Broken Wings
Chapter I: The Taunting from Within

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I just wanted to show you...

How dangerous I am. How I threatened the safety of people. How wrong my existence was...

I just wanted to let you see what dwelled inside of me...

So that you would withdraw. So that you would run from me. So that I would never be able to touch you, and I would hate you for an eternity.

I just wanted to know...

What it was like to be rejected. What it was like to be scorned. What it would be like to hate.

But you foiled my plans. You ruined everything! You destroyed my chance to be the hated one I was meant to be, that I was determined to be, even.

And then you showed me everything I thought I didn't want to know or comprehend.

You showed me what it was like... to love.


He stumbled, knocking over the row of tables as he did so.

The pain in his chest was just too overbearing, as though it were about to rip him apart and tear him to shreds there and then. No matter how much he clutched at his throbbing heart, he could not kill the razor-sharp jabs that attacked it so violently.

"No...I won't..." The battle was so agonizing. He thought he could faint. He thought he might give up. But he couldn't. He wouldn't. He had come this far to prevent such an event from happening, and he was determined to win this war - the war that raged within himself.

"Hn." Someone was laughing at him. A quiet, mocking laughter that irked him and poked at his sense of pride. "Satoshi-sama, why do you resist?"

It was a stupid question, and an irritating one no less. He had answered it millions of times before, and he would answer it again, in the same fashion, with the same words. "I am not you!"

The amused giggle yet again. "Perhaps, Satoshi-sama, that may be so. But the undeniable truth is that I am you. I am what you are, right down to your very bare essence. Why should you struggle? Can a man refute himself? Can you refuse your true nature?"

He had fallen over physically, but it felt like he had done so mentally. The new bruise on his back could not equal that of his mind. Krad's statement seemed to throw a newer, more powerful attack at him. He was worn out. He was tired.

But he could not give up! Everything that departed from the lips of his alter-ego was lies. Nothing but fallacies and false-truths!


K.O. Game over.

Krad had retreated, but not before smirking with those I-know-everything-you-don't eyes. Satoshi had won, and Krad had lost. However, his body was not as strong as his mind.


And Satoshi found himself sinking into deep, inky blackness - the sweet bliss of sleep.


"MOU!! Sensei is deliberately picking on me again! Did you see that? Out of all the pupils in our class who can't even slice a tomato, he singled me out. Just me! What has become of fairness!?"

"Risa, Sensei's just tying to help. Besides, you really have to learn how to slice foods, not slam the knife down at whatever huge chunk of vegetable is left."

"You're not helping!" They laughed at her haughty remarks and fiery attitude. They always did. Risa flung her hair back defiantly. Hmph! And to think she termed them as "friends".

"Ne, Risa, it's only for an hour. And Hiwatari-kun will be there too."

"Un, un. He missed the last lesson so Sensei's ordering him to make-up for that lesson."

"Waii~~ Risa, you get to be with the one-and-only, Kakkoi Satoshi-sama!"

Aggravating. "I've told you before; I don't like guys with glasses!" The way they teased was utterly loathsome, although Risa could not help but admit that it was rather flattering to have them speak so. "Anyway, I would rather have Dark-san with me..."

"Hehe Risa, you're such a dreamer! Dark is a legendary thief, he wouldn't cut vegetables with you." Their peals of laughter flooded the room, and Risa fumed even more.

What did they know about Dark anyway? They had never met him up close and personal. They had never seen him in the flesh, much less touch him and understand that he was completely human. And, they had never kissed him before, nor had he kissed any one of them. The more Risa thought about it, the more she trembled with anger - partly because her girlfriends were mocking her, partly because it had been a while since the almighty chivalrous Dark had appeared before her.

She left them in the classroom to joke amongst themselves like the immature, unsophisticated people they were. Harada Risa would not stand in the presence of a people who doubted her words, especially when they pertained to a particular well-known celebrity stealer. Stealer of artifacts. Stealer of art. Stealer of the hearts of women. Stealer of her very own heart.

She remembered, as vividly as the moment it had happened, the first kiss that Dark had bestowed upon her. They were on a bridge. He had asked if she liked him. She answered yes, for there was no other answer. He had kissed her then, right on the mouth. But he had never responded to her confession. He did not reply her words of apparent love.

Risa hung her head a little. Everything was a whirl. It started with Niwa, and then Dark, and then Niwa preferring her sister to her - the event which led her through a torrent of jealous and selfish emotions - and there was her hunt for Dark and the time he saved her. Or so, she had thought upon awakening on the beach. Hiwatari had affirmed that it was none of his doing, but he also hinted that it was not Dark who had saved her.

Then there were the strong arms that had prevented her fall off the building. It was probably the same two limbs that had carried her to a nearby bench, covered her with a shirt and left just one clue behind: a single white feather. Had it been a black feather, it would be easier to trace the source. That one white feather had been completely out of the blue.

Risa groaned. She hated these games of whodunnit.


She turned sharply as a crashing sound followed. The noise came from the classroom. Niwa's classroom.

By the time she had reached the entrance, a silence had transcended upon the classroom. From the open door where she stood, she could see a clattered mass of tables and chairs. It looked as though someone had been fighting. Logic told her to go and find a teacher to report this incident to, but her instinct made her stay. She could sense a presence.

Holding her breath slightly, she took a step in, searching for the mysterious unknown that had triggered her senses. Her eyes opened with wide recognition as they swept upon a figure sprawled across the floor. "Hi…Hiwatari-kun…!!!"

Her immediate reaction was to try and shake him awake, but that was to no avail. 'Wrong, wrong…" She searched frantically for a way to make the situation better. Hastily, the table that had trapped him was erected upright. She pulled him towards her such that he was in an open space, and turned him over onto his back. She had no idea what to do then.

'Think! Think!' There had to be something she could do. Hiwatari fainting like that was already terrifying as it was. If he had a heart attack or something, and she didn't revive him soon, he would surely die. 'Dammit. How did CPR work again…ARGH! Where's Riku when you need her!?'

She tried lifting him. The sick bay was only a distance away, and if she hurried she could probably make it. But it was no use. She stumbled the moment she tried supporting him. His deadweight was too heavy against her. Risa replaced the boy on the floor. It was impossible for her carry him anywhere by herself.

So she did the only thing she could.



When his eyes next opened, he was in a different place. Ignoring the lassitude that was slowly ebbing away, he tried to register the surroundings. A fan hung overheard, making small but audible whirring noises. There was a screen to his left, wide-open windows on his right, and a soft bed underneath him.

Oh, he thought, it was just the sick bay.

He sat up, subconsciously searching for his glasses with his hands. When he could not find them, he leaned against the wall, resigned.

Krad had been bothering him more frequently than before. It was no longer in his quiet solitude that Krad came. He had felt the distinct pangs in the middle of lessons. The same pain, the same voice accosted him on his way home and assailed him even in sleep. The bastard was everywhere!

There was a tinge of pink in the sky. Evening was forthcoming, and he had to leave, with or without his spectacles. He cursed silently; even a slight blur in his vision would be inviting to Krad who enjoyed visiting at his weakest moments.

"Hiwatari-kun, you're awake!"

The face of Niwa Daisuke came from behind the screen. As always, there was a cheerful smile on the boy's face. Satoshi responded to his remark with a dull nod of his head. Daisuke grinned. "I was hoping that you would gain consciousness soon. It was getting late and the sick bay would have to be locked. Well, not that I wouldn't be unable to unlock it," Daisuke mused happily as he stepped into the confined space. He had been a little less secretive, now that he was sure Satoshi already knew about Dark.

"Were you the one who brought me here?"

Daisuke turned to look at him. "Iie," he shook his head, and then paused for a thoughtful moment. "Yes, actually. But I wasn't the one who found you." He stepped back a little, and adjusted the screen such that Satoshi was allowed full view of the entire room. "Riku had sensed something wrong – it's a twin thing, I think – and so we went off to find Harada-san; she was with you."

"Harada Risa?"

Daisuke nodded. "Harada-san had been shouting for help, so we located her easily. I've never seen her so frightened before," he added to himself.

Satoshi digested the facts slowly. He was, after all, not accustomed to generating any brain activity after waking up. "Where is she now?"

"She's gone home with Riku." Daisuke then handed him something. It was his spectacles. From the look of it, the frame had snapped during his struggle with Krad. There was a layer of sticky tape where damage had been done. "She was trying to fix them when we brought you in."

Satoshi unfolded his glasses and wore them. They tethered rather precariously on the bridge of his nose.

"Mataku! It's already so late!" Daisuke was already at the exit of the sick bay. "Gomen, Hiwatari-kun! I'm going home."

He watched as the redhead left the room, until the boy had reached the school-gates. Then he was alone, again. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, standing to leave as well. Either Daisuke or one of the twins had considerately placed his schoolbag on the neighbouring bed. Satoshi did not bother to check whether all his things were in there; it did not matter to him.

He gazed at the clock. It was half-past five. Dark would appear at seven – and that would be the time when Krad most wanted to be released. He considered not going to prevent Dark. After all, no matter how many times he tried, Dark seemed to emerge victor by the end of each assignment.

But the artworks… they belonged to his family. They belonged to his mother.

His facial expression remained unchanged at the thought where his heart had wrenched. Without a second to delay, he retrieved his cellphone from the bag and dialled.

"…Saehara-san, please be there by six…"


He could see through the eyes of his shell. His vision was not perfectly clear, but it was enough for him to figure out what was going on. He smiled, laughing silently to himself.

The life of his young master was so interesting. Never before had the two nemeses been so close to each other - and friends even! So close yet so far… He could feel it, the strange connection that he had with his other-half.

"Dark… Dark… I will soon annihilate you. You and the boy you dwell within, regardless of his importance to my young master…" He laughed a cruel, mirthless laughter of quiet amusement as he saw the Niwa-boy leave. A faint image of that girl came to Satoshi's mind, and he saw it too. Again he smiled. "You and the boy and the little girl…"

After all, Satoshi was his to own. His and his alone.

And Krad would not let anyone take any part of him.


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