"Jesse, come on!" Brennan yelled down the hall. "I don't want to be gone all day."
"Ok, ok." Jesse ran down the hall of Sanctuary as fast as he could, phasing through obstacles as he went. He could do it at a moment's notice now, attesting to his growing skill with his recent powers.
"You should be careful when doing that," the older man scolded as Jesse skid to a stop.
"Oh come on," the twenty-something rolled his eyes. "You're so condescending."
Brennan just got a frown on his face and turned away. Though only a couple years older than Jesse, he still thought of the young adult as his little brother.
"Where are we going anyway?" Jesse asked.
"There's a new mutant that contacted us this morning. We've been volunteered by the girls to go pick him up," Brennan answered. "The girls claim to need some time off."
Jesse snorted. "Yeah, they told me Lexa 'needed' some new clothes. 'It is dire' in their words."
"Well, either way, Shal voted us to go and I agreed. According to the computers, this new mutant would be pretty skittish around the girls. Hence, off we go to save the day!" Both guys laughed on their way out to the garage.

The girls giggled walking into Sanctuary, shopping bags loading them down. Shalimar's golden mane swished on her shoulders, and her eyes flashed yellow as she picked up Brennan's scent. Calm down girl, she said to herself. You've never had a crush for this long.
Lexa walked past her to her room. A tall brunette, with sleek build and shocking brown eyes, she was an inch taller than Shalimar. She dropped her bags off in a hurry, vowing to put the new clothes away later.
"Hey," Shalimar said as they met again in the hall, "where is everybody?"
"Maybe they're still after that mutant?" Lexa answered with a shrug.
"But.Brennan said it wouldn't take too long." Shalimar pouted, which meant she was worried. Lexa sighed in mock exasperation.
"I'm sure they're fine." The problem was that she had a feeling something was wrong as well.

Jesse and Brennan were walking through the mall, furtively looking around for their quarry. With Brennan's appealing older bad boy look and Jesse's younger somewhat preppy visage, many females couldn't help but take notice. Many gave flirtatious smiles, but they were not returned because Jesse and Brennan had other things on their minds. The new mutant had not met them I the parking garage over two hours ago, so, beginning to get impatient, they went looking in the mall. It wouldn't have been so bad if the women they passed would stop jostling them. Apparently there was a big sale at one of the department stores, but the two had been warned too late.
"Man, how're we even gonna' recognize him?" Jesse asked when they stopped at the food court. It was unusually quiet there.
"The mainframe said he had red hair and a scar that goes up his left cheek," Brennan replied, demonstrating with his finger.
"Like that?" Jesse pointed at a tall man across the court, furtively looking over his shoulder.
"Just like that," Brennan said as he narrowed his eyes. "Let's go get him."