"Elliot, come on, it's a brilliant idea!" Olivia cajoled, pulling Elliot out of the car. "Many campus sexual assaults go unreported. If we leave our business cards in the residence halls, we might encourage these women to come forward!"

"I dunno Liv," Elliot frowned, glancing furtively around the Hudson University campus, looking to catch a glimpse of his beloved Maureen. "Do you really think that what's holding these girls back is their inability to find your phone number?"

Olivia pulled a face. "Fine then, spoilsport!" she snarled playfully. "I'll just put out my own cards then!" And Olivia went to distribute the stacks of cards throughout the dorms, while Elliot, who had memorized Maureen's schedule, when to spy on her in chemistry class.


Two days later, the detectives were called back to Hudson, this time in an official capacity. "This isn't the kind of case we normally work," Stabler told the uniform cop. "Why'd you call SVU in on this one?"

"We found your lady partner's business card at the crime scene," the patrolman said with a smirk. "This one's all yours."

Olivia and Elliot surveyed the carnage. The main quad on the Hudson campus had been, well, violated. Blades of grass had been cruelly trampled. Tiny, helpless flowers had been ripped from the ground in the dawn of life. The "Please Keep off the Grass" sign had been upended, and it lay accusingly on the mutilated soil. "Vandalism," the patrol cop shook his head. "It really turns your stomach, doesn't it?"

Olivia reached down and plucked her business card from a shoe print on the ground. Her face tightened. Elliot and the uniform looked on sympathetically. There was a really awkward silence.