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The Chocolate Cake Of DOOM!


Duo Maxwell, the braided pilot of the Gundam bunch cautiously looked around. This was

his most important mission yet! He would have to use all his stealth and ability to make it through


After all, Quatre said they couldn't have cake until after dinner.....Damn that arab and his motherly


Oh yesss.....No one would ever suspect him... No one would see it coming..


step..... "SQUEAK" ...step...... "SQUEAK"...step... "SQUEAK"...step... "SQUEAK"

Duo looked around quickly. That noise....Where was it coming from?! He moved to look behind

him and....


He glanced down at his new sneakers. He shifted his foot.


Oh.....He quickly slid his shoes off and continued on. What was one pair of sneakers compared to a

huge CHOCOLATE cake?! Unknown to him though, a pair of hands reached out of a near by

closet and snatched up those sneakers. He wouldn't be seeing them anytime soon....


Quatre sipped his herbal tea slowly. To anyone who just happened to walk through the kitchen, or

pass by it, it would appear that he was just relaxing. But he wasn't. Quatre was on full alert!

Why? He was guarding the cake of course!

Quatre had worked with Duo long enough to know that the boy wouldn't leave a cake alone

just because someone told him to. In fact, Quatre knew he was probably planning how to snatch the

cake up right now! But, eating too much sweets is bad for you, and you shouldn't eat them until

after a meal! So, Quatre was going to make sure none of his teammates had any cake until they

were supposed to!! They had to stay healthy!!!




Quatre glanced down at his other three teammates, all of which were bound and gagged. "Now,

now," he scolded gently, " If you didn't want to end up like the floor like that, you should have

listened to what I told you."

Wufei glared a glare that Heero could have been jealous of {That is, if Heero even knew

how to be jealous.} and yelled into his gag. Quatre just smiled and patted him on the head. "So,

what should I make for dinner? Lasagna? Stir-fry? Or would you rather order pizza?" The three

pilots on the floor couldn't have talked back if they wanted to, but of course, Quatre always has

been a card or so short of a whole deck, so he didn't seem to notice. "Pizza? O.K. then! Pizza it


It takes a lot of skill to dial a phone and order a pizza, since all the people who take your

orders are in desperate need of hearing-aids. And because of that, Quatre didn't notice when Duo

sneaked into the kitchen....


"Finally!", thought Duo gleefully. He'd made it to the kitchen doorway! Duo did a quick scan of

his surroundings.

Wufei, Trowa, and Heero were all bound up with dental floss and gagged with their own

socks. "Nothing unusual there," He noted to himself.

Quatre was speaking, or yelling, into the phone on the other side of the room. And he was

facing the opposite direction. "Perfect!", Duo licked his lips and began to make his way slowly to

the kitchen counter.

After avoiding all booby traps, which consisted of : Wufei trying to trip him, a small spill of

Trowa's super hold hair gel, and Heero's Glare of Death. These were no small feats, mind you.

And there it was, in all it's glory. All three layers perfectly set, each scoop of frosting evenly

smoothed, every little chocolate sprinkle placed in just the right spot.... And it was so close...

Duo reached out.. {Insert Trumpet music and yellow glowing lights} His hand was just

inches away....

"DUO!!" And then there was nothing.


Duo awoke a while later, bound and gagged just like the other three boys. Quatre had had his

servants move them to the kitchen table for dinner. All four of them had pizza in front of them.

Quatre, noticing he was the only one eating, asked, " Aren't you hungry?"

There was silence for a few moments. Heero glared, Trowa stared blankly, Wufie...looked like

Wufei, and Duo stared down at his pizza, drool leaking out around his sock.

Quatre looked back at them," Ok then!! I guess I'll just let the servants have the cake then!"

Duo passed out right on his steamy, hot pizza.


Man, I was mean with Quatre wasn't I?! I made him sound stupid....And he's my favorite

character!! Waaah!! [Sniff, Sniff]

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