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The rain drummed against the windowpane, maintaining a steady beat. It was a cool day outside and the air was brisk. It had had been pouring rain all day and there was no sign of the dreary weather relenting. The neon lights and signboards reflected a dazzling array of color on the wet pavement. People scuttled about in raincoats and clutching umbrellas on the street below, hurriedly catching cabs and sprinting into the stores that lined the avenue. It was late in the afternoon; most people were heading home from work or finishing up their shopping before going home to their families and warm dinners to compensate for the chilly, miserable weather.

She became conscious of her reflection in the glass as she stared out the window, focusing on her beautiful green eyes, blazing like brilliant emeralds. She always liked her eyes; she had always received compliments on them, in addition to the rest of her features. Boys were always telling her she was gorgeous, but she certainly didn't feel gorgeous. She had never even had a boyfriend. She hadn't even touched a boy or anyone for that matter, for almost as long as she could remember.

No longer paying attention to the people on the street, lost in their own little agendas, she studied her face in the reflection. She ran her fingers from the edge of her big, seductive eyes to her cute, slightly upturned nose, then traced her lips. She had a beautiful smile when she chose to grace the world with it, which wasn't often. She gently stroked her thick, mahogany colored hair. It was somewhat untamed, but looked pretty nonetheless. She stroked her hair to where it ended just above her shoulders. Thoughtlessly, she proceeded to twirl the white strands of hair that sprouted from the top of her forehead and blended with the rest of her hair around her finger. Her bangs had been white ever since the incident long ago.

She sighed.

"Sometimes ah swear ah could contrahl tha weather. Lovely, how it reflects mah mood today, perfectly," she said to herself breathily.

Depressed. Bitter. Emotions that often plagued her thoughts and attitude. Distant: could quite accurately describe her. She had never had a real childhood, constantly moving to different foster homes. Then she found her; right after the incident. She had been alone, in tears, and horrifyingly confused in her- no his room. She had thought that she actually was him. She couldn't understand why her, his, parents were screaming at her and acted like they didn't recognize her.

A bitter chuckle escaped her lips.

Yes, she would always remember her first kiss. She had only been nine, and had left her unfortunate kisser crumpled in the shade of that big oak tree in Caldecott County, Mississippi, unconscious. The boy fell into a coma, and never did wake up. As for her, she was left traumatized and tormented by guilt. The moment he broke from their kiss and fell onto the grass, she had believed for several hours that she was him. Not from trauma, but she had stolen from him. She had stolen his most intimate possession that no one had the right to take; his memory. She knew all his thoughts; she even knew where he stashed his coveted pornographic magazine between his mattresses.

She had been intoxicated with his thoughts. His thoughts, his memories, were all jumbled and mixed in with her own for hours. As her mind began to clear somewhat, it was then she knew that she was one of them. A freak. A mutant, like the few that she had heard of surfacing throughout the country upon puberty. She had come to save her and whisk her away while she had sought refuge in the boy, Cody's room.

The woman was very much like a mother to her. Or she had at least been the most like a mother to her than anyone else had. Over time, she had developed a strong bond with her mama, but her childhood was still never normal. Her mama was a mutant too, with the ability to rearrange her atoms, changing her physical appearance into looking like anyone or any living animal of moderate size. She could even mimic a person's voice. All she needed was to hear someone speak ten syllables and she could mimic their voice flawlessly. A perfect spy. She led an underground organization of mutants. Though, she didn't know the name of her organization nor was she allowed to be any part of it. Her mother had told her she could participate when she deemed her ready. She had to undergo rigorous training twice a day and once at night.

Most of her training was spent sparring other mutants. Her mother wanted her to have no association with her organization, so she was always forced to wear a black, full body spandex suit, masking her face so they would never be able to recognize her in public. During the day, she was only allowed to use her natural abilities of strength, agility, resourcefulness, and the martial arts that she practiced everyday. The use of her power was prohibited.

Her mother had explained that because she had no real offensive power and any power she absorbed was only temporary, she couldn't rely on always finding a chance to put down her opponent with her touch and steal their mutant abilities if they had any. Consequently, during her day training, she often took a harsh beating. Her opponents were instructed to hold back, and not to hit once she was down, but they could still use their powers. Though, she had been improving so much, becoming very lethal with her trained acrobatic abilities and martial arts, that they were beginning not to hold back very much.

At night, the training sessions were incredibly intense. She was allowed to use her powers and there were no holds barred. The fight wasn't over until someone was left unconscious. Her mother was extremely hard on her during training, screaming commands and vehemently yelling her mistakes at her. She knew that she did it because she loved her and didn't want to see her seriously hurt, ever. She asked her mother occasionally what it was that they were training for and she would be met with a grim face.

She had explained that they must be vicious and act as terrorists to humanity, because humanity threatened them. They would never be accepted by the majority, but only be hunted and persecuted. So it was their duty to fight back for their right. . . to exist. That's exactly what she had been training for the past eight years now, and the belief she held to while she sparred. She had absorbed several people's memories and other mutants' abilities temporarily since then, out of necessity, during her nightly training sessions. Though, she only made contact for a few seconds, never as long as with Cody. Their presence in her mind has never been as strong as his; though the vague memories did still linger with her, as well as Cody's mind, locked in the depths of her own. Yet, on occasion, the memories, the voices, thoughts, did escape and overwhelm her. It had happened just last night.

"Rogue," came a commanding, but feminine voice behind her.

The girl jumped, a bit startled by the unexpected summon. She hadn't heard the door to her room open, or the usual creak on that one stubborn floorboard just past the doorway. Mystique had a habit of doing that though; it was amazing how stealthily she could move about, even unintentionally.

"Please come to my office. I need to speak with you."

"Yes Mama."

Mystique, it was still strange thought to her; imagining the woman that had taken her in eight years ago, Raven Darkholme, the prim and proper business woman being the mutant leader of some secret organization for mutants. She hadn't known about any of it, not even that Raven was simply an alias of hers, until exactly two years ago on her fifteenth birthday. That was when Raven had shown her true form and identity, revealed her powers and allegiance. That was also when the training began. All that training for this day.

Today, was Rogue's seventeenth birthday and it had been a nice one at that. Instead of doing her usual studies and training, they had done something much different; they went shopping and ate at her favorite restaurant, a small but elegant and serene sushi bar, Miyako's. It had made the day actually seem like a typical day in a normal girl's life, and that was the best birthday present she could have gotten.

They had gone shopping briefly at the mall. Rogue didn't like crowds at all, it made her very uncomfortable and for good reason. It would be all too easy for someone to accidentally get too close, brush up beside her, and then fall unconscious. Then the rush of thoughts and memories would begin and overwhelm Rogue. It was for that same reason that she didn't attend public school. Raven had insisted that the crowded school that she was now a principal at was too dangerous for her. She needed more control, and had insisted that she be home schooled.

They had gone into one large department store, walking back out with a box and bags containing a pair of calf length, black leather boots, a black mini skirt with a slit, and a black pair of jeans. As they walked to a specialty clothing store across the mall, she had noticed Raven looking at her with a smirk. She was wearing a worn pair of tight black jeans that sported several holes and worn ends, that hugged her figure, showing the curve of her thighs, her well shaped buttocks, and her narrow waist. A thick black belt studded with silver metal rested loosely on one hip and hung down to the beginning of her left thigh; it wasn't even in the belt loops. She adorned a long sleeve black shirt that stopped just short of her midriff, exposing the belly ring she sported, that complimented her firm and defined abs.

Her emerald green eyes were lined with dark eye liner, and other than her purple eye shadow and mascara, she wore no make up. She really didn't need any at all, but she loved the dark look it brought to her features. She absently fiddled with the stud pierced through her bottom lip until she noticed Raven staring at her necklace. She looked up at her and smiled. Rogue's face brightened and she returned the smile as she clutched the silver chain. On the end of the chain it bore a pendant with a dazzling, green emerald. Mystique had given it to her that morning for her birthday, telling her that it was dulled in beauty compared to her eyes, but it complimented them nonetheless.

They came to the store Rogue had been directing them towards, Raven stood outside and released a sigh as Rogue walked inside. Raven didn't necessarily approve of Rogue's apparel, but she didn't hassle her about it. She liked that she was independent and thought for herself. She had told her that several times and that those were good qualities to possess. Rogue walked back out of the gothic attire store with a pair of black bondage pants and that had concluded their shopping trip.

Rogue snapped back to the present, hurriedly walked out the door and followed Mystique. Rogue was eager to hear everything she had to say. She knew the day had finally come, the day that she would be allowed to join the other mutants. All that training would finally come to use and she was determined to prove that she was a great asset to the team and not disappoint her mother.