Chapter 1

You'd think the average super hero would be bulked full of muscles, cunning, cleaver, and not have a single weakness in the world. But with the Teen Titans, this obviously wasn't the case.

In a ten story building which was shaped as a "T", five teenagers huddled on the couch in front of what looked to be the biggest TV on the planet, deciding what to watch.

"COMEDY!" Beast Boy broke out, causing Raven to roll her eyes.

Beast Boy caught her look and turned to her. "What's wrong with comedy?!"

"I don't like ANYTHING funny." Raven growled.

"Then we'll have to watch Attack of The Killer Robots #4! With 16 hours of bonus footage and butt kicking special effects!" Cyborg shouted, holding up a small disc which he emitted from his robotic right arm.

Everyone sweat dropped and stared at him.

Starfire clutched her hands together, her eyes gleaming. "Why not watch one of those charming clips the television always shows about the small children and the large white blankets that mothers wrap around their behinds!"

"Uh….Star, those are diaper commercials." Robin explained.

Starfire sweat dropped and blushed. "Oh…"

At that, Raven got to her feet. "That's it, I'm out." She began walking over to the hallway when Beast Boy's call held her back.

"Where're you going?"

"Somewhere sane where I can meditate." Raven replied simply, attempting to approach the door once again.

"But it's your turn to pick the movie!" Robin called.

Raven grunted and turned around. "Then let BEAST BOY decide." With that, she stormed out of the room, the huge metal door banging shut after her.

The room became silent once again, then Beast Boy leapt to his feet and started dancing. "Woo! I win! Go Beast Boy, go me!"


"They're so dense…..fighting over movies….it wastes time and concentration…." Raven muttered as she entered her room. She'd never admit it, but the reason she left was not due to the fact that she couldn't stand her friend's choices in movies. She sighed before wearily feeling her burning forehead. Her cheeks were flushed, and she couldn't stop sneezing or coughing. But she'd never admit any sign of weakness to anyone, especially her friends. She preferred to be alone in times of sickness. Heck, she preferred to be alone her entire life. But interferences never allowed that to happen.

Another thing that was bothering her even more than her sickness, was this strange feeling she was getting in her chest. It was tight with nervousness, as if to warn her of something that was yet to come. She knew something was coming, something stronger than anything they'd ever faced before, but she couldn't tell when it would arrive, or if she'd be better by the time it got here. Concentrating was useless, her powers were of no use to her if she was sick.

'Stupid fever….' She then burst out coughing and lay down on her bed.

Meanwhile, back in the main room.

"Hey, guys, it's snowing!" Beast Boy cried, sticking his head out the window and catching some of it on his tongue. He then pulled his head inside and showed the other titans the flakes that were melting on his tongue. "See?"

Star's eyes widened with delight. "WHITE POWDER IS FALLING FROM THE SKY, ROBIN!" she shouted, pulling on Robin's arm. "Let us go out to greet it!"

Robin smiled as Star dragged him to the door and raced outside. "What is it called?" Starfire asked, holding out her hands to catch some snow. She licked it from the air and smiled bigger than ever.

Robin watched her, a faint blush across his face. "Snow. It's called snow."

Star turned to him and clasped his hands together in hers. "I like this 'snow'. Show me how you play in it!"

"We can build a snowman!" Cyborg said, running out the door and gathering some snow in his hands.

Starfire looked over at Cy, still holding onto Robin. "What's a snowman?"

"Well, he's a pile of snow that you roll together." Cy explained.

Starfire blinked, not seeing how the name fit the description. "Ummm….."

At that second, Beast Boy ran out and stood by a tree gathering snow. "Forget your snowman, let's have a snowball fight!"

Starfire caught onto this quickly and rose into the air as Beast Boy's snowball flew past her.

Star giggled and collected some snow from the roof, which she dropped onto Cyborg, who yelled at her for ruining his snowman.

Robin chased after Beast Boy, and the two threw snow at each other as they ran around the Titan's Tower.

"Star caught on quickly with this whole snow thing." Robin said, dodging one of Beast Boy's messy snowballs. He then scooped up some snow of his own and rounded it as he ran.

Beast Boy burst out laughing. "I'm sure she did, maybe you can cuddle under a blanket with her later after she's all wet!" he said with a wink.

Robin went completely red and gritted his teeth. "BEAST BOY!!! IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!"

Beast Boy continued laughing as Robin tackled him to the ground and buried him with snow. "Hey man, chill! I think it's sweet that you like her, I mean, it's only obvious she likes you back!"

Robin stopped. "Ya think?"

Beast Boy rose from his snow covered grave and brushed himself off. "Of course! You'd make the perfect couple." He then gave Robin a kissy face, which ticked him off again.

Robin picked up more snow, and attempted to throw it at Beast Boy, but he had already transformed into a bird and flown high into the air.

Robin sighed silently and dropped his snowball. "Does she really like me back?…."


Beast Boy soured high above the Titan's Tower, looking into windows as he did. 'I wonder why Raven isn't out here….I thought everyone likes snow, even she can't resist something this sweet.'

Just then, he came to Raven's window, where he perched himself and looked inside. He didn't know why he was looking, he never found himself wanting to see inside Raven's room before, but something compelled him to.

Raven lay on the bed, a rag on her head, with cheeks as red as cherries. Beast Boy didn't like this, even Raven didn't deserve to be sick, even if she never liked him or laughed at his jokes. Somehow, he liked her. He suddenly found himself wishing he could be inside there to help her, and knocked lightly on the window with his beak.

The noise awoke the sleeping girl, who drowsily looked around, until spotting Beast Boy, in his normal form, sitting on a chair next to her.

"WHAT are you doing in my room?!" she barked, gritting her teeth and sitting up. "HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN HERE?!"

"The window was unlocked, it was easy," Beast Boy started. "Raven, are you ok?"

Raven quickly snapped back to reality, she realized that Beast Boy had seen her sleeping, he knew she was sick, he knew she could be weak. "Get out."

"C'mon Raven, I just wanna help you."

"I said GET OUT!"

"Raven, you're sick, and I want to make you feel better, I care about you."

They both paused. Beast Boy quickly looked at the floor. 'BB what are you saying?! How the heck did that slip out?! Wait, what am I saying, slip out, I never liked her to begin with! I-I….oh geez…..'

Raven sat across from him, wide eyed at the words she just heard. 'He….likes me? This can't be possible….can it? But….me, how do I feel? I….I don't know, I'm not sure…..'

At that moment, the two lifted their heads and stared at each other. It was as if time itself had stopped. Beast Boy observed Raven's beautifully porcelain skin, and silky light lavender hair. He found himself going over every curve of her body, every detail, everything. 'How could I have never noticed this before?…..she's…..beyond anything words can describe….she's breathtaking….'

Raven found herself blushing as she realized Beast Boy's true intensions. His eyes showed care, and love, and most of all, warmth. She didn't see him as the stupid, non funny, screw-up that she'd always described him as in the past. He was handsome, and caring, she could tell from his soft hands, his precious expression.

The two were caught in a time warp of love, which they never believed to be possible until that moment. Beast Boy walked over to the bed Raven sat on, and sat down beside her, still staring at her beauty. Raven watched his every move, unable to think, or even breathe. Slowly, Beast Boy leaned in, and ever so carefully, their lips brushed against each other. Not even as a kiss, just the beginning of one. Even if they didn't kiss yet, it still felt like heaven to them both, this was what they were both missing their entire lives, each other.


At that second, Beast Boy and Raven jumped apart and Robin burst into the room. "There's trouble down at the junk yard! Let's go!"

"Uh….R-Raven's sick!" Beast Boy burst out. He'd do anything to get to be alone with Raven again, this moment, he needed this.

Robin stared at Raven and put his hand to her forehead. "Raven! Why didn't you tell us before?"

"I….uh….I just felt sick now." she lied, staring up at Robin's concerned face.

Starfire and Cyborg followed Robin into the room.

"Robin, what is taking you?" Star asked.

"Raven's sick, someone's gotta stay back with her." Robin replied.

Before Beast Boy could offer, Cyborg spoke up. "I hate that junk yard, if I get captured one more time, I'm gonna blow up. I'll stay behind."

"No! Cy, they need you, I'll stay with Raven." Beast Boy blurted out.

Everyone stared at him, not expecting that at all.

"There's no time to figure this out, just let Beast Boy stay, c'mon Cy." Robin called, rushing out of the room with Cyborg.

Starfire turned to Raven before leaving. "Feel better, Raven."

The door was then shut, and they were once again alone.

Beast Boy continued staring at the open doorway as Raven stared at the back of his head. Neither of the two had the courage to face each other when they were the only two in the house. Beast Boy swallowed, he could hear his heart beating faster and faster. He also felt his face getting warmer, as his blush increased across his face. He turned and stared at the floor.

"So….you….hungry?" he asked, thinking of nothing else.

Raven simply nodded.

"I'll go….get you some chicken soup, it'll make you feel better…." He said. Upon that note, he stood up and walked out of Raven's room, quickly rushing down the hall and into the kitchen.

In what seemed like a split second (and only a flash to Beast Boy's eyes) he took out a can of soup, poured it into a bowl, and warmed it up in the microwave. He then searched for a spoon, and leaned against the counter top, placing the soup bowl beside him.

'I kissed her…..well, I almost kissed her….and that was far enough! Maybe too far! I admitted my feelings to her! I told her I cared! What am I getting myself into….since when have I had these feelings for Raven?….'

His eyes raised to notice a framed picture which was placed upon the center of the breakfast table. In it, all the Titans were playfully posed, and all smiling brightly, well, that is, all except Raven of course. Beast Boy remembered that day. They had just met, and he was trying to figure out how a person like Raven could live without a little laughs in her life. In the picture, he wrapped one arm around her, and put a wide smile on his face. She merely turned to the side and folded her arms, pretending not to notice him.

He emitted a sigh. 'She'll never like me back….'

With that, he made his slow walk back to Raven's room, soup bowl in hand.


Raven's fingers traced over her lips time and time again. She couldn't believe what had just happened, she still couldn't speak. Every time she thought about Beast Boy, her heart skipped a beat. But why was she only suddenly feeling this?

'Did I….have feelings for him before?….maybe the kiss just set them off….why am I acting this way?! I shouldn't care about love, I have no time for it. I'm here to save people, and-' Raven's thoughts were cut off by a stream of violent coughs, which ended just as Beast Boy came in.

Raven's eyes locked onto him, and Beast Boy did the same. All they did was stare, but only for a brief moment. Beast Boy came to his senses and walked over to Raven, placing the soup on top of the covers of her bed.

"Careful, it's hot."

Raven stared up at him and smiled. "Thanks." She then turned back to the soup and began eating it.

Beast Boy stood over her, stunned that he got her to smile. 'I didn't think her face was able to strike that pose.'

Raven's eyes wandered over to him as she noticed him staring down at her, in a zombie like state. "Do you mind?"

"Oh! Sorry." At that, Beast Boy took a seat in the chair he sat in before and stared at the floor once again, as if it were to speak to him. 'Maybe she doesn't want me in here at all….maybe I should leave….'

"I'll be on the couch if you need m-"

"No!" Raven burst out as Beast Boy stood up.

He turned and stared at her, a softness in his eyes.

Raven began to blush, so she quickly stared down at her soup. "Stay, please."


She didn't know why, but in the company of Beast Boy, she felt safe and comfortable. 'Maybe love is an emotion I should allow myself to feel….maybe it's what I've been missing all these years…..'

She finished off her soup, which she placed on the night table beside her and looked over at her guest. Beast Boy was still looking at the floor, at a total loss of words.

"I think I'm feeling much better, thanks." Raven said out loud, her voice soft and calming.

Beast Boy lifted his head as his eyes locked onto hers. He was once again stuck in a trance. "Raven….I….umm…about before…"

"What about it?"

"Well….I mean…'re not mad at me, are you?"

Raven blushed deeply. To tell him the truth, or to not tell him, it was hard.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to go that far! I just wanted to let you know that I'm here, and I want you to get better, I care for you…." Beast Boy spat out once again, before even thinking.

"I…." Raven stared down at the covers of her bed. "Care for you too…."

Beast Boy's eyes widened and he smiled widely at her. "You do?…."

Raven simply nodded and blushed a little.

"I always thought you hated me!" Beast Boy admitted. "I mean, I felt like I annoyed you, and….I mean, we're not exactly alike in a lotta ways, heh…"

"Well, you are annoying sometimes."

Beast Boy grinned and sweat dropped. "So…we're on the same side now?"

"I….guess…." Raven replied, unsure of what he was getting at.

Silence fell over the two again, which ended as Beast Boy stood up. "I'm gonna go erase Cyborg's high score on game station."

Raven raised an eyebrow as she watched him approach the door.

"Don't tell him, it's our secret." Beast Boy said, smiling.

Raven smiled back. "Alright."


Beast Boy had left Raven so that she could sleep, and about four hours had passed since then. He sat on the couch, game station controller in his hand, but his mind not exactly in the right place.

'There's hope, BB." A voice inside his head told him.

His smile widened, despite the huge letters on the TV screen reading "GAME OVER, YOU LOSE!!"

Everything seemed to be falling into place. His heart skipped a beat. 'I really do like Raven…maybe even love her….she's so beautiful…'

He began to daydream, when a scream erupted from down the hall, knocking him out of his thoughts….

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