Draco ran down the hallway, cursing his roommates for not waking him up from his nap when they left for dinner. He had potions that evening and he was already ten minutes late.

He banged through the door and Snape smirked at him.

"Thank you ever so much for joining us Mr. Malfoy. Since you've been so generous being here and gracing us with your presence, you can pair up with Mr. Potter for today's lesson. Now hurry up and take your seat before I take points off of Slytherin."

Draco grimaced as he sat down next to our resident boy wonder, Harry Potter. He looked up at the board where Snape was writing out the rest of the potion they were to make.

"As I was saying before we were so kindly interrupted, there is no record of a name for this potion. Can anyone tell me why?" Snape asked.

Harry was the only one who raised his hand.

"Mr. Potter," Snape said with a sneer. "Can you please use the lavatory before you come to my class?"

Everyone in the class laughed at Snape's joke, including Ron and Hermione.

Harry glared at the two and Ron said, "sorry mate," while shrugging his shoulders sheepishly.

"Actually," Harry said. "I was raising my hand because I know the answer to your question. The reason the potion doesn't have a name is because you never know what it will do. All you have to do is put a piece of your hair in it and it determines what you need the most."

"I am very surprised that you were the only one who knew the answer to that question, so I will award ten points to Gryffindor."

Everyone gasped while Harry just grinned. This is the first time they had ever witnessed Snape giving out points to Gryffindor, let alone Harry Potter, the student he lived to torture.

"Settle down everyone. I know it's surprising that Gryffindor actually got points in all the seven years you have been here, but it does not involve making a ruckus of my class. Now get to work on the potion you have been assigned," Snape commanded.

Surprisingly, Harry and Draco worked well together. Although Draco teased Harry some, he retorted with quite good comebacks.

"Can you pass me the ground dragons tooth please?" Draco asked.

Harry handed him the jar and went back to stirring their potion. Harry looked over at his partner and studied his features. Unconsciously Draco brushed his whitish blonde hair out of his gray eyes and scuffed his black dragon hide boots against the floor. His lean figure and pointed face fit his personality well as both were sharp and intriguing.

'He's very handsome,' Harry thought.

Harry snapped back in shock. He just called his least favourite person handsome.

'Least favourite person or not, he is handsome,' his mind told him.

Draco leaned over and added the ground dragons tooth to the potion. He took the spoon out of Harry's hand and stirred the potion twice, coming closer to Harry to be directly over the bubbling liquid. To Harry, they were way to close for comfort even though there was probably at least a half a foot between the two.

"Our potion is done professor," Draco said.

Snape came over to them with two goblets. He looked at their potion and said that it was the right colour.

"Go ahead and take it," he told them.

They separated the potion into the goblets and before drinking it; they put one of their hairs into it. They drank it down and shuddered, as it was really cold.

"The potion will take a minute or so to work. Write down the affects it has on your body or mind if there are any and hand it in at the end of class tomorrow. Remember, this potion could be permanent or just temporary. If you do not like the affects or their aren't any, see me after class and I will give you the antidote. The antidote will only take affect up to forty-eight hours after the potion has been consumed. After the forty-eight period is over, there is nothing that can be done."

Harry felt a tingling in his feet, then his legs, and then it spread throughout his whole body.

"Wow," he heard Draco say. "I feel all tingly. It feels weird."

"Yeah, me too," Harry agreed.

The feeling went away except for a distinctly familiar feeling in the crotches of their pants.

Harry blushed madly and sat down in his chair and put his potion text on his lap. Draco did the same. Harry raised his hand and motioned for Snape to come over to them.

"What do you need this time Potter?" Snape asked.

"We have a little problem professor," Draco answered for him. "You see, the potion kind of stimulated something on both of us and we would rather not have the whole class knowing about it. I hope you understand that this is highly embarrassing."

"I believe you Mr. Malfoy. Why don't you go and take cold showers in the prefect's bathroom or whatever you need to do to uh. relieve your problem. Hopefully that will help. If this uh. problem is still there tomorrow, come and find me and I will give you both the counter potion. For all we know it could a simple stimulate potion. I am quite curious as to why it was the same potion for the both of you. Did you both feel the same affect?"

The both nodded their heads.

"You should both leave before the students with unfinished potions ask you what the affects were."

Harry and Draco hurriedly left the classroom and ran up three flights of stairs to the prefect's bathroom. Once they got inside, they looked at the open showers and gave it dirty looks. They looked at each other and for some reason, their little problem got worse. They both suddenly felt an attraction to the other and were appalled by it. But there was that little part of them that was saying that they liked it and they want each other.

"There is no way in hell that this is really happening," Draco shouted. "I am not attracted to you!"

He lunged at Harry and tackled him to the ground and started to punch him. Harry fought back and landed a nice left hook to the side of Draco's face. That gave him enough leverage to switch their position so that Harry was on top and Draco on the bottom. Harry held Draco's arms down with his hands and his feet down with his legs.

"You know what Malfoy? I don't like this too much either. First I get stuck with you as a partner, which was your fault, then I get this bloody hard on in the middle of potion class, and then I start feeling like I want to rip your clothes off with my teeth. You see you're not the only one that has problems!" Harry yelled.

Harry leaned down and kissed Draco hard on the lips. They were both surprised by the action but neither of them cared at that moment. Draco opened up his mouth and let his tongue caress Harry's. His hands went strait to Harry's chest where he quickly untied his robes and unbuttoned his shirt. He roughly shoved them off of his shoulders and let them pool around Harry's butt. Minutes later, Draco's shirt and robes were discarded as well.

Harry trailed him mouth down to Draco neck and sucked gently on the sensitive skin there. Draco moaned and ran his hand up Harry's naked back. Harry moved down to Draco's chest nipping and biting down to where the hard nipples were. He licked around it, and then took the whole thing in his mouth. The blonde's breath hitched in his throat as a roll of pleasure ran through his body.

Draco wanted Harry to feel the way he was so he pushed him on his back and started to suck at the skin above his left hip. Harry's eyes rolled back as he moaned and he almost screamed with pleasure when Draco dipped his tongue into the Gryffindor's bellybutton.

Harry pulled him up and started to kiss him again. Draco complied and let their tongues battle for dominance.

After many moments, neither won so the detached their lips and kissed in other, more sensitive places.

Harry whispered, "I want you."

"I want you too," Draco mumbled into Harry's throat.

The spell the potion put on them was broken. They both just lay there for a minute, Draco on top of Harry with his mouth pressed to his neck.

"Oh my god!" Harry yelled. "Get off of me!"

Draco got up quickly as did Harry. They both looked at each other then grabbed the closest pair of clothes. Harry ran out the door into the hallway towards Gryffindor tower while Draco decided he really needed a cold shower.