculate. The fall down the hill hadn't done much to them, but having a heavy pig sit on him for almost half a day didn't leave them in much better condition. He'd be lucky if half these wretched stains came out.

// Wait a moment. \\ the man said, motioning for him to sit back down and glancing at Harry. // And wake up your friend or...lover, whatever. But just wait a moment. \\

Lucius simply nodded his head; it wasn't as if any of that gibberish made any absolute sense to him. But he should probably wake the boy up. He had gotten them this far. He walked over to Harry and shook his shoulder roughly.

"Wake up. Wake up!" he said a bit more forcefully, giving Harry's shoulder a brisk shake.

Harry woke with start, looking around sleepily. Then his gaze fell on Lucius and he gave a sleepy grin, eyes raking over him. Lucius froze for a split second; Harry looked utterly debauched and as if he had enjoyed a night of wild sex. Not spent the afternoon in blissful sleep, jouncing around in a damned uncomfortable…what had Harry called it again? Ah yes, a truck.

"Where are we?" Harry asked in a sleep rough voice as he shivered a bit and pulled on his robe.

Lucius stilled his immediate urge to say something incredibly deprecating. The boy may not know where they were, but he had gotten them someplace. If Lucius had been left to deal with the Muggle, they more than likely still be walking along the road.

"I was hoping you could inform me as to-" Lucius began.

// He's such a young boy! \\ They both looked to see a rather plump middle aged woman looking at them critically. // Ernesto, he's so skinny! And the other! >\\ she sucked her teeth and tsked in the same breath. // The blond is his lover? Friend? What? What? \\

// I don't know, I don't know! I don't think they speak Spanish. \\ The man called Ernesto said throwing up his hands. // But I couldn't just leave them in the street! \\

// True, true, \\ The woman looked at them once more. // You speak Spanish? \\

Lucius was simply left blinking in the thick barrage of words. Just what could he possibly say to that?

The woman sighed and shook her head. // My name is Valencia. \\

// Valencita. \\ Ernesto piped up from the back, earning a glare from the woman, who was more than likely his wife.

"Valencia." Harry said pointing to her. He smiled when the woman nodded her head. "Harry." He said gesturing to himself before he motion to Lucius. "Lucius."

Lucius didn't even attempt a cordial smile in greeting.

// Harry, Lucius, come, come. \\ The woman said, motioning for them to come down as they started towards the house.

"That's the same damn word he used for the pig," Lucius grumbled as Harry easily jumped down.

Lucius didn't say anything as he watched the woman fuss over Harry, who was trying his best to not flush from embarrassment. Ernesto was watching him, obviously trying not to laugh, but was failing miserably. Lucius was certainly failing to see the humour of the situation.