Title: No turning back

Author: B-witched83uk (bwitched83uk@aol.com)

Rating: PG

Summary: Sequel to Luthien's flute. Aragorn, Arwen and the family visit Rivendell.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Lord of the Rings. The whole of Middle Earth belongs to Tolkien.

A/N: This chapter takes place 7 months after Lothvain's death, it is also the last chapter. Also I for one can't get enough of Aragorn in his ranger clothes, especially when he is wet and dirty, so I decided that this would be a turn on for Arwen too. In Luthien's flute they made up after Aragorn almost died. In a few of my fics I have hinted to Arwen's little fantasy.

Chapter 11

Life's grace

*7 months later*

Minas Tirith was glistening with white snow. The palace seemed to almost sparkle with magic. Galadwen had moved back with her family and was keeping herself busy with crafts and horse ridding.

"I wonder how long this snow will stay?" She hadn't been able to ride for days, she was starting to feel like a caged animal.

Arwen sat on her chair, stitching a pillow. "Shouldn't stay for long now, winter is passing."

Galadwen came to sit back down, unable to keep her hands still. "Have you heard from Celebriel since last month?"

Arwen nodded. "Yes we received a letter three days ago. She says that she is enjoying Arnor very much, and looks forward to our visit."

Galadwen smiled. Only Celebriel would swap life at court for training with the rangers of the North. She had decided to stay with Lord Halbarad and learn her skills the way her father learned them, many years ago. Of course, Galadwen was sure that training wasn't the only thing on her little sister's mind.

Galadwen sighed aloud and slumped in her chair, looking out of the window once more.

"I don't think he is coming my darling." Arwen's words made Galadwen sit up straight.

"I know not what you mean." She obviously did.

Arwen smiled at her eldest daughter. "You cared for Lothvain very much, we all know that. Why now do you deny your chance to be happy again. Will you live the rest of your life in black?"

Galadwen looked down at her dress. It was out of guilt that she was still in mourning.

"I will not betray his memory by-"

Arwen raised her hand, cutting Galadwen off. "The only reason you will not send for him, is fear. You are afraid of entrusting your heart to another again."

Galadwen stood up and kissed her mother on the cheek. "I wish not to speak of this again. I am going for walk about the palace."


"Are you busy?" Galadwen knocked on her brother's study door.

"Not too busy for my sister. How are you feeling?" Eldarion pulled out a chair for her to sit on, making Galadwen roll her eyes.

"I am fine. I shall not brake down every time you see me Eldarion."

He smiled at his sister's courage and kissed the top of her head.

He noticed her dress, he hadn't seen her in colours for so long. He had to say something, he had kept quiet long enough. It was time Galadwen heard what he had to say.

"Galadwen, Lothvain's burial was a long time ago. Do you not think it time to move on with your life and stop living in guilt."

This was all she needed, this was the reason she had left the company of her mother.

"Eldarion, please can you just leave it."

"No. You are my sister, and I love you. I will not sit by and watch you throw away your life's grace for a ghost. You act as though you are the one who died."

A tear began to well in the corner of her eye, but she refused to let it fall.

"Why do you deny your heart what it wants?" He gazed at her, suddenly looking so old before her time.

"My heart has never been anything but my enemy. I have listened to it far too often. It is my heart's fault that Lothvain is dead." She felt the colour return to her, usually pale, cheeks. "My heart wants what it can never have."

"If it is Legolas you speak of, then you know how he feels for you."

She stood up and laughed "Oh yes, he loves me so much that he left me." She walked towards the door "Twice."

"He did not come back for me before and he will not come back for me now." She left the room and made her way up the long corridor.

Eldarion closed his eyes. "Sorry old friend, but it is time she knew the truth."

He stood up and ran after his sister. "Galadwen please come back, there is something I must tell you."


Aragorn rubbed his hand over his tired eyes. "Oh It is far too late for documents and deadlines." He moved his large pile of paperwork to the other side of his desk.

"The moon is high." Arwen's voice was soothing, as she appeared in the doorway. "Silmai missed saying goodnight to her Ada."

Aragorn stood up and held out his arms. "I will make it up to her tomorrow."

Arwen steeped in to his embrace and kissed him lightly on the mouth. "And how are you going to make it up to me?"

Aragorn's face broke in to huge, lop sided, grin as he caught his wife's seductive tone. "I'm sure I could find a way." He ran his hands over her back, pulling her hand against him. "What would you like?"

Arwen smiled as she gazed at the man she loved. "You know what I have been thinking about all day?"

Aragorn waited, knowing he was going to like what ever she had to say.

"That night in Lothlorien, how we made up after having that big argument." She continued to smile.

Aragorn smiled too, despite the painful memories of the days leading up to that night.

"Ahh, so that's how you want me to make it up to you, is it?"

Arwen's smile turned coy as she ran her fingers through his hair. "Perhaps you could put on your ranger clothes again."

Aragorn laughed at his wife's fantasy and nodded. Never had he thought an Elf so capable of having such desires. "Very well falmarin'elle nin"

*my little nymph*

"I shall meet you there. I want to check on Galadwen before we retire for the evening." He patted her bottom and left the room.


Galadwen sat utterly motionless, no words would enter her head. Eldarion had told her about how Legolas had come to stop her wedding and how the only reason he left was so that she may find peace.

Eldarion waited for a moment, expecting her to say something, anything. She turned to look at him, her eyes so pained.

"Even if I ask him to come here, could we truly be together? Would Ada ever except it?"

"I think you underestimate your father."

Both of them turned to see Aragorn standing in the doorway.

"Eldarion, could you please leave us." He walked over to where his daughter sat and kneeled in front of her. Eldarion left them alone, not really sure if this was a good thing to do.

"Galadwen." He held out his arms for her to find comfort in, which she did. His tone was comforting and understanding. She sobbed in his arms, now mourning for all the years she had wasted.

"Why would you ever think that anything would ever mean more to me then your happiness?" He cradled her to him, stroking her long hair. "I would give Gondor and all it contained to see you smile again."

She pulled out of his arms and looked down at him. "What would you do?" Her voice was shaky.

"For love?"

She nodded.

"What haven't I done!"


*3 months later*

Galadwen sat in the large oak chair, looking North out of the window. The sound of hooves on the hard ground made her stomach flutter. She had written him the most honest letter of her life. She had told him how she needed him to save her from herself. There had been no reply, but she didn't expect there to be. In her heart she knew that he would drop everything and come to her right away.

She waited with baited breath for him to come to her, it seemed to be taking an eternity to get from the stables to her chambers. What would she say to him when he walked through that door? Would things be the same between them, after such a long time apart?

A knock at the door made her shiver.

"Come in." Her voice was trembling.

In walked a herald, followed by Legolas Greenleaf. His icy eyes drunk in the beauty before him. So long he had waited, and now he would have everything he had ever wanted.

"My lady, may I present to you Prince Legolas of Mirkwood."

Galadwen stood, never taking her eyes off of him. Her breathing quickened. She was desperate to be alone with him, but afraid of what she might do once they were.

"You may leave us."

The herald left, slamming the door shut behind him.

The second they were alone Legolas walked towards her in long, determined strides and wrapped his arms tightly around her. He brought her body hard against his own and moved his mouth to rest above hers.

"Ask me!" The passion in his voice made her weak.

She felt tears run down her cheek, she had wanted this for so long and now he was finally going to be hers.

"Kiss me!" She asked him breathlessly.

His mouth came crashing down on to hers, so powerful that if he hadn't been holding her, she would have fallen down. They melted in to each other, the kiss growing more and more intense. Her hands tangled in his hair and he pushed his mouth harder on to hers, making her moan.

When finally he pulled away, she gasped and gulped down some air. He gently brushed the tears from her lovely face and looked deep in to her mid-night blue eyes. She lifted her hand to his face, tracing every outline, burning it to memory.

Fear then took her, as it dawned on her exactly what this would mean, what he would have to do in order to be with her.

"You realise that if we are to be together, you will have to forsake your immortality for me."

He looked down at her and smiled lovingly. He took her face in both hands and kissed her brow.


She let out a sob and brought his mouth back down to hers. This time the kiss was much more sensual and soft, but every bit as powerful.

"Never leave me again." She nuzzled her nose against his.

"Never, vanya'o"

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