It's A Stoppable Life By Jessie G. (Dory)

Chapter 1: Just the Sidekick

Ron Stoppable turned to the angel and gave him a long hard look, after all that he had been through, it seemed like life was horrid without him, but he still had to wonder, "Where's Jillian?"

Herman gulped, "Well, she isn't married, if that's what you're wondering."

"WHERE IS JILLIAN?" Ron stomped a foot deep into the fake snow, his face had many scratches and tears fell through his eyes, his face a glowing red in anger, "take me to her, now!"

The angel sighed and nodded, with a whish it seemed like the setting was being wheeled away by people dressed in black, and suddenly the new setting had come and he saw Kim Possible, in a bundle of clothes, leaving her porch. Her eyes looked loss and her face looked like she was thinking a million torn thoughts all at once.

"Jill .. my Jillian .." Ron walked to Kim, Herman looked from where he stood, and sighed.

"You know she can't see you Mr. Thomas," But Ron kept walking, slowly, but still, he kept moving, as if possibly if he got close enough she would see him, "Jack! Mr. Thomas! She can't see you, or hear you, you don't exists, remember?"

Ron ignored him and continued to Kim, but suddenly, he tripped over his own feet, in such a Ron way, and he accidentally took Kim down with him, oops.

"CUT!" A voice echoed in the theatre, ringing in Ron's ears, again. Ron closed his eyes tightly, wishing he hadn't just done that, the scene was going so well too! They had almost gotten all the way through rehearsal without a mess up, and tonight was the show, things were going just peachy obviously.

"Great job idiot," Bonnie's voice hissed as she walked up to him, of all people she HAD to be the one to direct the Christmas play, the school's rendition of 'It's A Wonderful Life'. Ron kept his eyes closed, he could hear everyone hissing complaints about wasting school time and scowling insults at him.

'Christmas time .. oh yeah, the season where everyone is happy. Everyone except the kids who work on the Christmas play .. jeez I don't even celebrate Christmas, why am I even here?' Ron thought to himself, eyes still closed, he hadn't moved at all. He suddenly realized he was laying on something soft, but his mind was crying in a way that if he got up to see what it was, he would also have to get up to see everyone's angry faces too, plenty to match the angry voices.

But among all the insults and angry voices, Ron heard laughing, and not the kind of laughing where someone is laughing at you, the kind of happy and sweet laugh a girl uses when she's being tickled or enjoys a joke you just said. Inside Ron smiled, 'THAT's why I'm here,' he thought to himself. Kim Possible was any real reason to do anything, Ron never had totally considered liking her any other way than best friend, but it was at these times he absolutely loved her, where everyone else hated his guts, and she didn't.

"Ron, could you get up or something? Your crushing my stomach," Kim sort of laughed as she was on her elbows trying to sit up, but with Ron just laying there, she couldn't go any further. Some how a laugh just seemed to work there, after all, in a way, it was rather funny.

Ron's eyes bounced open and he instantly sat up and smiled with a slight blush, "Sorry KP," he looked down at the fake snow, he felt if he heard another angry voice again he would chuck a snow ball at them.

At last, he heard another angry voice, but rejected his most highest need to smash a fake snowball onto Bonnie's face, "Sorry?! SORRY?! You say sorry to Kim, but not me? Not to the person who gave you this role? Not to all the people who are trying to do this play without you goofing everything up?"

But Ron quickly was back into his old self and he stood up, "Aww, does Bon-Bon want a hug?" He threw out his arms in a childish way; she glared and stomped off stage. Rufus walked on stage with a big clipboard and immediately started chirping commands at everyone, many people hissed at having a naked mole rat as their stage manager, but they all were too tired to complain any louder. After all, Rufus did do a good job at it.

Dusting off his shirt for a second, Ron looked down at Kim who had fallen back into the fake snow, "You need some help there Kim?" He laughed, bent down and gave out a hand, but Kim shook her head.

"Nah, it feels good to be lying down," Kim sighed, for once a moment where it was just her and her best pal Ron, no Kimmunicator beeping, no Bonnie yelling.

Ron squatted down by her and laughed, "Yeah well I think I've had enough of the ground for one day." Yet he sat down next to her anyway.

Monique then appeared from out of the curtains, dressed in all black, she was one of the stage crew people who helped switch settings for new scenes. She looked exhausted as she sat down with Kim and Ron, "I hope you don't plan to trip again during the actual performance, Ron."

Ron sighed, but smirked, "My feet trip in mysterious ways, you know."

Kim interrupted, "Still Ron, everyone is gonna have your head if you goof up again, especially during the performance." Ron nodded in agreement, no one was acting like themselves today, too much serious, lack of fun, Christmas plays were suppose to be remotely fun. Suddenly the Kimmunicator beeped, Kim clicked it on, "What's the sitch Wade?"

"I'd hate to do this to you guys now," Wade began, he knew upsetting Bonnie during performance week was a bad idea, "But its Drakken and Shego again, stealing some stuff from the local museum."

Nodding, Kim looked to Ron, and then back to Wade, "No big, Wade. I think we could use a little break."

Monique shook her head, "Calling a fight against Drakken and Shego a break? Girl, how hard did you fall?"

Kim smiled to Monique, then looked back at Wade, "We'll be there in a minute Wade," Instantly the Kimmunicator was clicked off and Kim and Ron were out the door, Rufus in Ron's pocket, of course.

Bonnie entered the middle of the stage, "Ok everyone, are we ready for another run through?" Everyone looked at each other nervously, they all knew Bonnie was going to start screaming when she figured out that the two stars and the stage manager had run off.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Over at the museum xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Kim looked around the museum carefully somewhere Drakken and Shego lurked in there, ready to pounce into a fight.

"Oh come on KP, you and I both know we only have to look for Shego, cause when have you ever seen Drakken pounce? That's like a catwoman thing, not a mad blue genius guy thing!" Ron commented, even though the narrator had said the last thing, not Kim, but you can ignore that for now.

"Yeah, but we always find Drakken first, and then Shego comes out of nowhere," Kim replied, not looking at Ron, just looking carefully around.

"Dang, how'd she figure that out?" A recognizable voice grumbled from around the corner.

"Cause she pays attention, unlike you," Another recognizable voice replied sarcastically.

Ron and Kim glanced at each other, Kim whispered, "Three guesses who it is."

With that Kim was around the corner and the usual Kim VS Shego fight went on. Drakken stood next to Ron, the two just watching the girls beat each other up.

"So what are you stealing this time?" Ron asked in a bored tone.

Drakken shrugged, "Like I would know, some rare thingy-ma-bobber."

Ron nodded, "Ever notice it's much more fun to watch Kim and Shego fight than to be actually in the fight?"

"It's one of those Disney formula things I think .." Drakken said with a nod.

"Totally over used," Ron said dully.

After a moment, Kim and Shego stopped fighting, Shego screamed, "Do something other than standing around!"

Drakken rolled his eyes, "Fine, fine, Miss Bossy-Pants." Even though he continued to stand there, suddenly noticing Rufus was growling at him from the floor.

Ron sighed, now he had to work, he stretched his arms for a moment and said, "I'm comin' Kim!" Ron ran towards Kim and Shego, he attempted to grab her by the hair, he wasn't sure what else he could do.

"RON! WATCH OUT!" Ron's mind suddenly turned on, as he dodged a punch from Shego. Some how he had gotten here, he wasn't sure how, these fight scenes were always messy and way too quick to grasp.

Kim gave Shego some kicks and punches, however she missed more than hit, and was worried she might accidentally kick Ron, even though to this day that has yet to happen.

With one fast move, Shego grinned and with her elbow, elbowed Ron in the stomach, and was able to easily push him down. With a force Ron flew across the room, banging his head hard on the wall, and falling to the floor. Kim gasped, losing concentration just in time for Shego to whack her on the side of the head. Even still, Kim dived to her best friend, "Are you ok Ron?" With a moan Ron replied, but his eyes remained tightly closed as he lay limp on the floor. Kim turned to look at Drakken and Shego, who were holding some museum things in their arms, making their escape.

"Thanks to Kim's sidekick, it's no problem distracting her to get away," Drakken said with a laugh.

Shego replied, as she fallowed Drakken quickly out of the room, "How can Kim deal with someone dragging her down all the time?"

Kim looked back to Ron, at the moment, that artifact thing wasn't a big deal, she was just worried if Ron was ok or not, "Ron? Ron? Are you ok?" She brushed her glove covered hands through his blond hair, he gave a deep sigh.

His eyes drifted up to her eyes, "I do always drag you down, don't I? I drag everyone down."

Ron sat up, dusted his arms off and looked at the marble floor. He ached and pained absolutely everywhere, it was amazing he had very little damage done to him, Kim would have thrown her arms around him and embraced him with huge hug, but she just touched his shoulder, "Ron, we're a team. If you're down, I'm down."

Rufus chirped in as he made his way up to his friends, "We down" and then hopped into Ron's pocket.

Ron shook his head as he stood up, Kim still sitting where she had been sitting, he walked slowly to the door, "I'm just the sidekick, you're the hero Kim, you should have run after Drakken and Shego, I would have been fine."

Something was wrong, but Kim shook her head, stood up, and wrapped one arm around Ron's shoulders, "Lets just .. go back to school now, okay?"

Ron sort of smiled, but his head ached horribly, and he just drooped the smile back to a frown.

To Be Continued ..

A/N: Thanks for reading chapter one! I already have most of the story planned out. I hope you like it so far. I hope the characters weren't out of character too much. Ron should be more depressed than usual .. that's the main point of the story really. Lemme know what you all think! Love - Jessie