It's A Stoppable Life By Jess

Chapter 10: It's Hero Time

Kim gulped as she peered around the corner, quickly turning back to her companion, "I don't think we should do this," Kim shook her head in a Chuckie Finster-like way, and the red headed hair added on to the similarity.

Ron smiled, as he loved seeing her terrified, but only because he had rarely even seen it before now, "Don't worry, just fallow my lead and do everything I told you to do. I know we can do it."

For some reason Kim ignored her terrified feelings and relaxed with an exhale of breath, as Kim and Ron put on their acting faces and headed towards the school. It was an odd sight to see for anyone who knew the duo, but no one knew Ron here, so it wasn't quite as strange. The two where holding hands and skipping towards the entrance of the school. They looked like a couple of day dreaming elementary school children, on their way to recess.

Just as they had planned it Shego came out of nowhere with her hand glowing and a glare in her eye, "Where do you think you two love-birds are going?"

Kim gulped back her fear, for some reason she didn't know why she was trusting Ron since she had barely just met him, "Oh we're going to school, isn't that right candy-cane-pie?"

Ron loved this whole couple thing, he could get used to this if only it were real, he continued, "That's right pumpkin!"

They started doing that 'kissy' talk thing you see when ever two people are in love (or like-like each other), which is absolutely disturbing, especially if you happen to be single.

Shego whacked her forehead in annoyance with her non-glowing hand, "Oy, will you two shut up?"

Sniffling, Kim looked up pathetically to Ron, "Sh-she told us to shut up sugar-noodle!"

'Ha-ha, sugar-noodle, that's a good one!' Ron thought, and then kissed her on the top of the head, and then glared at Shego, "How dare you hurt my sugar pumpkin pie's feelings!"

Crossing her arms and laughing, Shego gave her 'yeah right' look and then proceeded to say in a sarcastic way, "Oh, what are you gonna do about it sugar-dumpling-cakes?"

Kim gave a fake and loud scoff, "No one calls him sugar-dumpling-cake but me!" And with that she kicked the astonished Shego to the ground. Kim and Ron celebrated with a high-five.

Shego's let out a gasp of breath, and then smirked, with in seconds she was behind both Ron and Kim, holding them both up by their shirt collars, "Oh don't you dare do that to me sweets, you don't know what you're up against."

Laughing, Ron smiled, "Or maybe you don't know who you're up against."

"Kid, if I can beat up those second-rate Team Possible kids, I can beat anyone up," She glared deeper at Ron, "Anyone," She said more violently.

"NOW!" Kim shrieked, and at the same time they both elbowed Shego in the stomach and when she dropped them down they both body slammed her to the ground with one fast and swift move.

"Never stop moving," Ron yelled as the started running towards the school, "and always be alert! She'll attack when you least expect it!" Ron suddenly gasped as Kim dived near him and pushed him out of the way of the blast of Shego's green stuff.

Opening his eyes he saw Kim had him pinned down and smiled, "Always be alert," And then quickly pulled him up and they started dashing into the burning building.

"Erg! Those little brats," Shego hissed, running in after them.

Meanwhile, Monique hesitated as she stood guard of the door that had all the captives in it. She didn't like this villain stuff, she didn't mind buying stuff over stealing it, in fact she wasn't sure why she couldn't just end this all right now and let those poor people out. But probably just the thoughts of Shego getting revenge on her made her shudder. Even if she turned her evil ways around, she still had quite some record with her, although she had never been caught for it, the guilt consumed her all the same, and who knows how long she could be in juvenile hall if she were to be caught.

Suddenly she heard two panting and running people coming down the hallway. At first she thought it was Drakken and Shego, but she quickly realized that their shadows were quite different, and immediately got into a defending position. One of those types of things pathetic people do when they think they know karate but they're just doing what they see on TV, with their hands in front of them and a foot in the air.

"HALT!" She screamed, but the shadows did not halt up until they entered the light and their shoes squeaked on the linoleum with a slide.

Ron sighed, "Oh, it's only Monique, we're ok."

Monique's jaw dropped, "I'm not only Monique, I'm – I'm," She was lost for words, no one had ever done this before.

"You're Monique, I just said that, duh," Ron eyed her as if she was crazy, then remembering that whole being in an alternate universe thing. He had so thought he was on just another mission with Kim, that he kind of forgot that he never existed. And we all thought Dory from 'Finding Nemo' was forgetful, huh?

Monique put her hands out as if to block them, but Kim and Ron just gave each other a look.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked.

"Blocking this door from you people rescuing these people," Monique glared and bent her knees as if to pounce.

Ron went wide-eyed, "You know, we never would have guessed they were in there if you hadn't told us," He smiled as she stared at him blankly and then mumbled something under her breath.

Both Kim and Ron started walking closer to the door, but Monique continued to block it.

"You don't want to do this Monique," Ron shook his head sincerely.

"Why not?"

"Because first of all, I know you want to be a good person, not an evil person. Secondly, I know I can bring you down, or at least Kim can, and thirdly," Ron held up three fingers, looked at them and paused for a second looking at them, then shook his head, "Never mind, there's really only two reasons."

Kim rolled her eyes, and then looked to Monique, "What's it going to be Monique? Kindness, or butt-kicking?"

Monique looked from Kim to Ron to the door handle and hesitated for a moment, "If you don't get those people out right away you'll get butt- kicked for sure from Shego. Get in there and get those people out through the second window, it's easiest to remove. Hurry!"

Smiling, Kim and Ron ran into the room, and Monique sighed, she finally for once did the right thing.

Inside the room, many, many students and teachers were all crowded up together, totally freaked out. Ron gasped as he recognized all the alternates of people he had known.

"Everyone, take nice calming deep breaths," Said a large man sitting in a yoga position, Ron suddenly realized was Mr. Barkin, "We will find a way out spiritually."

Ron had to laugh, and Kim stared at him oddly, he just smiled, "I'm sorry, that was just so unlike, I mean," He sighed, "Never mind, lets get them out of here."

Kim nodded, and then spoke loudly to the rambling people, "People! People! Excuse me, we're trying to help you all out here."

Everyone looked up and they were silent.

"Listen guys," Kim started, "We just need to get you all out safely through that second window, and then you're all home-free." She smiled while pointing to the window.

"Who are you?" One student asked.

"She is Kim Possible, and I'm Ron Stoppable," Ron introduced.

"Come on everyone," A spunky brunette said suddenly popping out of nowhere, "If we all pull together and work this all out, we can achieve ANYTHING!"

"Oh shut up Bonnie," Another girl who was in a cheerleading outfit hissed crossly.

Bonnie sat down instantly without another word, and Ron had to hold in all laughs at the thought that with out him, Bonnie was a sweet and spunky girl who actually got pushed around by others, and Mr. Barkin was actually a calm and collective person, go figure!

Instantly they started helping the students file out of the classroom window, when they head a crash outside of the door, Kim and Ron slowly turned their heads to see Shego and Dr. Drakken standing at the door. Monique sat on the floor holding her head in pain.

"Thought you could get out of this that easily, huh?" Shego smirked.

Kim nervously looked to Ron, "Ron?"

Ron rolled back at his shoulders and smiled at Kim, "It's hero time."

To Be Continued

A/N: Sorry for taking so long for this chapter. I decided to cut it short, so there could be two more chapters, or maybe one more. I hope it was worth the wait! I'll get another one out soon! - Jess