Beauty and the Dhampire

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Chapter 1

"No! Don't! Please, don't!"

The young woman cowered in front of the vampire lord. Yet, as she cowered,she stood firmly in front of her family. Her father was unconscious on the floor from where he had tried to fight the Prince of Darkness but had failed. Her mother and younger sister were down on either side of him.

"Get out of my way, child, or do you wish to be the first?" the vampire sneered.

"Don't hurt them! Please! I'll do anything! Just don't harm them!" the girl begged.

"Anything?" Lord Dracula asked. "What could I want from you?"

He looked at her. Her hair was a dark brown, braided simply down her back. The braid extended to her waist. A simple peasant dress adorned a uniquely beautiful figure. She was trembling slightly, but seemed determined not to let him near her parents or sibling.

She glanced back at her family. Her mother's eyes were wide from fear. Her sister, only ten years of age, had tears streaming down her face. She was not sobbing and seemed to want to keep it that way.

"I'll go with you," the young woman said, turning back to Dracula.

"No!" her mother gasped. Her father gave a slight moan.

"Go with me?" the vampire asked. He raised his eyebrow in curiosity.

"If you let my family alone, I'll go with you back to wherever it is that you came from."

Dracula laughed. Nevertheless, he did sense power in the girl.

"What use would you be to me?"

"I can do magic. I'm good at it. And I can do all the chores required of a housewife," she replied, hoping that he would take interest in at least one of the two things she offered.

"What is your name, child?"


The vampire smiled at the name. He looked passed her and stared at her family.

"What do you think of it?" he asked her mother. "Your daughter coming to live with me?"

"You horrid creature! I hope Hell comes to claim you!" Sage's mother replied.

Dracula laughed at this.

"Pack your things. I'll leave your family be in exchange for you living and serving me."

"Done," Sage said.

"No!" Sage's sister yelled. She ran forward and locked herself around her leg.

"Let go. I have to do this," Sage said, as she pried her sister loose and walked upstairs to pack.

She packed as much clothing she could fit as well as a picture of her family and some of her magic supplies. Amazingly, she fit this all into one bag. She walked back downstairs.

"How can you do this to us?" her mother was asking Dracula.

"She offered. Would you rather I kill you all?" he replied. Sage answered.

"No. I'm ready to go."

She turned to give her mother a kiss and hug goodbye…she did the same for her sister. They were both in tears.

"Tell Daddy," Sage said, motioning to her unconscious father on the floor, "that I love him."

Dracula led the young woman out the door of the quaint country cottage. Sage looked around.

"How are we getting to where we're going?"

"Like this."

He raised his hand up in a sweeping motion and said, "Rise!"

Sage gasped as an old, dilapidated wagon with two, very deceased horses rose from the ground. Dracula laughed at her.

"Ladies first," he said, helping her inside.

She waved a sad goodbye to her mother and sister. She waved and waved until she could see them no longer.

AN-Okay, sorry about this chapter. It's short and to the point, and you are all probably wondering where the title of this story comes from. Well, guess who is also at the castle!