"Kathleen, honey, what are you doing?" Elliot yelped.

"You're the perp!" Casey surmised, stating the obvious.

"That's my job!" Huang whined from off-stage.

"This is messed up," Fin observed.

"I'm sorry Daddy," Kathleen cried. "I thought if I trashed the quad and left Olivia's business card, it would get you up to the campus and I could spend time with you."

"Oh honey..." Elliot paused. "Wait a minute. You go to this school too? Aren't you, like, 12?"

"I'm SEVENTEEN, Dad!" Kathleen screamed. "Which you would know if you'd ever been home in the last five years. Or if you ever paid attention to any of us besides Maureen."

"Sweetie, you know I pay attention to you, and Dickie, and, um..." Stabler tried desperately to remember his youngest daughter's name. Luckily, Kathleen didn't seem to notice his lapse.

"Richard hasn't gone by the name "Dickie" since he got beaten to a pulp in third grade!" Kathleen screeched. "You don't know anything about us because you spend all your time with her." Kathleen gestured to Olivia.

Olivia, who had been uncharacteristically silent up until this point, spoke up. "Kathleen, baby, we can work this out," she pleaded. "I know what it's like to hate your father...I'm a child of rape, you know."

Casey's nosiness meter when through the roof. "I didn't know that!" she exclaimed gleefully. "That's really good gossip! At least, I think it is. But could someone explain it to me so I know for sure?"

Fin was getting bored with the whole situation. "Has anybody noticed that this punk-ass white chick is holding our detective hostage with a mechanical pencil?" he wondered aloud.

Feeling monumentally stupid, Olivia disarmed Kathleen, who rushed into her father's arms. "It's all right, honey, I'm not mad at you," Elliot soothed his tearful daughter. "Hey, you know what? I think your sister is on a break right now. Let's go have lunch with her!"

"Maureen, Maureen MAUREEN!" Kathleen screamed. "I hate you dad!" She ran away sobbing.

"Oh well, I tried," shrugged Elliot, leaving to seek out his eldest daughter.

"Is there going to be a trial?" wondered Casey. "Because if so, I'll have to go get some advice from my boss…"

With unspoken consent, Olivia and Fin lifted Casey off the ground and deposited her into a dumpster. "Let's go see if anyone made a fresh pot of coffee," Fin suggested, and the two of them walked off into the sunset.