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Chapter 1: A Brave New World

From looking at Number Four Privet Drive, one would assume a normal household, with normal occupants, since this was a normal part of England. However, one abnormality stood out among the neighborhood's seemingly stale flavor, staring out into the quiet night. The deviation from the norm was known as Harry Potter. Now Harry is different from not only those in this world, but he is also set apart from those in his world. What distinguishes him from his world, the wizarding world, is the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. A scar given to him by the current dark lord, Voldemort.

Voldemort. The Department of Mysteries. Sirius. That particular thought once again brought tears to Harry's eyes. At sixteen, Harry had lost all his family; his mother and father to Voldemort, when he was an infant, and his godfather to Voldemort's servant in the past few months. He could still remember seeing Sirius fall into the veil, he could remember the pain, despair, and hatred that he felt when trying to use the Cruciatus Curse on Bellatrix Lestrange. Since the end of the term Harry could not stop these thoughts from running in circles. When he was brought home by the Dursleys, he could not speak, he refused to eat; he just wanted to stop existing. It had been a few weeks since then, and his condition had somewhat improved.

"Boy!" came his Uncle's bellow from downstairs, bringing Harry out of his thoughts. "Get that ruddy door!"

Harry slowly climbed out of his bed to trek downstairs. As he was halfway down the stairs, however, the front door was blown off of its hinges. Harry was knocked down by the force of the blast. Trying to get up, he could make out six black robed figures, one of which had eyes glowing a dull red.

"Uh oh" Harry thought to himself, as he dived over the banister, narrowly missing a Reductor curse. He was about to whip his wand out and begin to fire curses back, when his hand reached behind his back and met with empty air. He must have dropped his wand during the explosion. So, Harry had no choice but to turn and run for dear life. He could see jets of light flying past him, as curses were thrown at his retreating figure.

"How could I be so stupid?" Harry cursed inwardly "I should have known that they would find me."

He had almost reached the back door, when it came barreling towards him. He sidestepped in time to avoid being crushed. But there waiting for him, were another four Death Eaters. He was surrounded.

"Well Potter, it seems that your luck has run out" hissed Voldemort, stepping in front of Harry. "You have no wand and no Dumbledore to save you this time!" Pointing his wand towards Harry, Voldemort shouted "CRUCIO!"

Pain. Unimaginable pain racked through Harry's body. Every nerve was on fire, he felt sickened to the pit of his stomach, he thought he could hear bones crack, and blood vessels burst. When Voldemort finally lifted the curse, Harry was on the floor spasming.

He stood there laughing, "You are weak, and you will now die for your transgressions. Avada Kedavra!"

As the green light shot towards Harry, he could only think of how he had failed everyone, how his time was finally over, and how much he needed to escape to fight another day. These thoughts ran through his mind in that split second between life and death. When the spell finally hit, Harry could feel the magical energy ripping through his body like wildfire. He was filled to the brim with it, his entire being cried out for release. Then, everything went black.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Meanwhile, in the forests of England, some millennia before, a middle- aged man staff was journeying north. Standing at about five foot seven, wearing a non-descript brown tunic, and armed with only a wooden walking staff, one would not normally think to leave this man untroubled. However, looking into his deep blue eyes, one could almost see the power that was at his command.

And today was especially the wrong day to get on his bad side. He had just lost a man who not only was his "student", but also one whom he had once considered a close friend. Only hours after his friend's death, the entire kingdom was fragmented. So called, lords and self proclaimed kings once again claimed rights to their "territories", and began massing armies to shatter the peace that had covered the land for more than twenty years.

All members of the old regime were now targets of these sovereign "rulers". None more so than this man, who was a close advisor to his friend, the King.

As he was lost in his thoughts, two men armed with swords burst out of the surrounding foliage to attack him. When the first one was close enough, the man ducked, and stepped to the side, while letting his staff impact with the other's chest; he then brought up his staff again, landing a blow to the temple, rendering one attacker unconscious. The other armed man, thinking that he saw an opening, ran in and tried to lunge for the middle aged man's chest. The attack would have succeeded, if the attacker had been able to move.

The man just looked at his immobile attacker and said "Never think a man is weak, he may have talents that you are not aware of." Lifting one hand, and gesturing, the attacker was thrown into a nearby tree with a resounding "CRACK".

Before he was able to investigate whether this attack was just happenstance, or part of a larger plot to capture him, he felt a tremendous swirl of magical energy burst out of nothingness nearby. He sighed to himself before making sure his staff was still serviceable, and headed out to find the source of the magical disturbance. This would not be an easy day at all.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Harry slowly trudged back into the realm of the consciousness. As he awoke, he thought to himself: I'm alive?

He slowly opened his eyes, fully expecting to see Voldemort standing above him. Instead, he saw countless leaves and branches spread out above him, and an expanse of cloudless blue sky, in the gaps between the foliage. When he tried to raise his head to see more of the beauty surrounding him, he found himself staring up the end of a long wooden staff, to a stern, and not altogether friendly, face.

The man spoke a strange tongue that Harry could not understand, and upon seeing that he was not answering made a threatening motion with the staff. Harry quickly tried to raise his hands in a non threatening gesture and replied "I don't understand what you're saying!"

Cocking his head to one side, the man then made a few motions with his hand, and Harry felt a tingling sensation pass through him.

"As I said before, who are you, and why are you here?" asked the man.

"My name is Harry Potter" he replied "And as for why I'm here. I don't know. I was someplace before, and now I'm here. I don't understand what's going on."

Thinking that there seemed to be some truth to what the boy said, the man then asked, "That magical disturbance, do you know what happened there?"

"I don't know. it may have been me. I was hit by a curse, and felt like I was about to explode. Then everything went black" Harry replied, while thinking ". a curse that should have killed me, instead of bringing me to Merlin knows where"

The man was surprised and decided to let him up. While helping Harry to his feet, the man was able to recognize the power that the boy had, a power which was mirrored in his own eyes. "You are of magic then" the man asked, "A wizard?"

"Yes, I can do magic if that's what you mean by 'of magic'. And I am a wizard." answered Harry, while brushing dirt off of his clothes.

"Well lad, I don't know as if I trust you yet, but we best not tarry here for too long. Non-magic folk have no liking for us." The man said, already starting to walk northwards.

"Hey! Wait up." cried Harry, as he struggled to catch up. "What's your name anyways?"

"Merlin", the man replied, before increasing his speed.