Chapter 7

A blinding red light filled the room. Raven could hear her father screaming, but why? 'He won! He's going to get the gem, why would he be screaming?' Raven asked herself. Raven held her eyes shut tightly, until a loud booming noise filled the room, and everything stopped. Slowly, the red light died down, and Raven cautiously opened her eyes again.

She sat on the floor, somehow unchained, and in front of her lay Beast Boy. She saw him and didn't know what to do. Her heart was broken. Carefully, she pulled his limp body into her arms, not minding all his wounds and gashes.

"Beast Boy….You can't…you can't be dead…"


"Raven, you are unharmed!!"


Raven lifted her head up, exposing her friends to her watery, hurt eyes. Only then did the Titans notice the cause of her pain.

"No…." Cyborg fell to his knees. "No, BB, you can't be…"

Starfire quickly turned to Robin and started crying into his shirt, and he held her close, patting her back, and trying not to look down at Beast Boy's lifeless body.

"Beast Boy….we had everything…the whole world ahead of us…why did this have to happen now?.." Raven cried, kissing Beast Boy on the forehead. "I'll never love anyone else in the world…I'll never stop loving you, Beast Boy…My Beast Boy…" A single tear fell from Raven's cheek and landed on Beast Boy's nose.

In that tear lay all the memories the two had ever shared. All the loving moment, all their fighting, all their talks, and all of their kisses. And also…all their love.

As if by magic, Beast Boy's lungs expanded and started to fill with air, and he gave signs of life again. Raven quickly noticed this and gave out a gasp. Everyone watched as Beast Boy's eyes opened.


"BEAST BOY!!!" the Titans cried, dropping down by Raven, surrounding Beast Boy, who was smiling widely.

"Heh…Hi guys…" Beast Boy replied weakly.

Raven thanked God for a second, then, in front of everyone, she kissed him, holding it for at least a minute. "You're the craziest person I know, you're so dumb."

"I love you too." Beast Boy laughed as Raven kissed his cheek.

"It's a miracle you're alive, Beast Boy!" Robin replied.

"Yes, it truly is!"

"How'd you do it, BB?"

Beast Boy turned his head so that he faced Robin, Starfire and Cyborg. "I am, after all, me."


Raven sat on the couch in the Titans Tower, with Beast Boy in her lap, his body spread out so that all of him lay straight. The boy had gone through some serious bandaging by Starfire, and now all of his injuries were on their way to being healed. His right arm lay in a sling, and his forehead was bound with cloth to suppress the bleeding.

All their worries were over. Trigon had been killed by the power of their love, and the shadows were defeated by the Titans at last. There was nothing left to do now but to figure out why Raven's gem was so powerful, and why she had never known about it before. But, she'd worry about all of this some other time. Right now, she was happy spending her time with Beast Boy, and helping him heal.

"It really is a miracle that you survived a battle with my father." Raven brought up.

Beast Boy looked up at her. "I said I'd save you, and I did."

Raven smiled. She was finally free. She could show all her emotions and not have to worry about her demon side escaping. "You're the greatest!"

"I know, I know."

Raven giggled and scratched under Beast Boy's chin, causing his left leg to go crazy and start thumping down on the arm of the couch like a dog. His tongue hung out and he closed his eyes, enjoying the moment.

"I still can't figure out why I love you." Raven said in her monotone, causing Beast Boy to stop and give a frightened look.

"Kidding, kidding."

"I don't know why I love you either." Beast Boy mocked, reaching his left arm up and softly pulling Raven's head down to his so their lips met. They kissed softly and a smile was brought to their faces. "I just do."

Raven smiled again. "Get some rest now, it's my turn to take care of you now, my little Beast Boy."

Beast Boy blushed deeply and took one last glance at Raven's beautiful face. "G'night, Raven."

"Good night, Beast Boy…"

~The End~

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