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On the edge of the world

He was there.


Watching his love on the edge of the world.

What was world? Who was his love?

He knew, but, alas, could not remember.

The brilliant green eyes.

So much alike emerald.

Ruffled ebony hair.

And a smile.

Smile that took his heart away.

He wondered if his heart was all ready in his love's gentle hands.

He sighed in pleasure as a small moan escaped from parted lips.

His love's lips.

Beneath him.

All around him.



And he belonged to him as well.


All his.

His alone.


Well, I'm not sure if this should be classified to a poem or sort story. Perchance it's something between?

Theoretically the one with Harry could be anybody… But hey this is mine and I say it's Lucius or Draco. *beams*