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Chapter 3

"ROGUEY!" Remy suddenly sat up from his prone position as he opened his eyes.

Thankfully, the first thing he saw was the person whose name he shouted out.

A pair of beautiful pools of emerald stared back at his crimson orbs. But the emeralds were no longer set on a pretty and chubby face of a three-year old. Instead, it was a gothic teen whose face he beheld.

A face which held the beginnings of amusement.

"Never saw anyone shot up like that when waking up from a nightmare before," a voice heavily coated with a southern accent mused out loud. "Ah mean, sure, I saw it on TV and movies, but never in real life,"

Remy winced as he tried to assume a more comfortable position from his bed. "Glad someone found it funny," he said dryly. He discovered, upon a cursory inspection of the room, that he was in medbay. Covered in bandages. Wearing nothing but a short, thin hospital nightgown.

Rogue softened when she saw Remy inspect the various cuts and bruises he suffered from his encounter with Mystique, injuries he had because of her. Maybe she could cut him some slack, even just for the day.

A smirk crossed Remy's face when he caught Rogue staring at him. "Enjoyin' the view, chere?"

Rogue's eyes narrowed. Or maybe not. "Shut up, Swamp Rat."

"And Remy loves you too, cher,"

Rogue glared at him.

"And thank you for taking care of Remy while he's unconscious,"

"It's not like I had a choice," Rogue grumbled as she scooted as far away from his bed as possible. "They're still out, you know. And Mr. McCoy had to leave as soon as he fixed you up, something about an emergency in the whole medical community about a newly discovered virus,"

The two fell in an uncomfortable silence, just looking at each other.

Until Rogue uncomfortably shifted in her seat and coughed a little to hide her embarrassment. "By the way, thank ya for not letting Mystique get me," she reddened, a bit embarrassed from admitting that she needed, and appreciated, help…from him, of all people!

"It was all Remy's pleasure, cher," he grinned. "You know us prince charming types, never could resist a damsel-in-distress."

"Some prince charming," Rogue rolled her eyes. "You passed out as soon as you got hit by a girl!"

"It was a femme bear!" He protested. "A big one."

To his surprise, Rogue laughed.

He believes it was the first time he heard her laugh. It was to him simply beautiful. And he resolved to do everything to make her make that sound more often. But first…

"What happened after I passed out?"

The humor left Rogue's face, but her laughter did break the tension in the room. "The kid's powers wore off," she said. "I grew up before Mystique had the chance to do anything to me,"

And good thing too that her growth spurt occurred right after passing out. Not only was she able to protect herself from being taken, it also prevented Remy from seeing her naked! Her kiddie clothes cannot take the pressure from her accelerated growth and it tore apart, stitch by stitch.  Her lack of clothing also made Mystique change her mind about kidnapping the girl with a poison skin since kidnapping Rogue would mean touching her.

Of course, by that time, Beast had heard the commotion and had made it to the rec room. His appearance plus Rogue's nakedness forced Mystique to flee.

Of course, Rogue was horrified that Mr. McCoy saw her naked, even if he did assure her that as team doctor, she had nothing to be embarrassed about.

So while he took Remy, Rogue fled to her room where she dressed up in her usual grown up clothes.

Rogue shifted uncomfortably from Remy's unwavering gaze. Also, the fact that she was beginning to feel at ease with the Cajun Snake-Charmer put her a bit on the defensive. She was suddenly taken over the desire to get out of the place.

She stood up and began inching out of the room, relieved that he was OK. "So, uh, I guess, I'm going." She paused by the door. "Thanks again, Swamp Rat," with that, she closed the door behind her.

"Anytime, my sweet little Mississippi River Rat. Anytime." Inside the room, Remy grinned as if he just won the million dollar lottery. Being an empathic, he sensed the confusion raging inside the Rogue. It's only a matter of time, chere. It's only a matter of time. He smirked as he leaned back and tried to catch up on his nap.

Rogue grumbled as she stalked into the kitchen. She grumbled under her breath. Her week-long stint as a three-year old earned her a week of pampering and spoiling. Best of all, it was her ticket out of the prison they called school. And now that she was seventeen again, she had to go back.

Making a beeline to the coffee-pot, she began to reach for the liquid that would fuel her body for the day. But her hands froze when a feral growl reached her ears.

Logan was standing nearby. He immediately grabbed the pot away from Rogue and gave her a warning glare. His throat rumbled, giving an unspoken warning of unnamable tortures if she touches another cup of coffee ever again. Then, without a word, he stomped away, carrying with him all the coffee.

Rogue looked at his wake in confusion. "What's his problem?"

"I can't believe the homework they piled on me," Rogue grumbled to Kitty as the two of them entered the Institute doors.

"Like, it's for your own good, Rogue," Kitty said. "You have to catch up to the schoolwork you missed."

"I didn't miss any of them," Rogue told her. "In fact, I'm quite happy that I get to skip classes and would gladly do it again."

Kitty and Rogue soon found themselves in the living room.

Kitty suddenly froze upon the threshold, causing Rogue to crash onto her back.

"Hey! A little warning before you do something like that!" Rogue growled.

"Like, wow!"

Rogue peered around the girl's petite frame.

Inside the living room was a tower made entirely out of playing cards. It was as tall as two people and its base was as wide as a whole person whose arms are stretched about his head.

Rogue frowned.

Kitty stepped closer and inspected the masterpiece. There was only one person in the mansion who could do this without using any tools, materials, or powers. "He's good,"

And suddenly, the tower came crashing down. Kitty screeched and bewailed the loss of a piece of art. She turned to look at Rogue just as she was starting to make a comment or two.

Kitty's eyes widened when she saw, between the fingers of Rogue's right hand, a Queen of Hearts, one that was probably taken from the bottom of the pile, causing everything to fall down.


Just then, a still-injured Remy hobbled into the room using crutches, intent on putting the finishing touches on the tower of cards he made. He was bored out of his mind and this was one way of passing time. He took one look and one step in the room. "NON!"

"Oops," Rogue playfully shrugged as an evil grin crossed her face.

"No! I demand a recount!" Bobby wailed as he struggled to keep the remote from Kitty. "Jaime, catch!"

"For the last time, Jaime's vote can count only as one!" Kitty jumped up in vain as the remote went sailing above her head.

"Ja!" Kurt nodded as he joined in the fray. "Scott, my man! It's time you stood up for what you believe in! Be a man!"

It was Jean's TK which took the remote from the four struggling teens, well, seven, if you count the three Jaime-clones.

"No fair!" Four Jaimes protested as all attempted to get the remote hovering above, just beyond his/their reach.

"Oh, darn!"

Six (or nine, whatever!) pairs of eyes turned to the newcomer.

"Rogue!" Kitty grinned victoriously when she saw Rogue in the doorway.

Behind her, Bobby, Jaime, and Kurt groaned in defeat.

"I had this sudden hankering to watch the cartoon sponge with a pet snail on TV, but I guess it's taken by ya'll." Rogue said.

"Yes!" Bobby whooped as Kurt did a little victory dance.

"No, Rogue, we're actually going to watch Spongebob right now, right guys?"

"Ja." Kurt couldn't stop grinning as Jean relinquished her hold to the remote with a defeated sigh.

"Hmp." Kitty glared at Rogue. "Traitor."

She and Jean walked out, leaving a dazed Rogue in. "What did I do?"

Scott just shrugged.

Rogue, to my office, if you please.

Rogue paused and frowned just outside of the professor's office. She desperately racked her brain for something she did that would merit her going to his office but came up with none. I attended all the danger room sessions, I wasn't even late this time. I'm doing OK in school, almost caught up with my schoolwork. Haven't been giving any extra glares lately, at least no more than usual. Been doing my meditations regularly. Haven't even absorbed someone for quite a while now.

Just as she decided to knock, a voice ran in her head.

Come in, Rogue.

With a sigh, Rogue turned the knob and opened the door. "You called, professor?"

"Yes, as you can see, we have company."

Behind Professor X were Wolverine and Storm, but the professor was motioning to the people in front of him.

Rogue turned to the middle-aged couple seated in front of the professor's table. A man and a woman. Rogue guessed them to be married.

From the other side of the woman, a head peeked, wanting to see a glimpse of the newcomer.

"You!" Rogue's eyes narrowed.

The girl gasped. "No!" She cried out as she became surrounded by a shimmering light, the light brightest on her two hands.

"Oh, no." Those were the last words out of Rogue's mouth before the trail of pixie dust transferred from the little girl to her.

"Patty!" The woman beside the blond girl cried out in exasperation. "What did we say about pointing your hands to people?"

"I'm going out for a walk, Chuck." Logan said hurriedly. "A nice, looong walk." He grumbled as he stalked out of the room.

"I'll call Kitty and Kurt," Ororo said with a smile. "They'd be delighted."

Tiny Rogue peeked out from under the mountain of clothes she had just discarded. Patty's father picked her up. "Such a beautiful baby," he said as wrapped her in her top before he handed her to the professor. "Sorry about that." He said sincerely.

The Professor smiled warmly. "That's quite alright," he assured the parents and the girl who was near-tears. "It's high-time we get another baby in this big house. Having her here certainly brightened up our halls, all of us wouldn't mind having Little Rogue here again."

Patty looked up hopefully. "Maybe I can stay here and keep her that way," she said, her voice barely a whisper.

The professor nodded. "That would be nice, Patricia." He said. "Allow us to help you gain control," he gave her a grandfather-ly smile. Sorry, Rogue. He appended the mental message to the child in his arms.

Kurt and Kitty suddenly burst in the room.

"Schwester!" Kurt called out in delight. Perhaps he should be worried a bit that this was the second time Rogue turned into a kid. But first, they should come out and play.


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