FYI: This fiction is based during the fifth season of Angel and takes place in an alter-verse sometime like a few months after 5.8 'Destiny'. This is also the third fiction that I have had the honor to write so please don't be too critical as I am still a novice writer. Please if there are any suggestions do review. Hope you enjoy.

YKTD (You Know the Drill): Any characters from Angel or mention to Buffy the Vampire Slayer does not belong to me. Any characters of fiction do any if any names have been taken from other fiction writer's stories that are purely coincidental.

Forever Young

Written by Golden_Eyed_Vamp

Prolog ~ Be Careful What You Wish For.

Spike stood there looking like a helpless puppy. It wasn't the fact that he truly was helpless or that the tears in his eyes made them look so sad and enormous; it was that fact that all toddlers, after taking a fall look that way.

It wasn't even his fault. No it was Angel's fault for being such an ignorant poof. But then again he didn't even know who Angel was for that matter. Just some big stupid guy was dumb hair. He was William now and that was all Angel's fault. Had to make a wish in the vicinity of a Vengeance demon. If Spike hadn't been the way he was now, he would have beaten Angel good and right.

Angle wasn't so bright to have forgotten the most important rule: be careful what you wish for.


~ Ten Minutes Earlier ~

"Okay now, your telling me that turning the sorcerer into a toad wasn't you fault?"

Spike stifled an unneeded yawn as he sat listening to the regular sob story that Gunn was attending to. An infuriated old wizard that had fallen victim to power outbreak was suing a young Mirkla demon with powers to turn people into in amphibians. Spike knew full well that Mirkla demons had very little control over their powers when threatened and as the old coot was dissecting a tropical arrow frog alive.

"Yessss ssssir. I couldn't help it, all Mirkla are connected with amphibianssss. They are ssssaid to be cousssinssss of ourssss. I could feel itssss pain. and I have not yet learned to control the unsssstable powerssss of my race."

Spike had zoned out by then. Listing to all this yammering was like driving white-hot pokers into his eyes. It was only by turning his head to the side to crack his neck; that Spike stopped when he caught a flash out of the corner of his eye.

There stood a man with a familiar looking face. He had seen that look some where else before on the faces of Anya and Halfrek. It was a Vengeance demon. He was tall and had managed to pull off the menacing look, as well as the diamond pendant with red speaks that hung around his neck.

Getting up fast and nearly knocking over Gunn in the process, Spike ran out of the room and strait for Angel's office. He knew from experience that it wasn't a very smart thing to have a Vengeance demon walking around and definitely not walking around Wolfram and Hart! He made it to Angel's office within seconds.

"Ah Peaches, I think you should come out here for a minute"

Angel groaned and rubbed his forehead. "Bugger off Spike, I'm working right now"

"No I really mean you have to come out here you sod before someone makes a wish!" he snapped angrily at the older vampire.

"Well you know what Spike, I wish you would stop being such a baby because that's what you are!"

*Oh Shit*

The Vengeance demon was at his side before he was able to convert that thought to words. Sending a cruel mocking smile in the blond vampires direction, the demon raised his hand and said the words.

"Wish Granted"