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Chapter 14 - Content

'Did we die?'

I...don't think so. I can feel Beast Boy's hand, and I'm pretty sure that you can't feel when you're dead...


What's so amusing, my dear conscience?

'Look beside you.'

I gingerly turned my head to where my conscience somehow pointed, and laid my head to its side. There was Beast Boy...All his imperfection made him seem angelic, somehow. His arms swinging loosely to his sides as he slept in the chair next to my bed, mouth open, but breathing through his nose. Pajamas of cotton with white rabbits on them...He must be so exhausted after that whole entourage.

Trying to prop myself up, I found that I could barely lift my arms to place my palms on the bed. All I could do was hold Beast Boy's hand for comfort...That's probably better, anyway. He's sleeping, and I wouldn't want to wake him up.

Beast Boy started to stir as I was lost in my thoughts. He gave a little moan at first. You know, the kind that you make when you don't really want to get up, but know that you have to. Like that, except a little more patient. When he started to started to step onto the carpet of my room, I let go of his hand, reluctantly. Maybe I'd been holding it too hard.

With his slippers to stretch, and still did not notice that I was awake. That's expected, though. I can't really move much.

The light was shining in across his face, and through the dust that had collected in the air. Darkness gathered around the light that shone through, and shadowed anything it could. It was hiding from the light. It was afraid of what it might do. I've never seen the darkness like that before.

Beast Boy looked a little pale, and he had dark rings under his eyes. Like the inside of his eye had switched places with the outside, almost. That would have been really beautiful if he didn't look so tired...I wonder how much sleep he got? Or how much I got for that matter, yes?

"Hey...," I cooed softly to him. "You should just sleep."

His ears perked up. Suddenly waking, Beast Boy turned his head to look at me. His eyes were glazed over, and I couldn't help but notice that his knees dropped slightly at the sound of my voice. He ran as fast as he could in the short distance from where he stood to my bed, propping me up into an upright position. I didn't really have any control over my body, so my head flopped behind me.

"Uh...Sorry, Raven," said Beast Boy, fumbling to get my head strait. "Oh man...I'm so glad that you're awake."

I closed my eyes and gave a sigh of relief. "You're not alone, Beast Boy. I'm glad to be awake...And to be awakened with you near me."

He blushed intensely, and there was a few seconds of silence between us. He was looking strait into my eyes, and I could almost feel his soul being projected into my heart. My face was starting to get hot, too, and I could feel my cheeks betting red, until he spoke up.

He put his hand behind his head, the other one holding mine. "I just couldn't leave you unconsious after all of that. What if you woke up and didn't know where you were, or who you were? What if you'd woken up without knowing who I was?...Or what had happened?" Beast Boy paused to catch his labored breath. "I'd die, Raven."

"You almost did, before, but that's not the point. I didn't forget, and I don't think that even memory loss would keep me from you. Let's not worry about it."

'Heh...Look who's talking little Miss "I'm gonna worry myself to death".'

Oh, shut up.

Beast Boy's handsome, furrowed brow finally rested, and he smiled off towards the window. "Wanna go for a walk?"

"But I can't..."

Beast Boy interupted me and said, "I'll carry you. By 'walk', I meant that I'd be walking." He smiled with content and kind of laughed.

Embarassed by both my inability to move, and by the fact that he even offered to carry me, my ears started to get warm. Along with blushing, my ears can get red at times. Beast Boy noticed, and chuckled a little. "OK..." I whispered, letting him pick me up and hold me between his arms.

Resting my head against his arm, I could feel each of his careful steps as he walked down the stairs. I could hear the going-ons of Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin. It sounded like Cyborg was rummaging around through the living room to find the remote while Starfire was talking to Robin about her experience at the book store. Robin, naturally, was listening and making small comments about whatever Starfire was talking about.

Silence...That's weird...Oh. Wait. We entered the room. THAT would explain it.

"Beast Boy! Do you know where...?" Cyborg stopped mid-sentence. He must not have been paying attention. "Uh...Nevermind. I'll find it."

"Raven! You are unharmed! You..." From what I could tell, Robin must have stopped Starfire.

His footsteps patted against the carpeted floor. "We'll talk to you two later, then." You could just hear the smile in his voice.

Beast Boy kept walking out the door. Then I suddenly felt lifted...I guess that makes sense, though. We live on an island, so we have to fly or swim to get off.

Being in that soundproofed room did something to me. Hearing nothing beyond my own thoughts, having no one to listen to me inside my self-made prison...that made me cold. All I could do was think about what was shut up inside myself, and I thought that what I saw there was bad. I thought that nothing was worse, and when I looked, I saw that nothing was...But even so. If I'm the most vile, crazy being on this planet, that must be all right. I have these people with me. I have these friends, and this Beast Boy. If I'm the worst, and they think that's OK, then it must be.


"Uh hm?..."

Kissing me gently on the forehead he whispered back, "I'm gonna try and trust you more from now on, all right?"

I smiled. "If you want to."

A crash was heard in the distance, and a splash was made in the water as we landed in the park. I blushed, knowing that my powers must be back. That's too bad...Oh well. It figures that my mental strength would be back before my physical.

Beast Boy laughed, knowing what I was thinking. "Don't worry about that. It'll just give those fishermen a better chance to catch something today."

He set me down gently under a tree, and I smiled at his joke. "Sure..."

I looked up to find that the tree I was now lying under was the very tree that had saved me from the acid rain. The very tree that stood taller, spread farther, and grew stronger than any other living thing. The tree that took me under its branches for rest. Any scratches or bites from the acid were wearing themselves away, and the oak was slowly healing itself and recovering.

"I wish I was like this tree..." I mumbled aloud as Beast Boy himself started to lie down next to me.

Sighing and putting his hands behind his head, he looked up into the clouds and laughed. "Raven...You have no idea how truly alike you are to this tree." Can he read my thoughts? "I was there the day that you came here in the acid rain, and you are very much like this tree."

I turned my head to meet his and looked at him. "You...um..."

"Sorry, but I was worried about you."

We stared at each other in a comfortable silence for quite awhile. That's not common for any of the Titans.

"Even with that soundproof room, your intent couldn't have been clearer after that day, you know. Anyone would have done the same thing." He explained, ending the quiet that I had grown tired of. "Luckily, your room couldn't hide everything."

As the wind blew across my face, I finally was able to realize it. Knowing nothing beyond my room, I wasn't able to, but this boy knew it all along. This boy whom saved us both from death.

I turned my attention to the sky and moved my hand towards his. "You've never been more correct." VvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvV A/N - That's all of it. There's nothing more of this story that's to be said by me. I enourage you to review this chapter, and if you haven't already, the rest of my story...