118 Word Drabble

The New Teacher

The old, old headmaster looked at the young man and gave a faint sigh. "And now you understand why we have called you. We believe that you are our last hope to save the pupils of this house. Without another source of guidance, a role-model to look up to, they will follow the path of darkness that their parents have set before them. I fear many will take the dark mark, some before they have even graduated. Please, accept this position as our Slytherin house master."

The young man stood up in a burst of energy, his short, bleached hair fairly crackling with the force of his excitement. "I, Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old, will accept this position!"

Authors Note

GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka is about a young delinquent who decides he wouldn't have turned out that way if he's had a decent teacher, one who didn't give up on the bad kids. He then sets out to become the greatest teacher ever known. Its funny, occasionally gross, and goodhearted.