She wasn't sure what time it is. Or where she was. Daria was only aware of the fact of how damn cold it was. Slowly her brain regained function, and she looked blurrily around, recognizing that she was still on that tedious camping trip. She looked down at herself, which was covered in naught but a t-shirt and shorts. Where were her blankets? No wonder she was freezing. Hearing a rustling on her left, Daria turned to see Jane, wrapped tightly in a cocoon of blankets. Her blankets, dammit. Daria growled at the encased blanket thief and grabbed the edge of a blanket, pulling as hard as she could.

Jane groaned and rolled the opposite direction, the dead weight winning over Daria's groggy strength. She knew she wouldn't be able to unwrap anything off of Jane, and the girl was even harder to rouse than her brother. Turning on her other side and hugging her legs to her to keep warm, Daria looked at Trent. Her mouth opened and formed a silent "eep" when she saw that his eyes were open.

Trent hadn't slept very well, as Jesse kept kicking him in his sleep. Then he heard rustling next to him, sounds of struggle, and an angry moan. Risking it, he slowly opened his eyes. It took him a moment to realize he was looking at Daria's back. Then, she turned and they were looking at each other. Trent didn't really understand what was going on. He stared back a Daria for a while, before his eyes wandered down her face and to her shoulders. There was something odd about this situation, but he didn't know what it was. . . then he caught Daria shiver. Oh!

"You have no blankets."

Daria just chattered her teeth at him, unsure how to reply.

Trent watched Daria for a few more moments, his brain slowly trying to figure out what to do. Then he turned on his back and attempted to pull blankets towards him. He had about as much luck as Daria. Turning back on his side facing her he gave his blankets one last futile yank, then slid backwards next to his friend to try and make room for Daria under the blankets.

Immensely grateful, Daria slid underneath the covers, only to find they didn't really do the job; only half covering her. She turned on her side, away from Trent and tried to pull the blankets around her. Her leg brushed against warm skin as she tried to settle in. Why wasn't Trent wearing pants??? As she realized she could literally feel heat radiating from his direction she decided he must have kicked them off because he had gotten too hot under all the blankets.

Trent found Daria's arm and rubbed it with his hand, trying to warm her up. It was like inviting a giant ice block to come lay next to you. When her leg brushed up against his, reminding him that he was no longer wearing pants, he had pulled back in shock of the iciness of her skin. He put his arm around her stomach and pulled her into him, spooning her legs.

Daria shivered again, this time not from the temperature. She took a deep breath, trying to distance herself from the awkward, but not un- enjoyable, position she was in. Her arms were tucked up next to her chest, holding the edge of the blanket, and she could feel Trent's hot breath on the back of her head. Their bodies were completely flushed, and she could feel every breath he took move his stomach into the small of her back. Especially when he laughed, which he was doing now.

"What?" she asked.

"Never thought I'd be spooning you, Daria."

Daria's brain scolded her again for getting her hopes up. "Oh," she said flatly, coming to terms for the ninth time that day that Trent would never see her as anything more than his friend. But she could live with that. It was obvious that she would always like him, but being friends was better than nothing, right?

Trent pulled her closer into him again and closed his eyes, drifting off into unconsciousness.

Daria sighed and let her eyelids fall closed, hoping she would be able to sleep. She wondered idly what Trent was thinking about, or dreaming about. She couldn't ever really tell if there was more going on there than it looked. There had to be, right? Smiling to herself, she reminded herself that not everyone was smart in the same ways. Maybe Trent's verbal quips weren't quite up to her speed, but then, who's were? And he may not be smart in that bookish kind of way that she was known for, but he seemed to have an internal, instinctive intelligence that kept him out of serious trouble. Daria didn't think she could really be attracted to anyone who was seriously as slow as Trent sometimes appeared, so she trusted her instincts that there was more to Trent than met the eye.

Trent looked about him, glad to be rid of Daria/Quinn. Turning around, he saw Daria standing behind him, looking up at him, a normal expressionless look about her. But when he picked her up in his hand and held her up to his face, she looked puzzled.

"What?" she asked, crossing her miniscule arms across her chest.

"You're so small!" he said in amazement

"Don't you like me small?"

"Uh," he didn't know how to answer that. "I guess you're ok small, but its weird."

"You made me this size."


Daria just shook her head at him in disappointment, then sat down cross-legged in the palm of his hand, picking at the hem of her skirt and ignoring him in general.

Trent pondered. She was still Daria, just tiny Daria. He should be okay with that, right? But why had he made her tiny? He liked her when she was normal size; he didn't have to pick her up to talk to her.

"But if you stay this size, I might lose you," he said finally.

Daria looked up from picking at her shoelaces. "Do you really want me to be bigger?"

Trent looked back into her tiny face blankly.

"If you make me big, you'll never be able to make me small again."

"Um, okay."

"You're sure about this? You don't like being able to just put me in your pocket and just take me out when you want a chat?"

"Uh," he was still baffled, "talking with you is cool. But it be better if you were bigger, then I could, like, see you when I was talking to you."

She stared at him again and he nodded his head sincerely, trying to convince her. "You'd look hot bigger," he said without thinking about it. Daria stared at him a moment longer, then turned around in his palm and pulled his index finger up, then bent down and kissed it.


Trent whirled around to find Daria now behind him, normal size, but dressed as a Victoria's secret model. His mouth dropped, then he smirked and said, "See? I told you." He took her hand and they walked towards a house surrounded by a field that had appeared in the distance. They spent the rest of the afternoon together, talking and joking. At one point they attempted to make homemade pizza, but it burnt to a crisp. At first, Daria was angry but he'd told her it was okay, that he wasn't really hungry, and that they could find something else to do.

The looked outside, debating whether or not to wander into the great outdoors. Instead they climbed on the roof with a blanket and looked at the stars. Trent told Daria about his life, how he still wanted to make it big, but he kept on having doubts. How he wished people would stop thinking he was just a low-life slacker, but at the same time he felt like he shouldn't care what people thought- part of the reason he was so lazy. Like if he actually did something, he'd be betraying himself and his ideals.

Daria listened intently, then just smiled a tiny smile and told him that he should do what felt right to him, and that she'd still be his friend no matter what. He smiled back at her, then nestled up next to her, trying to keep her warm. Trent put his arm around her and pulled her close, burying his face in her hair and rubbing her stomach delicately with his hand.

When Daria put her hand on top of his and hugged it tightly to her chest, Trent opened his eyes again, lifting his head. He was no longer on top of a roof with Daria in her underwear. Instead, he was in a tent with Daria in her nightshirt. He smiled and put his head back down, deeply breathing in that distinctly Daria aroma and falling back asleep.