Through the Eyes of a Serpent: Chapter One

Hermione walked into 'Quality Quidditch Supplies' nervously glancing about herself. When she saw no-one she knew watching her she walked further into the store.

She walked immediately up to the counter where a frizzy purple-haired witch stood with a nametag reading "Irene".

"Two Firebolts please Irene." Hermione spoke quickly wanting to get out of the store and not wanting to get caught. You see even though one of the Firebolts was for Ron ---a birthday present--- the other was for her. She had developed a liking for both flying and Quidditch the previous year and was going to try out for the position of Beater; as both Fred and George Weasley had graduated the previous term. Needless to say she wanted to keep it a secret.

"Hey you're that ex-girlfriend of Harry Potter's aren't ya?" Irene asked as she noisily snapped her strawberry bubblegum. "Really broke his heart when you went behind his back with that Krum bloke."

Hermione seethed. She still despised Rita Skeeter for writing that article about her. "Just get me two Firebolts Irene." Hermione said stressing the woman's name.

"Alright, alright no reason to get upset." Irene muttered as she grabbed two Firebolts from the shelf behind the counter. "That'll be 100 galleons".

Hermione dumped her heavy change purse out on the counter and counted out 100 galleons before taking the two brooms from Irene. "Thanks".

Hermione was stepping out of 'Quality Quidditch Supplies' when she collided with an annoyed looking Lucius Malfoy.

"While I am always pleased to be in your presence Miss Granger" Lucius snarled "I am sort of busy today. Now, if you wouldn't mind moving your filth out of my way I shall be going."

Hermione visibly bristled at his words. Voldemort had been defeated in Hermione and the rest of the golden trio's sixth year. Without a Dark Lord most of the death eaters had disbanded which left Lucius without people to dictate to.

"Missing your wife and the death-eaters Mr. Malfoy?" Hermione asked sweetly and smirked. Narcissa had left the elder Malfoy for unknown reasons.

Hermione stood impatiently tapping her foot. "So, what are you doing here Lucius?" Buying Draco's spot on the Quidditch team again no doubt."

Lucius regarded Hermione cruelly with his steel-blue eyes. He looked first to her now sleek and shiny hair which fell softly in light brown waves down her back. Then his eyes roamed her developed body drinking her in as if she was a bottle of water in the Sahara.

"In the future Miss Granger I would advise you to mind your manners."

Hermione stared back defiantly at Lucius just a glimmer of fear visible in her honey-brown eyes. She stared at his long, well kept platinum blonde hair (tied back with the traditional black-velvet ribbon of course() then eyed his muscular torso and broad, well developed shoulders, giving him the same once over he had given her.

Hermione swept her hair behind her shoulder and with a snooty "Hmmph!" pushed past Lucius.

"You will NOT walk away from me like that mudblood!" Lucius roared in anger as he grabbed for the sleeve of Hermione's robe.

Hermione already having descended the first two steps of the exit was put of balance. Waving her arms around madly trying to steady herself Hermione fell down the last five steps. Hermione lifted her head from the dirt where she lay with bruised shins and looked to the ground where her time turner lay. Broken.

Hermione looked scathingly into Lucius' eyes before she disappeared abruptly in a swirling golden mist.