Author's Notes:

I don't own Sailor Moon or any of the characters except the ones I made up. If you want to email me my address is: Please enjoy my story. This may or may not correspond to "Time Dance". I set this before that time period. In actuality, this is when Queen Serenity is young and this is about her life. If you have a problem reading about anyone who isn't in the original series (Rei, Ami, Usagi…etc) then this story isn't for you.

Hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I had fun writing it.

Here is a list of all the current Senshi:

Sailor Mercury – Dalit

Sailor Mars – Taila

Sailor Jupiter – Tiaret

Sailor Venus – Stella

Sailor Neptune - Caden

Sailor Uranus - Kitenis

Sailor Pluto – Jalae

Sailor Saturn – Tacy

Serenity (Usagi's mother) is named Serene or sometimes Sere for short. Serenity is just a title, in my opinion.

"When Angels Cry"



Tears fell as she clutched her wounded hand. Two red pinpricks dotted pale white fingertips.

"Serene, you must be more careful."

Little Serenity looked up at her mother. Older Serenity sat on the floor next to her daughter and ran her hands through her child's soft light purple hair. She smiled. It almost looked gray. Such an unusual color compared to her own dark blue. Then again, Serene's father's hair was white and this was the Royal Moon Family. Exotic hair colors seemed to run rampant.

Serene, or Sere for short, gave a soft sob and whispered an apology.

Older Serenity smiled. "Wait here while I get a bandage." Sere nodded and her mother left. She suddenly felt very bad. She had gotten all ready and then some unusual flowers had arrived while her mother had been doing her hair. It was said that they had come from the planet Mars. Even though her mother had told her to be careful, she hadn't listened. When Sere had touched the flowers, a sharp pain had lanced up her hand. The thorns had pricked her.

Sere quieted as she thought about the reason why she had gotten all ready. She was to meet her betrothed today. The Senshi had assured her she would like him, especially Taila. Taila, Sailor Mars, knew him best. He was, after all, her cousin. Sere racked her brain as she tried to remember his name. That was it! Ares.

"Sere?" asked a voice. She started. It was Caden, Sailor Neptune. Sere nodded for her to come in and all the Senshi entered, dressed in their fukus. They hardly wore dresses at all anymore.

Taila walked up to Sere. "Um…I don't know how to say this…" Serene suddenly got very nervous. "Ares would like…to meet you before the ceremony. If that's all right with you?" she asked hopefully.

To Sere, it looked like Taila wanted her to meet her cousin for his own sake as much as her own. The only problem was that she wasn't allowed to meet him until the ceremony. It just wasn't permitted. She looked at the other Senshi who kept their faces blank. This was her decision, it seemed.

"All right, but only if you can keep it quiet."

Taila's face lit up. "You bet, Sere," she said as she rushed out the door. Sere glanced at her friends.

"Was this a good idea?" she asked.

They could only shrug before the door burst open and Taila came running in again. She winked at Sere and herded the other Soldiers out and called in her cousin. Sere stood up and prepared herself.

A boy of seventeen walked in slowly. He had dark blond hair and an even darker complexion. His clothing and armor were black and red, like the colors of his planet. But his eyes were dark gold.

When Sere looked into Ares' eyes she couldn't break away. She caught her breath at what she saw in those eyes and what she knew was showing out of her own.

Her blue eyes seemed to go out of focus and his gold ones seemed to pierce inside her heart. Feelings she had never felt reared up inside of her. Love and lust intertwined, the feeling of wanting him in her arms, the feeling of wanting to feel his lips against hers. Her sixteen-year-old body was not accustomed to these feelings raging through her blood stream and she crumpled to the floor, her eyes still locked onto his.

Slowly, Ares came towards her and knelt so they were eye to eye. Little by little she reached a trembling hand and touched his cheek. His head turned into her palm, but his eyes never strayed from hers. Sere was shocked to feel him shaking under her gentle touch. Strangely, that gave her courage. She leaned forward a little and him as well. Her breathing had sped up a while ago and though she struggled with it, she couldn't bring it under control. His breathing seemed almost ragged.

It was at that moment that Ares moved back a little. She would have been shocked and disappointed had it not been for his eyes. They told her how much it was costing him to move away from her. Sere subconsciously registered the fact that they were alone in the room. No words were exchanged between them because it wasn't needed.

Finally Sere recognized what had just happened. She was bound to Ares. Nothing could ever break the two apart save death and maybe not even then.

She had fallen in love.