Broken Wings and Shredded Feathers

Angel Eyes 2

Author: Freewater

Warnings: Child abuse, Swearing.

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This story will also be told from Gohan, Trunks', and my POV.

Chapter Eight


The drive to the Black Forest was a quiet one. No words were spoken between the three passengers inside, and all there was to do was listen to the soft sounds coming from outside of the vehicle as they drove, watching the scenery pass.

Although Gohan wanted nothing better than to ask and pester Trunks all he could for the answers he craved, he just couldn't bring himself to wake the sleeping prince from his spot on his lap and ask. He looked so peaceful there, and he didn't want to disturb that, knowing that he needed his rest. So instead he held him close, still trying to get rid of the giant lump of guilt that had lodged itself in his throat.

Trunks had been so worn out, tired, weak and simply exhausted from everything that had happened that day and everyday over the past three months, that being in Gohan's warm arms, comfortable and safe for the first time in a long time, caused him to pass out almost instantly after they entered the vehicle and took off for home.

Sleeping in Gohan's arms was a lot better than sleeping on an uncomfortable damp floor.

The car ride lasted nearly an hour before Goten finally came to a gentle stop outside of his house. They could sense their mother inside but not their father, and the only thing that came to mind to explain his absence was that he must have gone out training somewhere.

Gohan kissed Trunks' hair, but he didn't wake him as he opened the car door and slipped out with the teen still in his arms. Trying to be as gentle with him as he could, as if he would shatter like glass if treated too roughly.

"I'll get the door, Gohan." Goten offered, seeing that his hands were full and trotting over to the front door to hold it open for him.

"Thanks Goten." Was all he said as he walked in, heading for his brother's room where he could put the sleeping teen in his arms in a comfortable bed.

It was then that Chi-Chi walked in from the kitchen where she had been cooking, a frying pan in her hand to defend herself against whoever had broken in, when she caught sight of both her boys. Gohan disappearing in Goten's room with Trunks while her youngest just closed the front door behind him.

Her eyes couldn't help but widen at the sight of Trunks, but just before she could go and pester Gohan for some answers, Goten stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. "Mom I'll tell you what you need to know. Okay?" He asked, leading her back into the kitchen to talk. He knew that his older brother would like some time alone with his boyfriend, and he intended on letting him have that.


Several hours had passed since Trunks had finally been brought back home, and the teen still had yet to wake from his deep and peaceful slumber. Snuggling under the covers of the warm bed he was on while clutching at his pillow as if it were a stuffed animal of some sort.

The sun had set long ago, making way for the cool night air by the time Gohan's father had made it back home. Shocked out of his wits to find that Trunks was actually back, and to also know where he'd been and what had been happening to him.

Their mother had been running around the house all day. Gathering some extra blankets for him to keep warm in, and cooking up a meal fit for two dozen saiyans for when he finally woke up as well as cleaning up to make sure he wouldn't wake up to a "pig stye". As she liked to refer to Goten's room.

He'd been sleeping so deeply for so long, that Gohan took the risk of leaving him for a couple of hours to take a dive in the depths of Black Forest Lake. Stripping down to only his boxers and needing to change into a super saiyan just to be able to see through the dark water as he searched. Coming up for air only when he desperately needed it.

He just had to find those rings.

He pushed a few water plants out of the way to see the area beneath them, and frowned when he found nothing there. He was sure that the ring box had landed somewhere in this area, but he just couldn't find it. And after nearly an hour of searching, he was starting to get more than just a little frustrated.

He would have cursed at his lack of luck, but instead all he could do was scowl as he decided to head back up for some air. Taking in a deep breath of it once he finally broke through to the surface. Shaking the soaked hair out of his face before letting out some foul curses.

"Looking for this?"

He whipped his head up at the sound of his little brother's voice, standing just out of reach of the water with a cocky smile on his face as he waved around the ring box in between his fingers.

Gohan blinked at him on complete shock. "W-where did you find that?" He asked, hovering out of the water before approaching him. His super saiyan heat drying him off before he even made it over to take the ring box out of his outstretched hand. Opening it up to confirm that the rings were actually there, and he wanted to cry when he did find them inside.

Goten's smirk never wavered. "I went in after it shortly after you threw it in that day on the docks." He explained. "Figured you would still be needing it." He got out just before being pulled into a grateful hug by his overly happy older brother.

"Thank you so much! Thank you Goten!" He cried out, forcing himself to keep from shaking as he turned his attention back to the rings in his hand with an arm still around his shoulders. Never more grateful than anything in his entire life, aside from the fact that he now had Trunks back that is.

"Gohan, try to calm down." Goten said, knowing just why the rings were so important. It wasn't that he couldn't afford new ones, it was because he threw them in when Trunks was gone. "He will forgive you, y'know." He said as soothingly as he could, but that was a little difficult since the times when he was needed to provide some types of comfort were few and far in between.

Gohan shook his head. "I don't care! He can't know!" He cried out, unable to stop the tears coming into his eyes at the thought of all the pain his poor koi had gone through, and what he could go through again if he ever found out about the things he'd said about him when he was gone. The fact that he'd given up on him, went so far as accused him of running off with someone else and then threw their rings into a lake...

He just didn't want to put Trunks through anymore pain. Especially that kind. And a part of him was actually deadly terrified that he wouldn't be forgiven. And he didn't want to risk that.

Goten patted his back. "Well, if you ever do decide to tell him, then there's no doubt in my head that he'll forgive you. He'd understand that you were hurt, Gohan. You didn't do anything wrong." He said, pulling away from him and holding him at an arms length so he could get his bearings. An act that Gohan used to do to him when he was just a little chibi and was in some kind of pain.

"Now look," He started up. "Go get the rest of your clothes, get dressed, and then go back home with your rings and propose, because I know you're dying to!" He said, earning a grateful snicker from his oniisan. "Now go already." He said, and Gohan smiled at him before turning around to the branches where he'd left the rest of his clothes. Goten smiling back as he took to the air, heading for home to help his mother with the cake.


Gohan didn't bother knocking on the door before softly pushing it open, poking his head in first to see if Trunks was awake or not in the dark space.

After seeing him still laying on his side, his breathing even which indicated that he was still resting, he had second thoughts about entering the room to disturb him. But tried to force those thoughts out of his head as he opened the door just a crack more to allow his body to get in. Shutting it with a light click before padding over and sitting next to him on the bed. Trunks didn't even stir.

He didn't bother to turn the lights on, remembering how the light still hurt his eyes.

Leaning down, he placed a gentle kiss over his shut eyelids. As if that would make the pain go away when he woke up. He promised Trunks he would be with him when he woke up anyway, and he'd been sleeping for so long that he just couldn't wait any longer to do this now that he finally had the rings.

Goten didn't get nearly enough credit for getting them, he'd have to make it up to him later.

Laying down next to him, he kissed his lips in his sleep, waking him as he stirred.

When Gohan took his lips away, Trunks blinked his tired eyes up at him, only a little fuzz clouding up his vision but still seeing him rather clearly with how used to the dark he was. He mumbled a bit, and it sounded something like: "Addama doing ere?" Before looking around his surroundings with suspicion in his squinting eyes.

Gohan started to rub his free hand over Trunks' side, trying to aid him in waking up. "You're home, koi. Remember?" He asked, scooting closer to hold him, their foreheads touching.

Trunks blinked at him sleepily. "Oh ya." He mumbled, smiling softly before snuggling into Gohan's arms for the warmth they provided.

"G'night." He said, trying to get back to sleep. Though even in his half asleep state he still couldn't help but wonder why he was so tired. He'd gotten more than enough sleep the night before, but perhaps he was just making up for lost hours.

He would have been back to sleep by now, but Gohan was simply annoying enough to not let him do it. Shaking him awake again. "Trunks, try to stay up for a few minutes. I have something for you." He said, earning the sleeping prince's full attention at the idea of presents.

Said prince yawned. Blinking his eyes wide open to try and get some strength in them as he forced them to focus on Gohan's face. "What is it?" He asked, bringing a hand up to rub the sleep out if his eyes.

Gohan smiled at him, taking the hand Trunks was using on his eyes before slipping one of the gold bands on his wedding finger.

Trunks instantly froze up when he felt it, taking his hand back when Gohan gave it to him to have a look. Shocked to find an actual wedding band on his finger and whipping his head back at his boyfriend as if to ask if it was real.

Gohan was just looking at him, expectantly awaiting his answer. "What do you think?" He asked. Hoping that he would say yes.

Trunks wanted to cry, unable to fully believe that Gohan really did want to marry him after he broke off their bond. "Of course I will!" He all but shouted, wrapping his arms around his delighted Koi's neck who was more than happy to embrace him back.

Trunks felt him shift a little, a gentle hand grazing over his bite scar and a soft whisper in his ear. Telling him to hold still and that he loved him before the familiar pain of sharp teeth against flesh hit his senses. Biting hard until the flesh tore and blood spilled before being sucked up and licked clean. His scar was now open again.

He was fully aware that Gohan had just had a flash of all the memories he'd had since the bond was broken, and he hoped in the back of his mind that Gohan would know that he wasn't ready to talk about them just yet.

Gohan must have sensed his distress with the newly opened one way bond, because he didn't say anything, but the look of slight hurt and shock that covered his features using a simple frown told him that he did in fact see it all.

It was his turn next, and Gohan tilted his head to the side to give him better access to his scarred neck. Trunks wasted no time in baring his fangs before biting down as hard as he could. Gohan made a small wince of pain, but that was about it as he let the younger demi do what he needed to do in order to re-open the last part to their lost bond.

To his delight he could feel the bond as it completed itself and opened back up for them. But to his horror, he'd forgotten that Trunks would be seeing a lot of the things he'd said, done, and felt over the past three months as well, most of which had been either crying himself to sleep, destroying some room or another in his apartment along with every photo he had of them together, and then throwing the rings into the lake.

And judging by how quiet the teen was when he pulled his teeth away, not bothering to clean the wound he'd created with his fangs as he inched away from him, Gohan knew that he'd seen some if not all of it.

Gohan tightened his grip on him before he could get far, wanting to say what he needed to say as fast as he could before he lost him again.

"Trunks," He started, his throat as dry as desert sand. "Please understand, I thought you left me. "I-I didn't mean any of it, I swear I didn't." He choked, fresh tears in his eyes that he tried to fight off. But the dam behind his eyes must have broken because the tears flowed freely down his face anyway.

There was a silence in the air, which lasted for only a few minutes, but could have been an eternity for all Gohan knew. Shaking in fear and waiting for a response from Trunks who simply stayed dead silent. Until he eventually sighed before speaking.

"When I was back with tousan, and he told me how you wanted nothing to do with me, I was heartbroken too." He explained softly, much to Gohan's utter relief. "And if I had the means, I think I would have destroyed a few things too." He added as an after thought, smiling up at his fiancé before reaching his face up to give him a soft kiss. Reassuring him that he was forgiven.

Gohan had trouble responding to it with how shaken he was. Finding it hard to believe how Goten had been right and how he'd been forgiven so easily. But he didn't want to push his luck on the issue, so for the moment he let the subject drop and simply held him close.


I'm glad I forgave Gohan. Not that I wouldn't to begin with, but when our bond came back, and the memories flooded my eyes and mind, I was more than just a little shocked to find all the emotions he'd been having about me since I went missing. And in the long run, I couldn't blame him for having them.

He thought I left him right out of the blue the day he planned on proposing to me. I think that would piss off a lot of people before sending them into a fit of depression too. So it's not like I can blame him for going nuts on all of our mementoes and every other thing we've gotten together.

I can feel his emotions right now, the happiness and relief that I forgave him, the content feeling he has right now by simply laying with me, and the joy he gets at the idea of being with me forever.

I know he loves me. There's no doubt in my mind about that. So why shouldn't I forgive him? In fact, now that I think about it, there's nothing to forgive at all. He only acted the way he did because I was gone from his life, and that should be proof enough of his love for me even if we didn't have this bond between us to depend upon.

He's still shaking as I hold him. I don't think I ever sensed these emotions in him all at once at such s high intensity before. It's kind of strange knowing that I'm doing it to him, and for a moment I can't help but feel a twinge of guilt before reminding myself that there's nothing I can do about it at the moment aside from be supportive and let him know that I don't blame him.

For thinking I had left him, for killing my father, and for taking so long in getting me away from him (Even though the last two weren't even his fault. I can sense that he blames himself for them).

And that's what I continued to do, right up until his eyes dried and he calmed down, chuckling a little at his own show of weakness and trying to hide his embarrassment for it under his hand. But I pull it away from his face, wanting to see his blush in the dark.

He looks good.

Gohan pulls me close again, almost the point of crushing me, but I'm sure I'm not holding back any better.

He sighs in my hair. "I missed you so much." He breathes, squeezing me extra tight for emphasis.

I nod my head at that. "I missed you too." I whisper back, feeling him kiss my hair.

I'll never understand what he finds so great about my hair. He's always playing in it.

"I have something for you." He says, gently twisting around a few strands between his fingers.

I can't help but blink up at him, wondering what else he could do for me all in one night. "Really? What?" I ask, and I can't help but feel a little excited.

Gohan turns his gaze over towards the door, raising his ki just a little, as if signaling for someone to enter.

Sure enough, the door gently opens, and in walks Chi-Chi-san, Goku-sama and Goten. They all have bright smiles on their faces as Chi-Chi-san holds the cake in both her hands, candles lit on it as she slowly enters to keep any of them from going out.

My breath hitches at the sight of them, shocked when they start singing "Happy Birthday To You".


I can't help the bright smile on my face as I watch Trunks, the look of awe on his face that were going to be celebrating his birthday even though it passed months ago.

Yamcha, Piccolo, Tien, along with the rest of the fighters are all back in the livingroom waiting for him to get out of bed to join his birthday party.

Kasaan knelt down on the bed next to us, holding the cake out for Trunks to see. "Make a wish and blow out the candles, sweety." She said, smiling brightly herself.

I looked at his face for the reaction he gave, loving the bright look on his face as the flame of the eighteen candles flicked light over his beautiful features. He took in a deep breath, and blew a small gust of air that swept over the many flickering lights until they all flickered no more.

All save for one.

"Aw, you missed one. That's too bad." kasaan said, looking at the lit candle with slight disdain.

/You missed one, koi./ I pointed out through our mental link.

He smiled at me, the dull look in his eyes that had been there earlier today vanishing right before my very eyes.

/I meant to do that./ He replied.

I raised an eyebrow at him playfully. /Really? Why?/

/Leave a candle lit on a cake and it means you have a boyfriend, but if you do it when engaged, it means the marriage will last forever./ He replied happily.

And I kissed him. Hard. Probably not the most respectful thing to do in front of my parents and brother, but I knew they wouldn't mind too much.

A marriage that will last forever based on one candle staying lit?

Then I'll make sure our fire never goes out.

The End

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