A Christmas Carol

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Chapter One: The Priest's Warning

It was a chilly and frosty day in Domino City, Japan, as sixteen-year old Seto Kaiba, the wealthy president of Kaiba Corporation walked along the icy sidewalks toward his home.

It had been a long day at his company, as he'd been trying to tie all the loose ends together before the Christmas holidays, since, after all, it WAS Christmas Eve. Seto sighed, looking up at the gray sky above which seem to threaten to pour down more snow upon the city.

"At least Mokuba will be happy about that," Seto thought to himself, kicking a pebble across the ice, where it skidded and crashed into the wall of a brick building.

Truth to be told, the CEO was feeling a bit grouchy that Christmas Eve, despite the Christmas atmosphere that seemed to follow him everywhere he went. For some reason, the Christmas spirit just didn't seem to be very strong with him that year.

As he continued through the cold weather, a familiar figure caught his eye up ahead. Plodding down the pavement in the opposite direction, golden Millennium Puzzle around his neck, was none other than Yugi Motou.

Seto sighed.

"Just what I need," he murmured to himself, noticing the boy's large grin as he spoke out loud, as if to someone who was invisible. "To run into Yugi."

"Isn't the weather fun, Yami?" Yugi was saying aloud, to the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, who, unseen by Seto, was floating along beside his friend.

"I suppose it looks nice enough," Yami replied, smiling down at Yugi. "Still a bit strange though."

Determined NOT to let Yugi slow him down from getting home, Seto walked quickly as he approached the boy. Yugi laughed out loud, not noticing Seto at first, as he stepped on a slippery patch of ice, and started to skid.

"Whoa!" Yugi cried as he fell to the icy pavement, the bottom of the Millennium Puzzle breaking off and shattering into at least two dozen pieces.

Unseen by either of the two boys, a small piece of the golden puzzle flew toward Seto, and became stuck in the hem of his long, white coat. Yugi bit his lip, holding back tears as he frantically gathered up the cold pieces, now covered in snow and ice.

Seto noticed the boy, scrambling frantically to pick up the pieces of his broken puzzle, and he stopped for a moment. The kind thing to do would be to help Yugi pick up his pieces and wait until he reassembled the puzzle, but...

Seto sighed and looked at his watch. It was already getting late, and he wanted to be home. Mokuba would be expecting him and he didn't particularly want to be hanging around in the snow with Yugi.

Giving it no more consideration, Seto continued on his way home, leaving Yugi to gather up the rest of his precious puzzle pieces.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Later that evening, after Seto had tucked Mokuba in bed, the young boy dreaming about the mysterious presents that he would be opening the next day, Seto walked to his bedroom, and pulled off his white coat.

To his surprise, however, as he pulled off the coat, a small clink was heard as something shiny and gold fell the ground. Curiously, he picked it up and examined it. It looked like a small bar of gold, like something one would find in a dollhouse.

"How'd that get there?" he murmured, looking at it closely. "I didn't go to any toy stores today..."

Then, he remembered. He's been walking by Yugi when the puzzle shattered, the gold pieces flying in all directions...

"And one must have gotten caught in the hem of my coat," Seto murmured, walking over to his table and putting the piece down on it.

He glared at the piece in annoyance. Now, he'd have to go return it. Probably soon, he thought to himself irritably, or Yugi will have a nervous breakdown about this piece.

He glanced over at the clock, realizing it was already quite late, long past the hour when people would be ringing doorbells and walking down the street. With a determined sigh, he decided he would return it the next day, in the afternoon. After he and Mokuba had enjoyed most of their Christmas.

Suddenly, however, a strange, cold wind blew into the room, causing Seto's bangs to flap up and down as he looked around, alert.

"Who's there?" he called, slightly suspicious, as a blue glow formed over by the chair near the table with the puzzle piece on it.

Slowly, much to Seto's amazement, a pale, bluish ghost appeared, sitting in the chair, staring at Seto with two very familiar-looking blue eyes. Seto gasped, recognizing the person as...

"It's....me!" he cried, staring at what appeared to be a twin of himself.

The ghost in the chair, however, shook his head sadly, looking seriously up at Seto.

"It is not you, but I, your ancient self," The ghost replied. "I am the high priest of the 18th dynasty in ancient Eygpt; Seto."

The real Seto raised an eyebrow.

"This isn't real," he scoffed when he had found his voice. "There's no such thing as ghosts and spirits. You're probably just some strange creation in my imagination."

The priest Seto looked seriously into his reincarnated-self's eyes.

"Seto Kaiba, beware," he said in his hollow voice. "You must stay true to the Pharaoh. It is far better to be true, than to betray and pay the price."

Seto raised an eyebrow.

"That's ridiculous," he muttered in reply. "Pharaoh? What nonsense is that?"

Priest Seto continued to stare hollowly at his reincarnate.

"Since you do not believe me, I give you this advice: You will be visited by three ghosts tonight. Three ghosts this night, and if you do not change your current path, and become true to the Pharaoh, you will suffer a similar fate to mine!"

With this, there was a puff of blue smoke engulfed the spirit, and when it had cleared, the spirit had gone. Seto blinked, utterly confused and irritated by this sudden event.

What HAD just happened? He wondered to himself. What was this about three ghosts going to visit him that night...

Seto shook his head, cutting off his thoughts on the matter.

"Ha, there's no such thing as a ghost," he murmured, pulling out his pajamas. "And there was no ghost just talking to me. I'm over-tired..."

But even as he pulled on his pajamas and climbed into his bed, he couldn't help feel that there was some truth in the matter, but chose not to dwell on it. Instead, the boy fell fast asleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

End of Chapter 1

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