Angel Eyes

By: Freewater

Summary: Yaoi. Vegeta abuses Trunks for years until he is found and saved by Gohan, but at what cost? And will he be sent back to his father when everyone finds out about his little secret?

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Warnings: Swearing, Child abuse, attempted suicide. Nothing else that I can think of. ^_~

Pairings: Gh-Tr

Rating: pg 13

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Notes: A bunch of these little stars **** Means a change in time or scenery or a change in the narrator, it will go from Gohan to Trunks and then to me. `'These things here indicate thoughts.Gohan and Videl were married at one point but Pan does not exist.


Hello. My name is Trunks Vegeta Briefs. I'm seventeen years old and the future owner of the worlds largest and most successful company to ever come into existence. Just another year and it, as well as my freedom will be mine, but until then I'm stuck here, taking the beatings of ten lifetimes from my father. Day in and day out. Don't feel bad for me or anything. It still hurts like a bitch when he does it, but I'm used to it.

My mother died about two and half years ago, and Bra would have too, but she's a tough little saiyan, even as a baby she was tough. Well, tough enough to come out of that car crash with only a few broken bones anyway. She doesn't know what dad does to me all the time, and I don't tell her. He's her hero and I'm her big brother that protects her from the monsters in her closet, so what's the point of telling her that her father *is* a monster to be feared, and that in the long run her brother can't protect her?

When I'm old enough I'll take her away from here. Or at least I'll *try*. I don't want to risk that he'll kick the shit out his "little princess" when she's old enough to take it, but I still doubt he ever will. In long the run she needs her father, so my feelings are pretty much mixed when it comes down to what I'll do about her. Maybe if he stops I won't try to take her from him, maybe I'm just being a chicken shit and am scared that he'll kill me slowly if I try.

He most likely wouldn't beat her anyway, but I really don't want to risk it. The only reason why he does it to me is because as the new prince of saiyans, I'm expected to live up to his expectations, and I didn't do it.

Soon after mom died, when I was fifteen, dad and I actually had a heart-to-heart talk. Just the both of us, father and son. I nearly pissed myself in amazement. It was mainly talking about how we were going to explain to Bra about how she didn't have a mom for when she was old enough, and how we would take care of her, but it was still great.

That was where I made my mistake. I thought that we were bonding and that maybe I could trust him not to go nuts when I told him my little secret, but I did. I told my father that I was gay, and the very first thing he did was beat the living shit out of me for it, and no matter how much I begged him to stop or how many of my bones we both heard snap, he wouldn't stop.

When he was done in what seemed like hours later, he gave me a senzu bean to heal my injuries, because they were too bad to pass off as something that I got in a spar. He told me that the only reason why he didn't disown me right then and there was because of my dead mother, and he made me swear on her grave to never tell anyone that he nearly killed me that day with his own fists.

It was as if he broke on the inside when I told him. First his mate dies and cannot be wished back leaving him with a baby that he has no clue what to do with, and next his only son confesses that he's gay and won't be giving him an heir any time soon. It's not that I'm trying to make excuses for him or anything, I'm just trying to show you his point of view on this. I guess he just needed something to take his anger out on, and unfortunately that would be me.

At first they wouldn't happen all that often, once or twice every two weeks at best if you can think of that as not all that often. I know at this point in my life I do. Then it got to be once or twice a week, and then three or four times a week, to once a day, *if* I'm lucky.

Nothing stops him either. When he's in the mood to kick the shit out of me he does it. Trying to talk him out of it doesn't work, running away from home doesn't work, fighting back? Ha! That's laughable! Like I have the strength to do that.

That time I ran away, I failed to think about Bra and her safety, and that's what I'm most ashamed of. I just grabbed some of the cash I had, threw some clothes in my backpack and left. I didn't think to go and stay at a friends house, which I suppose was a good thing in the long run considering what dad most likely would have done to the place if he'd found me there. Tousan found me in one of the abandoned warehouses on the outskirts of the city, if you can believe that. Y' know, one of those places that people always think should be torn down, but no-one ever does it?

I was living there for almost a week when he found me. It was winter and I was freezing, so I thought that if I were to use some of my Ki to make a fire then maybe he wouldn't notice. He did. I was alone in that building with him and there was nowhere to hide. Needless to say I was scared shitless. First he beat me while we were there, since no one else was around to see it. Then when he finally knocked me out, he dragged me back home and did it again when I woke up.

We told everyone that I ran away because I was still depressed about moms death, and that I just needed some time to think. Obviously my allowance was permanently cut off, he almost never left me alone, and I had to start asking for his permission just to eat. To keep me weak enough to not want to run again, but those weren't the reasons why I never tried to run away after that. When I got home I caught sight of Bra in her crib, and I could have kicked myself with how stupid I felt. I left my little baby sister alone with our monster of a father, and I hated myself for it.

She seemed fine, even happy to see that tousan was back, which is why I don't think that he'd her hurt her, but I still swore to not try and leave her alone again. So I never ran away again.

When Bra was old enough to sleep in a bed I would crawl in with her to sleep, knowing that dad wouldn't beat me in front of her. I got out of a few weeks worth of shit-kickings with that new stunt. But all good things must come to an end as one time I woke up in the middle of the night to see my dad, just staring bloody murder at me in bed with her. I knew he was pissed off at what I was doing to get out of being beaten, he didn't like that I was using Bra to get out of it and he'd had enough.

When he grabbed me by my hair and lifted me out of bed, he made sure to hold my mouth shut so I couldn't cry out in pain and wake her up. He then dragged me outside and *really* let me have it. It was as if he was trying to make up for the weeks of lost punching practice he'd had with me with the way he went at it.

Once again, I needed a senzu bean to heal my many broken limbs, but he still wasn't done. He beat me again, but made sure not to brake anything and only left me with deep bruises and slight sprains all over. The type of things that I could say I had gotten in a spar, as a reminder to not try anything like that ever again.

I never did try to sleep in her room again, but the beatings never subsided. After that the only way I could get out of being beaten without sending him over the deep end would be when I spent the night at Gotens, or when he came to sleep over. I tried to get him over as often as possible or to go to his place as much as we could, but dad would usually make up these little reasons that I just had to stay home for. Like babysitting Bra, cleaning my or her room, or studying for tests that I never had. Like he really cares what my grades are!

I loved spending time at Gotens place the most. Everyone was so happy there and Chi-Chi-san always made sure that I was well fed. It was a piece of freedom to me, my time to forget my life and the Hell it is. Not to mention that fact that Gohan normally came over too.

I was in love with him, and still am, and I hated being there and not being able to just tell them everything and beg to be saved, but I loved just seeing him. I couldn't do anything about my love for him though. If my dad kicks the shit out of me for just being gay, then he'll most likely disown me, kick the shit out of me, and then *kill* me if he knew I was in love with his rivals oldest son. That and I don't know how he feels on the subject of homosexuals to begin with.

He was always great to me. When mom died he was there to try and comfort me along with Goten and some of my other friends, and this meant a lot to me considering we never really called ourselves close friends, but we were always on good terms and even had some deep conversations about certain things. He and Goten are about the only people I can call friends at this point in my life. Soon after my beatings started I stopped hanging out with the normal kids at school, because I didn't want to risk that they would find out about me and try to do something about it. Tousan would just kill them if they knocked on my door one day and demanded that he cut it out or else. So I only hung out with people who could fight back, just in case, and Gohan was becoming number one on the list.

The day I found out about how he'd divorced Videl, I cried. I went home, layed down on my bed, buried my face in my pillow and just bawled my eyes out. I was sixteen when that happened. The truth was that I was ecstatic that he'd left her, that made him available. But the problem was, was that I knew I couldn't have him or even *try* to have him with my father around, and it was torture.

Fate almost literally spit in my face with that. I was always trying so hard to get rid of my feelings for him and this wasn't helping. I had this little idea that If I could do that and be straight again, then my father would stop beating me and love me like a son, but when he left her I just snapped. Think of a three year old child, being placed in front of cookies, cake, ice cream, and toys, and then being told not to touch them. It really sucks, and my feelings only intensified.

My father found me crying and insulted me for it. Saying that men don't cry but how I must've been some kind of exception since I was such a stupid little fairy. If only he knew how many times I would cry in that house, all because of him. I knew that he was going to beat me after taunting me, but I didn't really care as I told him he could fuck off and rot in Hell with the rest of his stupid saiyan race.

He didn't appreciate that one at all, and I've never seen him so angered before. I was more afraid right then than I ever was when around him in my entire life. I woke up from my beating two or three days later in the Capsule Corp hospital wing, and when I did he just kicked the shit out of me again. That time there were no senzu beans for me to take away the pain, and once again he made me swear on my mothers grave not to tell.

Tousan just told everyone about how we had a tough spar and an energy beam that came my way and was too strong for me to handle. I had to sit in a wheelchair for a week until Goku-sama could track down a senzu for me to take and get rid of the pain with. Sometimes I really wish that he was my dad. At least he loves his sons.

Another thing I always used to hear about was how Mirai Trunks came back from a horrible future to save us all, and how he wanted nothing more than just Vegeta's love and respect. Technically he is what I would have been if mom hadn't invented the time machine, so I sometimes wondered if he was gay and in love with Gohan too. In his time Gohan and Vegeta had died, so if he was in love with Gohan then he had to suffer against the androids without him, but he was also spared from his father's wrath. Whereas I have Gohan in my sights almost everyday, but get the shit kicked out of me everyday too. I guess my life was meant to suck no matter what time I'm in, huh?

Right now I'm lying on the damp grass of my backyard, with small streams of blood coming out of my nose and smearing on my face. It's getting dark out because it's sundown, and my father has pinned me down...and he's beating me again. A while ago he found out that ducktape comes in handy for keeping me quiet while he holds my hands above my head and pounds me into the ground with his free fist. Kami I hurt right now.

He only takes me outside to beat me because he doesn't want to brake any of kasaans old things, but lately he's been getting careless. He used to wait until it was completely dark out before he did this, but usually when he just couldn't wait he'd drag me out around sundown, where no one could see and then proceed to kick the living shit out of me.

He's using more energy than normal this time, but I hardly notice as my face and body start to feel almost numb after all the abuse taken from his fists and knees. That still doesn't stop the agonizing pain I feel as he knees me in the side, cracking a rib or two, and then continually punches my tear and blood stained face. And to think, he's just getting started.

I try to beg him to stop, to just this once let me go easy, but all he can hear are my muffled cries of pain that just barely make it through the tape. He just uses the stuff because he can't stand my begging, he thinks it makes me weak. He honestly couldn't give a shit if the neighbours heard me scream. I mean seriously, if they were to call the cops, what would they do? Put him in cuffs and take him away? Not even in my wildest dreams.

"Stupid little faggot! It's all your fault!" He screams at me in rage, as he lets go of my arms, quickly grabs my shirt and slams me into the ground *hard*. It knocked the wind out of me and it's getting hard to breath through my blood clogged nose. My arms are too weak for me to even try and get him off with anymore as they lay almost dead at my sides, I think he broke one of them, but I'm not sure anymore.

I squeeze my eyes shut through the scorching pain shooting through my body, and the hot tears on my face as I turn my head to the side. I don't want to see his cruel and unforgiving face as he does this to me. Fathers are supposed to love their sons, aren't they? `Kami, please let him be done soon! Please let him be done soon!' I pray silently.

Dad blames me for moms death, that's why he always says that it's all my fault. He's blamed everything on me since the beatings started. I'm starting to blame myself for it at this point too. That day she died, I told her about a cool movie that came out, and she told me she would pick it up with the groceries.....She got into the crash and died on the way there. Her death was instant and painless, I can be thankful for that much. Whereas ironically my life is long and painful. My punishment I suppose.

As if out of nowhere I can sense high level energies approaching at top speeds. I open my eyes wide with surprise. It's Goku, Goten and Gohan! More hot tears slip down my face as I feel them coming, especially at the thought of Gohan seeing this.

I look up at my dad just in time to see another fist connect with my cheek and my head whips to the side painfully. `I guess he doesn't know their coming.' I think to myself dizzily as spots cloud up my vision from the blow. If he knew they were coming then he would have pulled me up, shoved a senzu bean down my throat and threw me in my room until we could continue with this later, but right now he's obviously too preoccupied to notice their rising Ki's heading this way.

They must've sensed his rage engulfed Ki and wondered what the hell he was doing. The only thing I can do to keep from being killed when he beats me is raise my Ki along with him until it just slowly drops with each blow, it only looks like a spar from a distance, but with how low my Ki is now I really doubt that they can sense me at all.

Part of me wants them to see what my father is doing so they can save me, but the other part screams at me to struggle harder and warn him that they're coming. I don't want to be seen as the weak and pathetic freak my father's always calling me, and Bra can't know about this either. She has no mother, she *needs* her daddy!

`Stop it! Stop it already, they're coming! They'll see you!' I try to scream at him, but once again all he can hear are the muffled sounds of my pleas through the tape on my mouth as he continues to punch and slam me into the ground. Just as I think things can't get any worse, I look up at him one last time to see him getting his fist ready for another blow, and it was glowing an angry red from too much of his Ki. My eyes widen in fear as he quickly brought it down on my face, and then everything went black.


"What do you think he's doing, tousan?" I call out to my father in the air as we make our way over to Capsule Corp.

"I'm not sure, Gohan." He replies to me. "I can't see how he could be sparring there's no other signature there."

Just as I'm about to respond to that, Goten speaks. "Maybe he's just training by himself today. Trunks looked a little too beaten up for it yesterday, so he could be just giving him a break."

`That's seems pretty reasonable.' I think to myself, but something's still bothering me. I've got this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that won't go away and just seems to intensify with the closer we get to our destination. Something's wrong I can just...feel it.

The large dome building that is Capsule Corp finally came into view over the horizon, it's shape highlighted by the almost completely set sun. Bulma had left the vast building to Vegeta in her will when she had died a little over two years ago, and he and his family still lived there.

"Hey what's that?" Goten asks as he points to the back yard. I as well as my father look down into the vast yard to see a truly horrifying sight. I immediately gasped in horror as I watch Vegeta throw several punches and kicks at Trunks, while pinned down beneath his father and unmoving. Rage filled my soul at the sight, as I quickly got a Ki blast ready in my hand and prepared to launch it at the sick son of a bitch for what he was doing.

"Gohan, no!" Tousan calls out to me. "You could hurt Trunks!" He says frantically.

I seriously doubt that I'll end up hitting the boy with an energy blast that has Vegeta's name written all over it, but I still put it away in annoyance as my father turns to land and then yell at the prince for what he was doing to his only son. Goten and I follow closely behind, wanting to check on our bloody looking friend.

"Vegeta, what the hell are you doing!?!?!" My father screams in rage as he lands not five feet from ground zero. Vegeta stops and looks up in confusion but then quickly backs away from his son at the sight of us. The bastard was lucky, if he'd stayed there any longer then I would've charged at him.

My father looked down at Trunks' unmoving and broken looking form before he gasps in shock. Neither I or Goten could see how bad he was from behind our father, so we both move up and look down.

My heart went into my throat at the sight. It was so bad I wanted to cry. He was just lying there, a broken and crumpled heap on the grass. His arms were sprawled out on his sides and there were deep bruises *everywhere*. One of his arms appeared to be broken and he had blood streaming out of his nose and all the other cuts he'd received from the blows he'd taken, and it was just smeared all over his body.

The sickest thing was the duck tape over his mouth. I knew what it was there for, to keep him quiet in case he cried out for help, what else could it be for? A quick glance in my fathers and younger brothers direction told me they knew what it was there for too as they glared daggers at the saiyan prince, who was now standing proudly and sending them looks that suggested he really didn't know what they were so angry about.

Goten was the first to react. "YOU SICK BASTARD!!!!" He screamed in utter rage as he tried to run over to him to kick the shit out of him for what he'd done to his best friend. Tousan had to quickly grab him and hold him back. "Goten, stop! You'll never beat him, he's too strong for you!"

"I don't care! Let me go!" He yelled back at our father while he struggled in his hold. Vegeta just continued to stand there, unmoving and silent with his arms crossed.

I was in a state of shock. Why did he do this? What could be the reason for binding your own son and then beating him like that? "Oh Kami." I whispered in a mixture of shock and horror as I knelt down and gently placed his head on my lap. I just ignored my little brothers cries for revenge as I gently peeled off the tape that covered his mouth, and wiped away some of the blood on his face.

There was a sharp intake of breath through his mouth when it was off, I guess he was having trouble breathing when it was on.

"Why did you do this, Vegeta?!?" I heard my father demand while still holding Goten at bay. He just shrugged his shoulders. "The little fucker earned it." He replied simply.

"Vegeta what the Hell are you talking about!?!?" Tousan screamed. "He's your son! There is nothing anyone could ever do that would deserve something like that!!"

"He did." He replied simply. I would have charged him in my own blind rage, but right now I was too busy cradling the younger demi and checking him for any other injuries that we might not be able to see, and dropping his head and running after that pig headed fuck wouldn't do too much to help.

"Well it's going to stop, Vegeta! I don't believe you!" Tousan cried out in a sickened tone. "How could you do something like this!?!? Have you ever beaten Bra!?!" He asked quickly in the sudden fear that if he could beat his own son then beating his own daughter wouldn't be too far fetched. Vegeta looked enraged at being asked something like that. "Of course not! Unlike that little kisama I actually *care* about my daughter! And don't *ever* tell me how to discipline *my* brat, Kakkarot!"

All of our faces dropped in shock when he said that, and Goten stopped struggling. This was his idea of discipline!?!? "How long have you been doing this?" I ask in a state of complete shock. For all I knew he'd been doing this to Trunks for his entire life, and the thought scared the Hell out of me. "That doesn't concern you." The prince replied simply.

I look over at my father to see a sneer on his face, as hard as that may be to picture it was there. "It concerns us now, Vegeta. I'm not letting you do this anymore, I'm taking him home with me." He said simply as if there would be no arguments on the subject.

Strangely enough, there weren't. Vegeta just stood there, but we could all tell that he was thinking about what my tousan had just said until he finally replied. "You want the stupid little fucker? Then take him! I never wanted him to begin with." He said heartlessly before continuing "And if he tries to come back here, I won't be held responsible for my actions." He said simply as he headed back into the house.

"I'm coming by tomorrow to check on Bra, Vegeta!" Tousan calls out to him as he leaves. Vegeta stoped dead in his tracks and slowly turned around to face us. "I already told you, I care for my daughter. If you have any ideas of taking her too, then you had best come tomorrow prepared for a fight." He snarled before walking away and back inside.

Vegeta is gone now, so I return my attention to the young man still sprawled out before me. I can't take the sight of him much longer, he *needs* to be healed! "Tousan, do you have a senzu bean on you?" I ask.

He and Goten turn to face me and my dad sadly shakes his head no. "I've got one in my room." Goten quickly says, trying to help in any way he can, and I see my father smile proudly. "That's great! Lets go then." He said while quickly coming over and gently picking Trunks up.

For some reason I'm annoyed with this. *Very* annoyed. I want to be the one to carry him home, and I don't fully trust that dad won't get clumsy and maybe drop him or bump his head into a doorframe. I try to shake the ridiculous thought from out of my head as I watch dad take off into the air with him with Goten following closely behind, he was being gentle so what was there to worry about?


I can hear voices. Fuzzy sounding voices. All around me, and their filled with worry. I try to concentrate on where I am, and all I can tell is that I'm in a bed. `I must be dreaming.' I think to myself sadly. Normally I have these crazy dreams of being safe or free after my father beats me into a coma, this time was no different.

I feel something small being pressed against my lips, and a male voice say: "Eat this, you'll be healed." My heart has just gone into my throat. `Oh no! It's tousan!' I think to myself in total fear. He has a senzu bean and if he gives me that then he'll just beat me all over again! I press my lips closed as tightly as I can and try to turn away, but a hand is placed on my forehead to hold me still, but I still don't open my mouth. `Go away! Please, just go away!'

"Please, Trunks, you have to eat it." Another male voice says softly and full of concern. I think for a moment while trying to unscramble the sound. Tousan wouldn't sound worried about me. Where the Hell am I? It kind of sounds like.....Gohan!

I immediately relax and can feel tears building beneath my closed eyes as I open my mouth a crack to let the tiny bean in, and as painful as it is to do, I chew it and swallow. This would be the first time in years that I'm not afraid of taking one of these. I can feel a surge of relief from the awful pain quickly spread through my body as the bean takes its effect and I'm healed.

I open my eyes wide and blink a few times before sitting up to look around the small room I'm in, it's Gotens. Gohan, Goten, Goku-sama, and Chi-Chi-san are all surrounding the bed I'm on and are looking at me with worry. My face falls and tears gather in my eyes as I realize what had happened. I'm at the Son's house. They saw what he was doing to me and now they know how weak and pathetic I truly am.

They all look at me in disbelief for crying. I don't blame them. In a way I'm free from that monster but now I'll never get to be there for Bra or watch over her. He did it, he finally did it. My father disowned me and now I'll never have his love.

I squeeze my eyes shut to try and stifle the flow, but my tears show anyway as they pour hotly down my face. "H-he disowned me, d-didn't he?" I choke out through my sobs. Just saying those words makes me sob even harder. Everyone in the room looks stunned at my question, but only because they don't understand.

Chi-Chi-san was the first to snap out of it. "Oh, you poor baby!" She cried out while pushing the others out of the way and hugging me close in that soothing way only a mother could pull off. I hug her back as I bury my face in her shoulder for no one to see and just bawl. She rocks me a little and makes shushing sounds as if I were a baby. I like that, it reminds me of how my kasaan would hold me when I was young and in some kind of pain.

"Trunks....why was he doing that to you? What was going on?" Goku-san asks me softly.


"Trunks....why was he doing that to you? What was going on?" Tousan asks him softly, while kasaan rocks him like a baby. When we got back she was pissed off at how long we were gone for, but when she saw Trunks, broken and bleeding in my fathers arms, she immediately went to get the bandages and tried to find the spare senzu bean for him.

Trunks pulled his head up from kasaan's shoulder and he sniffs a bit. Goten looks shocked, he's never seen his friend like this, I can tell. Between the two of them, he was always the tough one. But what really shocked me was how he replied. "H-he always does that." Was the choked response.

All of our faces fell in complete shock. "He beats you?" I whisper to him in shock. It was obvious to us that he was beating his son when got there, but being told that he *always* does it was just something else. Father was trying to come up with these little reasons about how there must've been some kind of mistake on our way here. Like perhaps he was being controlled again.

When Trunks slowly nodded his head I wanted to fly back down to Capsule Corp and kill the sick son-of-a-bitch, but the need to stay and comfort the younger demi was just too great. So I went and sat down next to him on the bed while my younger brother stands at the end. "How long has he been doing this to you?" I whisper, fearful of what the answer would be.

Trunks hesitated. He felt ashamed speaking about it, I could tell that much. It wasn't uncommon for a victim of abuse to not want to speak about it, but in order to heal he *needed* to tell us. I frowned when he didn't answer. "Trunks please, you have to talk to us." I tell him in a more determined voice.

He looks at me and seems to understand where I'm going with this, so he answers. "Everyday, for the past two and a half years." He says quietly. "Shortly after kasaan died. S-sometimes he would give me a s-senzu bean so he could do it again too." He choked out while kasaan hugged him closer for comfort.

I can't believe it. This was something that wasn't uncommon for him at all. Everyday for the past two and a half years?!? And he would use senzu beans on him so that he could just start again!?! That's fucking disgusting! Even for Vegeta to find an evil way to use something so pure for torture is just beyond me! `He did it though.' I think to myself in shock. `That sick bastard was torturing his own son!'

"W-why didn't you tell someone?" Tousan asks in shock. Trunks wiped away a few of his tears before he answered. "H-he made me swear on kasaans grave not to, and I-I knew that if I did it would just start a big fight and wouldn't do any good anyway."

"That's not true!" Goten yells in anger, that his best friend didn't tell him about this sooner so he could help. "We only just found out about this today, and you're here with us now! Trunks we would have done something about that bastard! We would have helped you!"

I know that he's only trying to help, but right now his frustration isn't helping the situation out at all, and I'm stuck trying to fight off the urge to slap him in the back of the head. I work at a highschool and I've dealt with a lot of problems that the students would come to me with, and the basic number one rule when trying to deal with a personal problem that a teenager could have is to never yell at them to get your point across. No matter how stubborn they may be.

I turn back to see Trunks starting to sob again, and it breaks my heart to see tears coming out of his blue angelic eyes. Wait. Did I just call them angelic? Oh well. I suppose that eyes that blue could only be described as angel eyes to begin with anyway, and there *shouldn't* be tears of pain in them! "I-I know, i-it's just that I-I didn't want to leave Bra!" He cried out in a desperate explanation as more tears flowed down his face.

I'm relatively shocked at hearing this, but in the back of my mind I kinda saw it coming. Another reason for not reporting abuse, aside from the shame the victim can feel, would be the fear of leaving a family member alone in that environment. `He stayed for his sister.' My mind whispered sadly.

"Trunks, has he ever harmed Bra?" Tousan asks carefully. If he has, then I knew he'd being going back for her too pretty quick. We all hold our breath, waiting for the answer, only to let it out when he shakes his head `no'. "He loves Bra, and he would never hurt her. She reminds him of kasaan too much." He whispered.

"Are you sure?" I ask to be on the safe side. He nodded his head. "Yes, I'm sure. I used to sleep in her bed with her so that he wouldn't beat me, because he never did hit me in front of her." He explained slowly. Goten finally speaks up. "Tousan, do you think we should go and get her, just to be safe?" He asks slowly. Dad sighed sadly when he heard that. "Vegeta would put up a pretty big fight if we tried to take her, and most likely destroy the whole city just to stop us too.......we can't." He replied with regret.

"That's alright with you, right Trunks?" He asks him slowly.

He just sighed and nodded his head slowly. "She doesn't have kasaan around for her, and she loves tousan too much. I think it's better for her to stay with him right now anyway." He said sadly.

Kasaan then kissed his forehead lovingly. "Well you're going to stay with us. You're my best friends son and that makes you family." She said in a motherly voice.

He sniffed back some more tears when he heard that. "You really want me to stay?" He asked uncertainly.

"Of course!" My father said happily. Obviously he'd be delighted with this new arrangement. It meant another sparring partner would be around for him. "You can sleep in here with Goten, sorry but we don't have any guest bedrooms." He said sheepishly.

"I'm just glad I have a place to stay. Thank you." Trunks replied quietly.

Tousan put a hand on his shoulder for more comfort. "Don't worry about it, Trunks. We'd do this for you anytime, and your welcome to stay here for as long as you like. Vegeta won't ever harm you ever again while your under my roof." He said reassuringly.


I smiled lightly at hearing this. "Thank you, Goku." I said simply, truly not knowing how to express the gratitude I feel.

Chi-Chi-san spoke again in her motherly voice. "Did you eat anything yet, Trunks? I can make something for you if you haven't."

I inwardly cringe at the offer. I haven't eaten since yesterday and I'm starving, but I don't want to be anymore of a bother than I already am, so I politely turn it down. "No thank you Son-san, I had a lot to eat earlier."

Everyone in the room seems to look at me suspiciously, and I gulp at my own stupidity. Three saiyans in the room and a woman whose lived with them for over half of her life, I should've known they'd catch my lie. Saiyans *never* turn down food, hungry or not.

Gohan leans in a little closer and looks me in the eye. "Trunks, are you lying?" He asks softly and sternly at the same time.

A shiver goes up my spine at how close he is, and all I can do is make a stupid sounding: "Uhhhhh....." Luckily they seem to take that sound as if I'm trying to stall for something, and Gohan sighs.

"When was the last time you ate, Trunks?" He asks knowingly, while sitting straight up again and crossing his arms. Just then my stomach growls *loudly*, proving how hungry I really am.

`Shit!' I think to myself. The very last thing I need is to be seen as something that needs to be pitied, although I do like the attention that Son-san is giving me. I sigh tiredly, I'm sick of lying and hiding things from people I know I can trust. "Yesterday morning." I answer bluntly.

Everyone in the room just looks at me in shock, until Chi-Chi-san grabs me by the arm and roughly pulls me out of bed. "You poor thing! You must be completely starving!" She cries out while dragging me into the kitchen and pulling out a frying pan from seemingly nowhere.

"Jesus, Trunks, didn't your dad feed you?" Goten asks in shock as they follow me into the kitchen. "Goten watch your mouth!" Son-san yells, as she gets out some cut and peeled potatoes and sausages and putting them into the pan to cook up. My mouth can help but water slightly already, at the thought of her good cooking.

Goten just ignored the scolding as he asked me again. "Seriously pal, why didn't you eat?" He asks, while sitting down at the table with me. Goku and Gohan join us while waiting for an explanation. Gohan sits on my other side and puts a hand on my back for support. I feel heat running through my body at his touch, and lower my head so no one can see my blush.

"You can tell us, Trunks. We won't think anything bad about you." He says while removing his hand. My blush is still there so I don't raise my head, unfortunately they take this as a sign of shame. It partly is, but I just don't want to embarrass myself.

"Well, dad obviously doesn't cook, he lets the robots do it, but sometimes he just....won't let me eat." I say quietly. Now the shame sets in. I can't believe I let my tousan do all that to me, but I had no other choice, right?

"Damn bastard." I hear Gohan mumble angrily. I smile at him, I'm so glad he doesn't think I'm weak. Or at least it seems that way so far. A quick look at everyone's facial expressions tell me that they're thinking the same.

Just then Chi-Chi-san then comes back with four plates of food stacked in her hands. She sets the one that's filled with the most in front of me and then places the others in front of everyone else to eat. All I can think of at this point is how good it all looks and how the Hell did she make it all so fast?

There's so much food on my plate that it looks about ready to topple over. I try to be polite and eat slow, but after the first bite I can't help but quicken my pace as my hunger returns in full force. Soon I just grab the plate and start to inhale the food at a pace that's considered quick even for a saiyan.


`Poor kid.' I think to myself sadly as I watch him inhale the food at mach two speeds. `I can't believe Vegeta wouldn't let him eat!' I think to myself furiously. He of all people knew about how painful it was for a saiyan not to have food!

It's so hard to believe that all this pain and suffering was happening to one of our closest friends without anyone noticing. I watch as he grabs a glass of milk that kasaan sets down for him and downs that too. She quickly grabs his plate and refills it while he tries to speak the words "Thank you, Son-san" with his mouth still full. She just smiles sweetly at him as she gives him his second helping.

I'm barely touching my food, and so is tousan and Goten. I suppose we all just feel a little guilty about having it all the time whereas he didn't. How ironic is that?!? The richest kid in the whole damn world is the one to starve while we've always had more than enough with dads Tenkaichi Budakai winnings. The only real reason why kasaan gave us something to eat at so late at night would be so that Trunks wouldn't feel awkward as he ate. She hates it when we try to snack on things, because that usually means emptying out the fridge.

He's still trying to be polite though, we can all tell after he stops with only his second helping finished. He could have easily taken in two more plate fulls even if he wasn't hungry, but no matter how much mom insists, he says he's fine.

After kasaan gives us all the death glare for not eating, we quickly finish up and leave the table. Goten goes to get a spare blanket and futon, but tells Trunks that he can have the bed tonight. I'm glad they're such good friends. This will make things a lot easier for him.

"Trunks, I'm going to drop by Capsule Corp tomorrow and check on Bra for you, alright?" Tousan says softly while he and Goten get ready for bed. "Thank you, Goku-san." Trunks replies softly. "And I'm also going to pick up some of your stuff while I'm there, too. So you can have some of your clothes for while you're here." Once again, Trunks politely thanks him and we both leave the room so they can sleep.

"Do you think he'll be alright, tousan?" I ask softly before I leave for home. I have to go, but the need to stay and protect the younger demi is strong, even though I know that my father and brother are here should anything happen.

"He should be fine as long as he stays here with us, Gohan." My father says softly. "I just don't get it! Why would Vegeta hurt his own son like that?" He asked, still in shock and amazement. I don't really blame him. We all thought that the prince had changed his ways, but how he acted earlier and what he did proved how far off we truly were.

"Do you think it could be something that just happened from Bulma's death?" He asked me while walking me to the door and opening it.

"I don't know, dad. Even if it was it was no excuse to--"

"I know that, Gohan." He says quickly to calm my thoughts. "I'm just trying to find out why. Maybe if we do that we can try to fix things a little. I mean, I wouldn't let Trunks go back there, but maybe we can still fix things."

I sigh tiredly as I walk out the door. That's my dad for you. Always trying to help and fix other peoples problems. "I'll be back tomorrow to check on him." I say slowly. He nods his head for a response.

"I'll see you later, Gohan." He says as I take flight in the dark sky.

The only thing for light that I can use all the way out in the middle of the forest would be the stars and maybe an energy ball, but I'm not worried about that right now. I'm still finding it hard to believe that Vegeta could do that to his son, and am having a *very* hard time not flying on down to where he is now to kick the shit out of him, and let him know what it feels like. "Fucking asshole." I mumble under my breath. He abuses his only son and then disowns him when he's found out. I know why Trunks was so upset about being disowned, even if it was from a cold hearted bastard like him. It was because he always wanted his fathers love, and now he'll never have it.

I feel pain for him, but I know I can get him to see how good what just happened to him today really was. We found out what Vegeta was doing to him and we stopped it forever. In time he'll see that he never needed his love or respect and move on, hopefully.

I don't stop flying, but I look back once in the direction of my parents house, and silently vow that I'll never let Vegeta hurt him ever again, and to help make him see how much better off he is without that fucking sadist in his life.


A few weeks had passed since then and Trunks was still living at the Sons house. Goku was good to his word and not only checked on Bra, but made sure to see that she was ok everyday, just to put his as well as Trunks' mind at rest.

Trunks wanted to go back and see how she was for himself, but he always said to wait a few weeks more to let Vegeta calm down. He remembered what he'd said when they took Trunks that night. That if he came back then he wouldn't be held responsible for his actions, and Goku didn't want him to get hurt. Gohan also made sure to see Trunks everyday too. He confused himself with his need to just see him and make sure that he was ok, but he always felt better when he did.

Chi-Chi liked having him around. To her it was like having another of her sons in the house again, considering how close she and Trunks' mother were, and how often he and Goten would play together as children. She always made sure to remind herself to whack Vegeta in the head with her frying pan when she got the chance for what he did, and she always fed the boy who was now in her care well. Sometimes to the point where he would have to turn down food for being *too* full.

Goten loved having his best friend living with him, and every second day he would offer his friend the bed to sleep in. Things stayed pretty normal for them, they would go to school, study and spar together, just like always, but Trunks wouldn't talk to him about his old home life.

He still said that there was nothing else to the story of what his father did to him, even though Gohan thought that he was lying again. He wasn't looking for reasons to forgive Vegeta for what he did, in fact he hated the fucker for doing what he did to him. He just thought that if Trunks stopped hiding things and quit being ashamed of something that wasn't even his fault, then maybe he would heal faster. He was determined to find out what else the younger demi was hiding. And he felt that now was the time to do it.

Trunks was just sitting in a field on an old, toppled over and dead tree while reading a book for school. The branches had been stripped from it some time ago by animals and weather conditions, so it was a comfortable spot to just sit and have a chat.

"Hey there, Trunks, how's it going?" Gohan asked cheerfully as he approached. Trunks didn't sense him coming and raised his head almost in fear in the surprise of being interrupted from his quiet thoughts. Gohan mentally whacked himself for being so stupid. He'd forgotten how edgy he could be when startled like that.

"Oh, fine Gohan. I was just reading this for a book report." He replied after calming down.

"Shouldn't you be closer to home for that?" He asks, full of concern. He wasn't trying to give him shit or anything, it's just that he never liked it when he strayed to far away. It made him nervous that Vegeta might come and try to start something with him.

"Well ya, but if I stayed there any longer then I would've exploded with all the food your mom feeds me." He answered lightheartedly with a smile.

Gohan smiled in understanding as he went to sit down next to him on the dead tree, Trunks moved over a bit to give him some room. "Ya, kasaan can be like that sometimes." He replied, almost laughing at the thought of his overprotective mother.

They sat there quietly for a while, until Gohan just couldn't wait any longer and immediately got to the point of why he came in the first place. "Trunks we need to talk--"

"I don't want to talk!" He said quickly, knowing that Gohan was just going to try and make him speak to him about what his father had said and done, while he still lived at Capsule Corp. Why couldn't he just understand that he didn't want to speak about it? If he knew the whole truth then he was sure that he would think that he was a freak and would hate him for the rest of his life.

Gohan sighed. "Trunks you have to speak to someone about it. You've gone as far as you can go, you're not getting any better. You're still edgy, you cry in your sleep, you--"

"What!?!?" He shouted in disbelief, interrupting him. `I cry in my sleep?' He thought in amazement that he, an almost fully grown man, was caught crying. "How would you know about that?" He asked in shock.

"Goten woke up a few times to hear you, and once mom walked in on it, too, but she didn't want to embarrass you so she never said anything to you about it. Don't you see, you've gone as far as you can go, and you're not going to get any better until you talk to someone about this." Gohan said, more determined now than ever to get him to speak.

Trunks sighed in annoyance. "What do you want to know?" He asked in a bored tone, while resting his head in his palm that was perched up on his knee.

"...Everything. Maybe not all of it now, but eventually everything. And just to let you know, you can trust me with whatever it is that you have to say." He said softly.

"I can?" He asked, looking for the confirmation that he needed before saying anything. Gohan smiled and nodded his head lightly. This was something that he needed to get off of his chest, but it didn't mean that he should spread it around to everyone. He bit his lip before asking, he hoped that he wasn't pushing things too soon. "Was there a reason for it?" He asked softly.

Trunks' heart immediately went in his throat when he heard that, and his stomach churned violently. "Did Vegeta ever blame his actions on something? Like your mothers death, maybe? Because if he did then you should know that it wasn't your fault." He finished quickly, to help get rid of any doubts in the younger demi's head.

A few tears came to his eyes at this point at the reminder of all his father's blind screaming and rage, directed solely at him, as he continually screamed that it was all his fault she wasn't around anymore. After so much time away, he knew better than to think something like that, but it still hurt. Why was Gohan doing this him? He didn't need to know did he? As if against his will, he answered anyway. "Y-yes. H-he blamed kasaans death on me." He said shakily.

"That's why he did it?" Gohan asks with a lump in his throat. He knew that he must be bringing up painful memories and he felt awful for it, but it would help in the long run if he could just get this off of his chest. If that was the reason behind Vegeta's actions then he would have to try and tell the younger that it wasn't true. Hopefully, Trunks already knew that and he wouldn't need too, though.

Trunks slowly shook his head, tears still in his eyes. "N-no. He didn't think to blame me for it, until sometime after it all started."

Gohan nearly choked on his breath after hearing that. Why did he do it then? What was the purpose of beating your son? Was there no reason at all and maybe he was just violent? Did he ever *not* do it because Bulma was always around to stop him? When she died did he finally decide that he had his chance? He never treated Mirai Trunks with the most dignity or respect when he was around, and he's never shown any affection to his son as far as he could remember. Was he angry that Mirai Trunks was so strong and that our Trunks couldn't do the same as he did? There were just far too many possibilities. What the fuck was going on!?!

"T-then why?" Gohan asked shakily, Trunks' tears were really starting to get to him. `Maybe it's too much. Maybe I should've given him more time before I pushed it.' He thought sadly. This was his fault, he did this, he pushed it too far.

"Y-you promise not to hate me if I tell?" He asked uncertainly. The very last thing he needed at this point would be to have the love of his life hate him, and he needed to be sure.

`Too late now.' He thought while smiling and nodding his head at his promise, he then put his hand on his back for extra support. It couldn't be all that bad, right?

Trunks sighed, feeling a little better that he'd said to not be angry with him. "Gohan...I'm...I'm kind of....I'm gay." He finally spit out. He didn't look at Gohans face out of instinct, embarrassment and fear that he would see something that he didn't like, but he continued on anyway. Gohan promised not to be mad, and he was the understanding type anyway, right? What he didn't see in his mistake at not looking, was Gohans face drop, in a mixture of disbelief, shock and even anger, and he didn't notice how he'd slowly removed his hand in outrage and disbelief, from the warm spot on his back.

"That's why my tousan beat me up all the time, because I told him one day when I thought we were getting along better...Guess I was wrong, huh?"

Gohan wasn't really hearing him at this point, his mind was still trying to process what Trunks had just told him. He was gay? *That's* what all this was about? `Oh my God! I don't believe this!' He thought furiously to himself. `But what's there to be so furious about?' His subconscious calmly asked him. He just ignored it as Trunks continued on, maybe he didn't have a reason to be mad at him yet, but it was still too weird.

"If I'd told tousan the rest of the story then he'd of beat me first and then killed me." He explained softly. He still wasn't looking at him, but Gohan was calming down a bit. It was what he said next that sent him over the edge.

"Gohan...The day I found out that I was gay...was the day I realized that I....I love you." Trunks said it with such sincerity in his voice that it just made Gohan snap on the inside.

To be gay was one thing, but to say that he loved him!?!? `What are you so mad about?' His subconscious asked again, but he just ignored it again as he made a fist out of his hand, forgetting the promise he'd made to not get angry, and how he was the one to push him into this conversation to begin with, and not caring how much he could hurt him by doing this.

"I have for a really long time--" He didn't get a chance to finish his proclamations of love, as Gohan threw his fist at him where it made direct and *painful* contact with his left eye, sending him flying off the tree he was sitting on and on to the rough ground that scraped at his skin as he landed with a cry of pain.

He quickly looked back up in shock and fear to see, Gohan scowling as he marched right up to him, bent over and grabbed the neck of his shirt, yanking him roughly into a sitting position before screaming at him furiously. "YOU WHAT?!?!"

Tears of pure hurt, betrayal and pain were flowing out of Trunks' blue eyes, and straight down his cheeks at what just happened to him. Of course he didn't really expect him to return his feelings, he *was* married at one point, but Gohan said he could trust him. He *promised* that he could trust him, why was he doing this?

"I-I....I love you." He replied shakily, in fear of the older and stronger demi, who was currently holding onto him threateningly and sneering at him in a look that just spelled out his father's name.

"NO YOU DON'T!!! YOU CAN'T!!! HOW COULD THINK THAT I'M LIKE THAT!?!?" Gohan shouted out furiously, his mind not comprehending the fear in the teens eyes or the tears running down his cheeks as he continued to sneer at him. He got his free fist ready, and raised it as if to punch him in the face again. Trunks looked at it in pure horror, in his mind he saw all of his fathers beatings happening all over again. "I OUGHT TO--"

"No Gohan, please no!!" He shouted in fear as he started to desperately struggle to get out of his grip. He didn't want to be beaten again, especially by the one he loved. Gohan seemed to snap out of it a little once the desperate and fear driven plea made it to his ears, and he looked in shock as Trunks tried as hard as he could to get out of his tight grip on him.

"Please don't, please!" He begged again, while his struggles seemed to weaken as he gave up on the idea of getting away. Gohan was just too strong for him. He squeezed his eyes shut and then turned his head to the side to prepare himself for the blow that he was sure he was going to get.

Gohan gasped with the realization of what he was doing. He looked over and saw that he had his fist raised as if to hit him with it, and then back down to the teenager in his grasp who was currently choking back sobs of fear on the ground.

His eyes widened in the shock of what he was doing as he quickly threw him back on the ground and frantically took off in the air, flying for home as fast as he could before he could do anymore damage.


Trunks slowly picked himself up off of the ground he was lying on, and shakily stood up while looking in the direction that Gohan had just flown off in. He'd never felt more relief in his entire life when Gohan let him go, but that still didn't stop his many tears from flowing down his face. Gohan promised not to get angry with him and he did, he *hit* him and then he yelled at him.

His soul ripped into a thousand pieces and burned into ashes when he did that to him. The very second his fist clashed with his face he'd had a flashback of all the torturous beatings he'd received from his tousan. It was like when a persons life flashes before his eyes. It was scary.

Trunks was never more scared right now then when he ever was with his father. He told Gohan about his secret, and he hated him for it, and right now he was off to tell the rest of his family about how much of a freak he truly was. It must be true, he must be a freak with how everyone seemed to hate him for it.

What would they all do when Gohan told them? Would they be disgusted and throw him out? Or worse yet, would they send him back to live with his father? Trunks' tears came harder at the very thought of going back there, and he dropped to his knees while his body wracked in sobs. `This is all my fault! What's wrong with me? Why can't I just learn to keep my big mouth shut!?!' He thought fearfully while he sobbed.

Gohan hates him and he'll never want to see him ever again, and when he tells Goku-sama, Chi-Chi-san and Goten, they'll all hate him too. They'll ship him back off to live with his father to be beaten again until he's normal. He slowly brought his fingertips up to softly touch the bruising skin around his left eye, and he couldn't help but wince in pain when he did. Usually it was his tousan that gave him these, but he guessed that he could be looking forward to plenty of black eyes from his father once the Sons shipped him back.

`I want to die.' He thought in total misery, while feeling his heart pound in horror beneath his chest. He turned towards the large dead tree and rested his arms on it before hiding his face in them to finish his miserable sobbing.


Gohan finally landed outside of his parents house after what seemed like an hour long flight. He'd never felt more guilt over anything in his entire life, he knew that no matter what Trunks had told him, what he did was wrong. He promised the younger demi his trust and understanding, and then he hit him. What was worse, he tricked him into telling.

Trunks was pouring his heart out to him and he heartlessly shattered it. He hit him, manhandled him and screamed at him. He must have scared the shit out of him too. `It wasn't really that bad was it? Did I really just go nuts over nothing?' He thought to himself before entering the house. `Yes you did.' His subconscious answered for him snobbishly.

He winced at that. He had the biggest urge to just go back and apologize for what he'd done, as if there was nothing more important than just getting Trunks to forgive him, but right now his pride was stopping him. That and there was still something within his years of experience with other people that just sneered that it was wrong to love another man.

He opened the door without knocking and walked inside, he needed to talk to someone about this. Thankfully he saw his mother poke her head out of a doorway from a room that she was most likely cleaning, having heard the door close. "Hello sweety." She said warmly while coming out to greet him.

"Hey mom." He said back in a glum voice as she approached. She suddenly stopped a few feet away at hearing his saddened voice. "What's the matter?" She asked immediately.

Gohan sighed. He wasn't too sure about how to word this. "It's about Trunks, kasaan." He said solemnly. Her face dropped in fear for the boy she and Goku had taken in, did something bad happen?

"W-what's wrong?" Chi-Chi asked fearfully, the first thing that came to her mind was that Vegeta had hurt him again, and the thought scared her.

Gohan sighed again. There was no use in getting around it, so he might as well get to the point. "Trunks told me that he loved me a few minutes ago." He said softly, he still felt bad about what he'd done and needed to get some advise before he went back to get him.

To his ultimate surprise, Chi-Chi's face lit up like a light bulb. "He did! That's great, Gohan!" She shouted happily before wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. "I always knew that you two would get together!" She cried out happily.

Gohan just looked at her in shock. "W-what?" He asked uncertainly. He knew that he'd just told his mother that Trunks was gay and in love with him, and strangely she seemed to be *thrilled* with the very idea. "W-what are you talking about, mom?"

"Oh you know." She said happily. "I've always seen how Trunks looks at you and how you look at him when you think that no one is around. You two are in love! And now you're finally getting together and you're going to happy!" She squealed in delight.

He just slowly shook his head in shock at what he'd just heard. "N-no we're not, mom." He said quietly. Did she *really* just say that he and Trunks were in love!?!? And that she has seen them staring at each other when they thought that no one else was looking?!? Sure there were times when he would take a look at him, but only in admiration for his personality and finely toned– `Oh my God!!!! I was caught staring at Trunks' ass!!' He thought frantically and in complete shock. How is it that even he wouldn't notice staring at another male like that?

"What do you mean you're not getting together?" Chi-Chi asked in confusion.

Gohan didn't know how to tell her about what he'd done. Just because he looked at Trunks once in a while didn't mean that he loved him...did it? Sure he was extremely protective of him, and sure he usually got jealous of the times that Goten always spends with him, and just because he thought that he had a good looking face and body didn't mean-- "Oh my God, I'm gay!" He said almost shamefully while hiding his face in his hand, at the realization of what he was.

"Of course you are dear. I never found out about it until after you married Videl." Chi-Chi said soothingly, while removing his hand from his face. "I was always angry with myself for pushing you into that marriage. Didn't you realize that, that's why you were never happy with her?"

Gohan looked more than a little stunned when he heard that. He only just finds this out about himself now, and she knew all along!?!?

"So why won't you two be getting together?" She asked again more determinedly.

"I-I...I did something really stupid, kasaan." He admitted shamefully with his head down.

"Like what?" She asked sternly, her voice filled with suspicion.

"When Trunks told me, I-I hit him, a-and then I yelled at him. And I think I would've beaten him up if I hadn't gotten out of there too." He said slowly and full of shame.

Chi-Chi's lips thinned dangerously as she quickly brought her hand up and slapped her son *hard* across the face. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU *HIT* HIM!?!?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!?!" She screamed at him in rage.

"I know, I wasn't thinking!" Gohan shouted angrily at himself without really caring about the pain on his cheek. Did he really love him? Did he hit and almost kick the shit out of his love? A few tears of his own came into his eyes as the answer quickly came to him. `Yes I did.'

"Gohan, how could you?!? You know just what that poor boy has been through and you *hit* him!?! I thought I raised you better than that!" She screamed in shock and rage. Gohan cringed at her rants, simply because she was right. He had no right to do what he did, and now he'll be lucky if Trunks will ever forgive him let alone trust him ever again. It would be a miracle if he would even *want* him after what he'd done.

"I blame myself for this!" Chi-Chi shouted in anger at herself. He just gave her a confused look so she continued. "If I hadn't sent you off to that school when you were a teenager then you would have never been exposed to all of those brats and their petty prejudices!"

He just sighed. "Mom, it's not your fault, it's mine. I shouldn't have done that, and it's not even the worst part either." He said shamefully.

Chi-Chi quickly snapped her head at him. "What *else* did you do!?!" She shouted in anger.

"W-well, I was the one who made him tell me to begin with. I-I promised him not to get angry and I-I just went nuts on him when he told me!" Gohan choked out, more ashamed of himself by the second. "It was even the reason why Vegeta would beat him, that's why he never spoke to us about it. He was afraid we would do to him what his father did, and I proved him right!" He cried out through his shame and guilt. He remembered the look that Trunks was giving him as he prepared to attack him, it was full of hurt, fear, betrayal and hopelessness. `And I did that to him.' He thought sadly.

Chi-Chi was just scowling at him at this point. "*You* had better get back there, right now, and *beg* for forgiveness, before he never trusts you again!" She screamed in anger while opening the door back up for him to leave.

He didn't say anything more as he just nodded his head and ran out the door before taking flight. `I'm so sorry Trunks.' He thought to himself sadly as he went. `Please forgive me when I get there. I swear I'll never hurt you ever again.' He silently prayed while still pushing his limits in flight speed. He just had to get back there and apologize. He had to get there and tell him that he loved him too, he had to!


Trunks was still sitting in his spot on the ground, with his arms crossed and resting on the dead tree while he continued to sob. At this point he'd made enough tears to create small puddles in the indents and cracks of the tree that he cried on. `Why doesn't anyone want me? I never did anything wrong....did I?' He thought while sobbing harder at the very thought. He truly didn't know the answer to the question he'd asked himself. Was how he felt for Gohan wrong? 'It must be. Everyone I know thinks it is, so it must be.' He thought in misery through his tears.

He suddenly felt Gohan's Ki heading straight for him at top speeds, and jerked his head up in surprise. `Oh no!' He thought in horror. He was coming back to beat him for saying that he loved him. He was going to kick the shit out of him, just like how his father did.

More tears came down his face at the thought. It wasn't enough that his own tousan beat him, but now he would be getting it from the one he loved. Trunks quickly stood up and got into a fighting position once he saw his form come into view over the distance, but quickly realizing how fighting back never works, he simply dropped his arms before standing up straight again and putting his head down.

He looked back at Gohans approaching form, and watched it get larger for a minute, before he just had to ask. "Why? Why are you doing this to me?" It was a faint whisper, full of hopelessness and betrayal, that he knew Gohan couldn't hear, but it made him feel a little better once the words were uttered.

`I don't want to be beaten again! I don't want to go through that again! Why Gohan? I trusted you!' He thought while more tears poured out of his eyes and down his face. You'd think he would be out of tears by now, but they just wouldn't stop coming. `Two and a half years alone with my father, and he kicked the shit out of me for everyday of them. I don't want to do that again, I can't!'

Trunks didn't realize that he was making a Ki blast in his hand, as he thought to himself and as Gohan got closer. `I want to die! Nobody cares about me anyway! Nobody wants me! They only want to hurt me!' Finally he noticed the growing heat in his hand, and looked down to see the glowing yellow blast in his palm.

He smiled lightly when he saw it. `Maybe I don't have to go through that again.' He thought while raising his hand closer to his chest. `I'm sorry Bra, but I'm not going to be anybodies punching bag anymore! One way or another. If you ever need help, I know that Goku will save you, because I'm too weak and I can't.' He thought sadly while strengthening the blast in his hand for what he intended on doing with it.


As Gohan approached he could see Trunks' form getting larger, and the tears on his face become clearer, but what scared him the most was the Ki blast in his hand. He knew perfectly well that it wasn't for him, it wasn't strong enough to do anything to him! His suspicions were confirmed when he watched as Trunks slowly raised his hand to his chest, his tears still coming down his face.

"Trunks don't!!!!" He screamed out in total fear.

Too late.

He watched in horror as Trunks blasted himself through his chest, the impact sent him flying backwards as he landed with a sickening thud.

Gohan had tears of his own streaming down his face as he watched. He quickly landed and ran over to where he lay, unmoving and bleeding freely out onto the grass, giving it this creepy black shine.

"You can't be dead, you can't!" He cried out while grabbing his shoulders and pulling him up into a sitting position, next to him on the blood stained grass. He frantically searched his pockets for a senzu bean and when he finally found it only to almost drop it, he could have had a heart attack!

He opened Trunks' mouth and placed it inside before massaging the tiny bean down his throat. "I'm so sorry! Please don't die! I'm sorry!" He cried out while impatiently waiting for the bean to take it's effect.

Gohan cried in utter relief when he saw the giant hole in his chest close up and heal itself, along with the black eye he'd given him and the scratches on his arms from being thrown to the ground. Trunks was alive and he was going to be ok! Gohan breathed a sigh of pure relief as tears of joy slipped down his face.

Trunks slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times to adjust to the light. When he saw Gohans face, his horror returned and he quickly scrambled out of his protective hold and backed away a few steps.

`Oh God! He must've given me a senzu bean!' He thought, terrified that he'd only done it to beat him up, like how his father did.

When Gohan got up and slowly started to approach him, Trunks' fear returned in full force. "Gohan, please don't! I'm begging you don't!!" He cried out in terror with the thoughts of being beaten into a pulp fresh in his mind, and then being dragged back to Capsule Corp just to get the same from his father.

Gohan stopped his advance, and looked at Trunks with so much guilt in his eyes. `This is all my fault!'

"I swear I didn't mean it!" He cried out, desperate to just get him to leave him alone. "I'm sorry I said anything, and I'll leave and you'll never see me ever again, I swear!"

Gohan couldn't take his pleas any longer. Trunks was so full of fear that he was shaking. He was scared to death that he would do to him what his father had always done. Not that he blamed him with how he acted. He couldn't think of anything to do at this point, except follow his mother's advice and beg for forgiveness.

When he dropped to his knees, a look of confusion and uncertainty crossed Trunks' pale features. "Trunks I'm so sorry for what I did to you. I made you tell me something that you weren't ready to speak about and I hit you when I didn't like what I heard. I wasn't thinking straight and I never wanted to hurt you, I swear!" He cried out while still on his knees.

"W-what?" Trunks asked in confusion. It sounded like he was apologizing, but that couldn't be right...could it?

"Trunks please forgive me, I had no right to do that to you. I-I just needed some time to think." He said desperately.

"Y-you don't hate me, or think I'm a freak?" He asked quietly as his eyes started to water all over again. He could live without Gohans love, but he couldn't live with his hate, and as long as he just wanted him around even as a friend he could be happy.

Gohans shame and guilt pounded at his skull when he heard that, he just had to put his mind to rest about it and fast. "No, Trunks! Not ever! I love you, I don't think you're a freak!" He said quickly.

Trunks' jaw dropped. `Did he just say that he loves me?' He thought frantically. `That can't be right! I must've heard wrong!' "Are you being serious?" He asked in shock.

"Yes, I am! I love you so much, and I'm so sorry that I did that to you! I-I just didn't know! I wasn't thinking!"

Trunks didn't know what to make of this. He looked like he was being truthful, but should he trust him after what he'd done? He could try. "You're not going to beat me up if I go over there, are you?" He asked uncertainly.

Gohan shook his head. "No I won't." He said quietly. He didn't promise it, because the last time he made Trunks an important promise he broke it, and he didn't want to make him anymore nervous than he already was.

Trunks slowly made his way over to where he knelt, near the puddle of blood that spilt out of him when he blasted himself. Gohan froze completely with anticipation, as he slowly got on his knees in front of him to face him.

There were tears in both of their eyes, and being so close to eachother with still no physical contact was starting to get to them. Trunks decided to take a risk at this point. The only way to know if he was telling the truth at this point would be to see how he reacted to a kiss. It was the only thing he could think of.

Gohans breath got caught in his throat as he watched Trunks slowly lean in and lightly brush his lips with his own. He quickly pulled away to see the reaction he got, and was ecstatic to see him smile lightly as if he enjoyed it. He did enjoy it. When he kissed him he felt...happy. Like it was right.

Gohan wanted a part of this too, so he slowly reached his hands up to cup Trunks' face. He tensed up a little in fear at the contact, but when he relaxed Gohan slowly leaned in to give him a soft kiss of his own. They both quickly relaxed into it, and soon their mouths opened for each other as their tongues wrestled for dominance. `I can't believe I almost threw this away.' Gohan thought in disbelief as he finally gained access to Trunks' mouth and explore the hot inside.

They finally broke off the kiss when they could no longer go on without air, and Gohan just had to speak. "I love you, Trunks, and I swear to always protect you from anyone who would ever want to hurt you, and I'll never hurt you ever again." He said sincerely before lightly kissing his soft lips again. "Forgive me?" He asked a little shakily.

Trunks smiled up at him brightly with his tears still flowing, only now they were tears of happiness and joy. "Of course I do! I love you too!" He cried out while grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him down for another scorching kiss, this time he dominated it. He wanted this for so long and now he finally had it! After all that suffering he finally had his biggest wish come true. Gohan loved him.

When they pulled away Trunks had to ask him. "You still don't want to hear anymore about what happened to me with tousan do you?" He asked a little uncertainly.

Gohan shook his head. "Don't tell me a thing if you don't want to, my angel eyes. If you don't want me to hear it then I don't either." He whispered reassuringly. He knew that Trunks didn't want to seem weak or anything, so he would see to it that if he never wanted to talk about it then he wouldn't.

Trunks blinked in confusion. "What's angel eyes?" He asked curiously.

Gohan grinned. "That's my new pet name for you." He said happily as Trunks pulled him down for another kiss. "I love it." He whispered into his hot mouth before continuing with their scorching kiss.

Gohan sighed in pure pure bliss. `I'll never hurt you. I'll never let your father hurt you, and I swear to give you nothing but the best as long as you be my Koi.' Gohan thought, in pure bliss as he closed his eyes and continued to kiss his destiny.



Ace Of Base

I know that I'm not the first oneYou've had love in your life before me

But when your lips touched my lips

It felt like I was kissing destiny


Angel eyes with your angel eyes

Will you always be there to hold me?

Angel eyes, I am satisfied

I don't want to hear your story

'Cause I can see the things

I really want to see

I am in love

I believe in what I'm feeling

I'd give everything up just for you

Love is devoted to those who see

That the last dance you dance with a truth

Angel eyes with your angel eyesWill you always be there to hold me?

Angel eyes, I am satisfied

I don't want to hear your story

'Cause I can see the things

I really want to see

In your eyes

Angel eyes, just want you here to hold me

Angel eyes...

Angel eyes with your angel eyes

Will you always be there to hold me?

Angel eyes, I am satisfied

I don't want to hear your story

'Cause I can see the things

I really want to see

I am in love.....


A.N: I in NO way think that to be a homosexual is to be a freak, and I think that anyone who does think that is an idiot!

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