Here I am.

By Amity-Star.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers Armada, but I own the plot and the character Psyche.

~^*^~ Part I: A Wish Come True. ~^*^~

The room was white. Not the white of fluffy clouds on a summers day, nor the white of pure light; but a white of blandness, or questionuety. Alexis felt a pang of uneasiness. She didn't like visiting hospitals, she dreaded getting her needles done at school let alone go to the pharmacy.

She sat next to a bed that had a human stick for an occupant. The girl had thin, unhealthy blonde hair that was sprawled around her head like an angel's halo. She is an angel, Alexis thought as she smiled. She place the daisies that she had brought with her in a crystal vase and placed in on the bedside table, moving some 'get-well' cards that littered and decorated the cover of the metal table top.

"How are you feeling?" Alexis asked as the girl gave her a smile. That seemed to brighten the world. Her brown eyes were riddled with pain and sadness, a great sadness of a dying girl.

"Sick. I'm getting worse Alex, you and I both know it. I see it every time my mum comes in; I see it in her eyes, all that pain and sadness, you'd think that mum chipped a nail or something." The girl put in with a laugh. The smile seemed to melt away from her face and her eyes had a faraway look in them. "I'm kinda scared. I mean, I believe in God and all, but is there a Heaven or Hell? Is there another side? It's just really confusing and scary." The girl put in as she sat up on her elbows, the smile returning to her face.

Alexis nodded. Oh, how many a time had she gone over the same question in her mind, she had lost count. Was there a Heaven? Was there a Hell? Like Psyche had said, it was all just so confusing. She knew her friends life was drawing to a close; every day her strength left her and in it's place stood an old, fragile lady. She was a fragile word, that only ever got see the world through a window, a stranger to reality and real life. "I wish that I able to meet real life robots. Not the prototypes that they have up at the Observatory. But the real ones, like the Boomers from Bubblegum Crisis." Psyche said, snapping Alexis out of her revere.

Alexis sunk down in her chair, her eyes wandering out of the window, rain pelting the window and the world outside. The wish her friend had just told her had struck the human Autobot off guard, her mind spiralling with some possibilities.

"I'm getting discharged tomorrow, you know, to say good-bye and see things for the last time." Psyche said as her eye-lids started to droop down and eventually close. Alexis took this as a sign to leave and, after brushing the tears that had escaped from her eyes, left the room, and slowly made her way outside, towards a yellow sports car that bore a red marking on its bonnet.

Opening the door and sliding inside, she layed her head back against the seat and thought for a moment. "Hey Alexis." Came a voice that seemed to come from the car itself.

"Hot Shot, can you please take me to the Base, I need to ask Optimus a really big favour." Alexis asked as Hot Shot obliged and roared off the turn-off for the base, the dirt trail leading them to an outcropping of rocks and cliffs.


Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, stood, processing the request the small human had asked of him.

Her best friend and cousin, Psyche Winter, was dying from cancer, a human disease that had no cure. Her wish: to meet real live robots.

"Please Optimus, she only had two weeks at the most to live; it's her dying wish." Pleaded Alexis as she sat in the palm of his hand. Tears glistening on her cheeks.

A dying wish. Optimus had heard a lot of those from soldiers that had died in his arms, usually requesting to kill their killer or just beat the other side. But this was different. This was a being that was slowly dying from a parasite that was slowly eating her, slowly killing her. This was a teenager, not a warrior, not a prisoner of war, but innocence. He had to help this girl.

"Alexis, arrange with Psyche's family that she will be staying at your home for a few days. She's coming to be with us for a while." Optimus said as Alexis's face lit up and he placed her down on the ground and watched her scamper off.


Psyche was wearing a crimson red blouse with dark blue jeans and sneakers. She was brushing her hair when Alexis walked in wheeling in a wheelchair. "Hey, I thought my mum was taking me home." Psyche said as she sat down in the wheelchair.

"Well, your gonna be staying with me for a few days. But first we need to stop off somewhere else and from then it's up to you. Oh yeah, and you have to wear this blind-fold." Alexis said as she wrapped a thick black piece of material over her friends eyes.

"Ooo. Cool, a surprise." Psyche said with mock childishness as Alexis steered her to sit in a car of some sort.

"Okay, now stay here, I need to return the wheelchair and promise me that you won't look." Alexis said as she grabbed Psyche's pinkie and waited for her to shake it. "Take your hand out from behind your back so I can see that you won't cheat." Alexis said as Psyche sighed and took her hand out from behind her back and revealed that she had indeed crossed her fingers.

Smiling, Alexis stood up and walked away hurriedly, retuning two minutes later. "Hmm. I think I'm going to sit in the back, I don't really trust you." Alexis said as she slid in next to her cousin and buckled in.

The engine started and the car moved out of the parking-lot. "Um, Alexis? Who's driving?" Psyche asked as a bit of fear showed itself in her voice.

"I am." Came a male voice.

"Who are you? You don't sound familiar." Psyche said as the male voice laughed.

"My name's Hot Shot." Came the voice who was revealed to be the source.

"Oh." Psyche said as she leaned back in to the seat and closed her sleepy eyes from behind the blind-fold.

They drove in silence for about five minutes but then stopped, the sound of the engine echoing around outside as Alexis stepped out and guided Psyche outside. "Are we in a cave?" Psyche asked as a strange yell of 'transform' reached her ears and Psyche turned in the direction that she thought Alexis was in.

"Now, off comes the blind-fold." Alexis said as she stepped behind Psyche and removed the blind-fold.

Psyche blinked repeatedly at the large and very metal figure infront of her. She gaped at the creature. It was well over a hundred feet high to say the least and he was grinning down at her. "Hey! Nice to meet ya Psyche!" it grinned as it knelt down infront of the girl.

"Psyche, this is Hot Shot, the Autobot." Alexis said as Psyche didn't something unexpected, she burst out crying.

~I saw the sun for the first time today

It's been so long I thought you'd gone away

And now I feel as though I've been here before

Once again my friend

I'll see you til the end

Here I am this is me

What you get is what you see

Look around I am free

And there are no fears in me

Here I am

At times the world it seems too scary so

I don't know where I'm heading

And I don't know where I'll go

I know it's not as bad as it seems to me

Once again my friend

I'll see you 'til the end~


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