Flame of the Dragon (Revised 7/13/12)

Disclaimer: I do not in fact own Harry Potter or any of the Magical World, pity, really, I would have had way more time to write more about it if I did.

Chapter One : Summer How I hate you

Five miles just outside of London a small brown rat scurried down the lonesome path towards a clearing in a forest; the aforementioned rat was acting very nervous and scared, or more so then a normal rat, as it quickened its pace.

As it reached the clearing, he looked behind him as though expecting someone to suddenly appear. After a few moments of silence the rat began to transform. A small, balding man slowly began to form. His pale complexion resembled that of a full moon and his hair; that, which was left of it, was seemingly colorless. His blank watery eyes darted again behind him. Silence and darkness were all that they met.

He turned and faced the clearing and reached out his silver hand and knocked the air three times; a loud banging sounded on each knock. Suddenly, as though it had been there all along, a large house appeared and the door clicked open.

"Peter, we've been waiting for you," drawled the cold, contempt filled voice of Lucius Malfoy, "you're very late, he is not pleased." The amusement in his voice left little to the imagination as to how bad of a mood the Dark Lord was in, and to whom it would be directed at.

Peter scurried into the house, his gait resembling that of his animagus form, perhaps his years of living as a rat had imbedded this trait too deeply into him that he could not walk any other way, or perhaps he had always walked in such a manner, but the nervous manner in which he cast an anxious glance at the blonde aristocrat was newer tonight, for he had bad news to deliver and he did not care to do so with such an audience. As he proceeded down the long hallway toward the gathering room he was met with a very cold chill that racked up his spine and set his arms tingling to the newly formed goose bumps., though whether the temporary pimples on his skin was brought on by cold or fear he could not tell as the resolute click behind him signaled that Lucius had shut the door, and made the house disappear once again. Standing wearily in the archway of the meeting room door he took steadying breaths as Lucius shoved quickly past him into a room at the end of the long hallway. As stalling was no longer an option, unless he wished to pay for keeping the Dark Lord waiting; Peter quickly trailed in his wake.

Peter glanced around nervously as he approached the doorway, which suddenly opened to admit him. An unknown Death Eater stood forebodingly against the door, and the invitation was not lost on Peter. As he took a step in gingerly he noticed Lucius had yet to take his seat, instead choosing to stand near the doorway. Wheter this was to get a better view of the coming proceedings or to have a quicker retreat from the room, Peter could not say, but considering Lucius nodded slightly to the foreboding Death Eater at the door as he passed him, he would probably put money on Lucius wanting a better view of the coming entertainment.

"So, you have returned," came a voice like a hiss, "and what have you found out?"

"M...master the Fidelius Charm used on Harry Potter is a modified version," came the shaking voice of Wormtail.

"What do you mean?" hissed Voldemort.

"D...Dumbledore changed it so that only those who mean him no harm can find his home," he whimpered.

"What of the secret keeper?" Lucius asked, the amusement evident in his calculated smirk.

"I..It's r..rumored to be D...Dumbledore himself," mewled Wormtail.

"This does not make me happy," hissed a venomous voice, "Crucio!"

Peter fell to the ground in pain as he began to twitch slightly.

Miles away a teen-age boy awoke in a terrible start. His forehead was damp with sweat and his head ached in pain. The thin, lightning bolt shaped scar upon his forehead had a sudden brief stab of pain as he stared into the darkness of his tiny room.

Outside the twelve small street lamps shone brightly in the dark. A dark and dreary silence had fallen over the small neighborhood. Not even Vernon Dursley could be heard snoring. The boy turned on his light and looked at the small alarm clock next to his bed, 3:00 a.m. glistened brightly in red. He sighed as he looked at the empty cage on his desk, Hedwig the snowy white owl that shared the small bedroom was still out hunting her dinner, leaving only himself in the small room that was currently his prison. Sighing audibly into the darkened silence he rolled out of bed, his too short pajama pants clinging stubbornly to his legs.

Harry Potter sat down at his desk and stared blankly out the window. He sat there trying not to think about anything, and trying to keep his mind off his godfather and to what had awoken him, unsuccessfully. His scar no longer hurt and the sweat had passed. But his mind lingered on the thought of Wormtail being tortured and despite hating Wormtail he hadn't enjoyed the man's pain, much like he hadn't really enjoyed Bellatrix's pain either when he had cast the very same spell upon her. Trying to derail his line of thinking before he refocused on the crux of his anguish, he turned to other things to distract him.

Harry opened his desk drawer and removed a small quill and a bottle of ink, and thought of doing some holiday homework. But, then, he remembered that he didn't have any. He frowned as he remembered that last year he took his OWLS and had to choose what profession he wished to do after Hogwarts. He wished to be an auror, but in order to do that he needed to get an O in Potions and he very much doubted he'd achieve that. So instead Harry took out a piece of parchment and started to write a letter to Remus.

Dear Remus,

I'm fine and bored. There's nothing to do here, for once I actually wish I had holiday homework. Don't tell that to Hermione or Ron, they'd never let me live it down. The Dursley's are treating me okay, well if you call ignoring me completely okay. Since I know that this most likely will be intercepted I better wrap it up. Hope to see you soon.


Harry looked it over and decided that even if intercepted that it contained nothing important and therefore ok to send. Harry yawned slightly and rolled up the paper. He'd send it in the morning, but for now he'd go to sleep. Harry crawled back into bed and fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

"BOY! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" roared Vernon Dursley up the stairs.

Harry awoke to his uncle's yelling and rolled out of bed. His hair was messier than usual, and despite having grown during that summer the Dursley's didn't care enough that none of his clothes fit. Harry put on his glasses and went up to Hedwig's cage and awoke the sleeping owl.

"Sorry girl, but I need you to take this to Remus."

Hedwig hooted softly as Harry tied the letter to her leg.

"Thank you," he said as Hedwig flew out of his window. He turned around and opened his bedroom door and ran right into his Uncle.

"Watch where you're going boy!" snarled Vernon.

"Sorry," replied Harry without feeling.

"Don't take that tone with me boy," snapped Vernon.

Harry rolled his eyes slightly, "I was just on my way down to see what you wanted."

Vernon seemed to swell up as he took a large breath and glared at Harry, "Your aunt and I are going into London today to buy Dudley his Birthday present, and we are leaving you here. If any funny business happens while we are gone, you can kiss your freedom goodbye. Ever since we found out about Mrs. Figg being one of your lot, we don't want you to go to her house anymore." He said this in one long breath and Harry was mildly impressed but didn't show it.

Harry wasn't interested in this conversation, let alone where his uncle and aunt were going. "Alright," was all Harry said hoping it would end this little conversation.

Vernon's face seemed to twitch slightly as he hissed at Harry, "NO funny business," and with that he turned on his heel and set off downstairs.

"No funny business," mocked Harry as he shut his door.

A few minutes later Harry heard their car pull out of the driveway and set off down the street. Harry stayed in his room for a few minutes thinking about what he was going to do today. After deciding to watch the morning news he set off downstairs. He walked into the living room and turned the television on. A cartoon was playing; Harry glanced toward the clock hanging on the wall which told him that the news would start in 10 minutes. His stomach growled slightly, he turned and walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door.

After Harry made a hearty breakfast of sausage and eggs, he quickly did the dishes and made his way back into the living room. The news was just starting, "A devastating crash kills 5 people last night. A stoplight lost power as a pedestrian crossed the street. She was instantly killed as a blue sedan hit her, which caused four other cars to slam into each other. This station sends our hearts out to the victims' families." Harry sighed the thought of the kind of devastation Dudley would soon cause when behind the wheel, making him cringe slightly. Harry had a sneaking suspicion that's what his Uncle was going to buy in London.

Harry shook the thought from his mind as the next story came on, "On a lighter note, the circus has come to town. From acrobats to zoo animals, this event is for the whole family." Harry rolled his eyes, just like a muggle to follow up a devastating crash with news of a circus. "An escaped monkey ran havoc in London this morning, after a humorous chase BoBo the chimp was captured by zoo keeper Thomas Fletcher."

Harry watched the rest of the news, apart from the devastating crash, nothing of interest caught his attention. Voldemort seemed to still be keeping a low profile.. Nothing since summer began, no news, no unexplainable deaths, or dark marks. Harry was restless, while he was glad nothing like that happened he was uneasy with the thought that Voldemort must be planning something huge. After all, he wasn't doing what he loved, killing.

After Harry took a shower and got dressed he sighed. There was nothing to do. He really didn't want to go outside. The neighbors stared at him as he made his way anywhere, just to keep an eye on the miscreant. He didn't feel like watching television, or listening to music, and he couldn't play on Dudley's computer. (He threw it out his window after he lost his last life on the last level of Tomb Raider.) Harry looked toward the small pile of school books near the end of his bed. He picked one up and gave a disgusted look at the book and set it back down. Harry sighed, he was really bored.

Harry made up his mind to go and walk around Little Whining, after all that's what he did last year. Harry went downstairs, and headed outside. The sun shone brightly as he headed down the street. A few neighbors were outside watering their plants, washing their cars, or just enjoying the morning. They stared at Harry as he made his way down the street, which he plaintively ignored as he headed toward the old park.

Just as he was approaching the low wall of the park Harry heard a small scream from his left. Harry whipped around and reached for his wand. But before he even touched it he saw Dudley and his gang advancing on a 10 year old boy he vagauely recalled as Evans and two girls about the same age were cowering behind him. Harry immediately walked towards them.

"Hey Big D!" called Harry.

Dudley whirled around to see who had called him, so did the rest of his gang. "What do you want?" snapped Dudley as Harry walked up.

Harry stepped in front of Evans and the girls and stared directly into Dudley's eyes. They were a mix of anger and fright. Harry held in a laugh, Dudley had thus far been able to avoid him this summer, spending more time at friends' houses then at the Dursleys.

"Whatcha doin?" Harry asked in a singsong voice, the playfulness of his voice however did not reach his expression, as he had no false illusions as to what Dudley was up to.

"None of your business," growled Dudley, "get out of my way."

"Why should I?" asked Harry in a more serious tone. "So you can beat up a ten year old? Or maybe the two girls?"

Dudley sneered at Harry, but a voice came from behind Dudley. "I haven't seen you in a while, Potter. I hear you go to St. Brutes."

It was Piers Polkiss, Harry smirked a little, "Something like that."

Dudley was fuming, he did not like where this was going. "Go Away!" He practically growled at Harry. "Aw, Ickle Diddykins, you're not being very nice; why what would your mum say."

Dudley's gang gwaffed with smothered laughter, "What did he call you?" asked Gordon.

"Shut it," he snarled to the group. They stopped laughing but they were still smirking. "You'll pay for that!" Dudley raised his fist and attempted to hit Harry.

Luckily for Harry he was a seeker. He saw Dudley's fist in slow motion, Just as it was about to hit Harry square in the jaw, He caught it. Dudley's mouth dropped open. He somewhat stumbled backward as Harry let go.

"H...how did you do that?" asked Malcolm.

Harry simpered, "Wouldn't you like to know, I suggest you leave now," it wasn't a suggestion. The boys turned on their heels and headed off in he opposite direction occasionally looking back toward Harry till they turned the corner and were gone. Harry shook his head and turned back around to see the three kids staring at him.

Harry smiled at them and started to walk away, he was about to jump the low wall when he heard Evans yell something. "I'm Eleven!" Harry looked back at him and nodded.

"Thanks!" cried the girls as Harry disappeared from their sights. A neighbor came running out toward the three kids.

"Are you three alright?" The woman asked as they all nodded. "That delinquent, Potter, didn't harm you, did he?"

The deafening protests were hard to miss as in a jumble they all started telling how Dudley and his gang had pushed the girls and how Evans had yelled at them to stop and just as they were about to beat Evans up Harry Potter showed up and stopped them.

By the time they were done with their story the woman was looking off in the direction Harry had disappeared in. She nodded. "Are you sure you're alright?" They again nodded. "Well, why don't you three head home, it's about lunch time."

The three kids headed off in different directions, while the woman went back to her house and called some other neighbors and started to tell them what had just occurred.