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Chapter 1 - Walls

I knelt in my room, panting steadily. Stains had fallen upon my perfectly white pillow, giving it a dirty, horrible appearance. I stood up clumsily, bringing my hood over my head, it's shadow protecting my reputation as 'the emotionless girl'. Although, that reputation hardly is me.

I walked into the kitchen, and started to boil some water for my tea. Their eyes, I could feel, were boring into my back. They were probably waiting for me to say something to them. Oh, what the heck. Might as well humor them.

"Good morning everyone," I mumbled, taking my tea to sit down.

"Good morning Raven! Did you sleep well?" asked Starfire, cocking her head to the side.

"Um...sure," I said. I didn't really want to lie. Of course, saying 'sure' isn't truly lying: it's giving them an answer.

"Whaddya mean, 'sure'?" asked Beast Boy. Apparently, he could see right through my plan.

Cyborg groaned. "Yo, BB, maybe she just doesn't wanna talk right now. I mean, she just got up."

Thank you Cyborg.

"Well...she doesn't always have to be so secretive about everything!" Beast Boy retorted.

"Maybe to you...but have you ever thought that I might just have a good reason?" I tried to pull my hood up more, vainly keeping what was under it away.

I hastily walked past them, trying to end the conversation as soon as possible. They have no reason to be worrying about me. ME of all people that could be wasting their breath. And who does Beast Boy think he is? Mouthing off at me, not thinking about anything but himself. If he was so concerned about how I slept, he should have just buzzed off!

I stopped suddenly, letting a deep growl come from my throat. Through leaving the kitchen to escape their retched conversation, I'd forgotten my tea! I can't very well go back for it though, can I? I cannot do that to my pride. But oh how I need my tea right now!

"Hey! Raven!" Oh great, here he comes. "You forgot your tea!"

Beast Boy came running towards me, my tea held in his hands. I could have almost kissed him for bringing it to me...yeah...right! Even if he DID bring the one thing that I needed most, I would never do THAT.

"Thanks...," I said blandly, turning to go into my room.

Beast Boy put his hand on my shoulder. "Wait. I just wanna say that..."

"You're sorry?" I finished for him.

Beast Boy turned his back to me and lowered his head. "Well, yeah," he said matter of factly. "But you could have been a little more conversational at the table, you know." He walked back towards the kitchen, his back hunched over in defeat. I almost felt sorry for him...almost.

I walked back into the cold, unforgiving abyss that is my room. The feeling of pain, still hold up in it, shot through me. The pain that I had felt, just this morning, came into my heart once again. My depression overwhelmed me, throwing me down onto my knees. And as if that wasn't enough for it, the smell of stale tears began to hover about. Haunting me; taunting me; bashing my spirit against the wall, along with other items.

All of my belongings once again began to levitate, slowly at first but getting faster until they were but blurs. Crashing into either the wall of my room, or each other in midair, they made loud, shattering noises back and forth. My bed started to lift up, loosening its grip on the floor, and sped towards me. Only then did I have sense enough to stop all of my emotions. Such a horrible end that would have made; an end by levitating bed.

The one luxury I have in my horrific depression is my soundproof walls. The one thing that keeps the others from finding out about this; my soundless chamber.

"That's enough Raven!" I shouted to myself in frustration. "Shut up!"

My head pounded, I needed to calm myself down, darn it! I need some time to meditate through this! With my luck, the alarm will ring when I'm in the middle of it. I won't care if it does though...My emotions are drained.


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