*Hey everyone. Welcome back! Well, as you may have guessed, this is the
3rd installment of my little series. If you've read "Time to make it a
Quartet" and "when the war is over", you'll have a good idea of the
history between certain characters. This year will be mainly the gang
enjoying their final year at Hogwarts. Now that Voldemort's really gone,
Harry can kick back and relax. I think he deserves it. Well, here we go.
I hope you enjoy it!


Harry woke up early on the 31st of July. He opened his eyes slowly and
looked around. He sat up and smiled, realizing what today was. He got up,
got dressed and put his glasses on. He went to his opened window and
leaned out of it, feeling the warm air on his face. Harry thought back to
the night before. He had not had a nightmare. In fact, he hadn't had a
nightmare for the past two weeks. Harry had been sleeping better in the
past two weeks than he had been in his whole life. He turned and petted
Hedwig good morning, before making his way downstairs.

Harry walked into the kitchen to find Uncle Vernon sitting at the table,
reading the paper and Aunt Petunia in the kitchen getting Dudley's
cereal. Dudley was sitting at the table next to his father. He looked up
as Harry entered the kitchen and smiled cockily. Harry resisted the urge
to roll his eyes and sat town at the table, helping himself to some
toast. Harry knew that Dudley had remembered that it was his birthday
today, and that nothing was going to be done about it. Harry hardly
cared, because he knew something that Dudley didn't. Now that he was 17,
he was now of age and could use his wand outside of school. Harry
buttered his toast and smiled and Dudley. Dudley raised and eyebrow, and
then went back to his toast and cereal his mother had just put in front
of him.

Just as Aunt Petunia had sat down, the telephone rang. Uncle Vernon
sighed, put down his paper and got up to answer the phone.

"Good Morning, Vernon Dursely speaking.' He said in a falsely nice voice.
Harry looked at him. His eyes had gone a bid wide, and then he looked at

"Yes, alright then." He said, his nice tone fading. Harry wondered what
he could have done now. Uncle Vernon passed Harry the receiver.

"Its for you." He said flatly. Harry stared at him, looked down at the
receiver and then back up and Uncle Vernon.

"For me?" he asked, disbelievingly. Uncle Vernon looked annoyed.

"Yes, for you. Don't talk to long!" he snapped. Harry got up and walked
into the lounge room.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey Potter, how are you?" came Melody's voice. Harry smiled.

"I'm good. How are you?" he asked, still extremely surprised.

"I'm good. Hermione and I just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday!" she
said. Harry could tell she was smiling. He heard Hermione yell Happy
Birthday in the background.

"Thanks.' He paused. 'Um, not to sound rude, but how did you get my
number?" Melody laughed.

"You gave it to Hermione ages ago, remember?" Harry chuckled.

"Oh yeah, that's right." Harry was feeling even better than he had this

"So, um, I cant talk for long, and I bet you can't either..' Harry
laughed, 'so I just rang up to ask you something." Harry looked into the
kitchen. He could tell Aunt Petunia was trying to listen in of his

"Alright. Shoot." He said, looking away.

"Well, we were wondering if you wanted to come spend the last month of
your holidays with us." She said. Harry paused, trying not to scream in
happiness. Melody cleared her throat.

"Well, since you can't go to the Burrow, and Hermione and I couldn't
stand you being there all summer. We just thought you would like to come
over here." Harry breathed in slowly.

"Ok, hang on, I'll ask." He put the receiver down and went into the
kitchen. He cleared his throat.

"Um, Uncle Vernon?" he asked. He grunted to show he was listening. 'I was
wondering if I could go spend the rest of my summer with my friends.'
Uncle Vernon looked up.

"You mean those Weasleys?" he asked, his eye twitching slightly. Harry
tried not to laugh.

"No, it's my other friends. They live near London." Uncle Vernon looked
at him for a while, before looking back at his paper.

"As long as they come and get you. I haven't got time to be taking you
around London." He said. Harry nodded and ran back into the lounge room,
picking the phone up.

"Still there?" he asked hopefully.

"You bet." Came Melody's voice. Harry smiled.

"Yeah, it's ok. Would it be alright if you picked me up?" he asked
bashfully. Melody laughed.

"Yeah. We'll be there tomorrow about 4. That ok?"

"Sure. Ill see you tomorrow." He said, grinning widely.

"You bet.' She said. Hermione yelled 'see ya tomorrow' in the
background. Melody laughed, as did Harry.

"Bye." He said, and hung up the phone. He took it back into the kitchen
and put it back on the stand. He turned to Uncle Vernon.

"They'll be here tomorrow and 4. Its that ok?" he said. Uncle Vernon
nodded, not even looking at Harry. Harry shrugged and walked out of the
kitchen, heading for his room. Harry was glad he was leaving the
Dursley's finally. He was dreading that he would have to spend the whole
holidays with them. Harry couldn't go to the Burrow this summer, as the
Weasley's were doing some serious renovating. Ron wasn't allowed to stay
anywhere, as he was helping out. Their Floo network was disconnected, so
Harry couldn't go out and help. Harry sat down on his bed, leaning
against his wall. He looked at Hedwig's empty cage. 'She must have gone
hunting' Harry thought. He got his wand out and put it beside him. He
heard a snigger at the door.

"I remember what today is you know." Said Dudley. Harry rolled his eyes.

"It's amazing how you say you don't care, and yet you remember every year
to come in and wish me a regular good old "Dudley Dursely Happy
Birthday"." Harry said sarcastically. Dudley leant against the doorframe.
Harry was suddenly reminded of Draco Malfoy.

"I tell you, it's good to be getting rid of you. Being this age, I can do
what-ever I want." He said cockily, flexing his arms. Harry laughed,
picked up his wand and twirled in his hand. Dudley stumbled and his eyes

"What a coincidence,' said Harry, stretching out his wand arm 'so can I."
Dudley tried to act brave.

"You can't use that! You'll be thrown out of that freak place." He
stuttered. Harry smiled and got off the bed, walking over to his desk and
leaned against it.

"Well, see, that's the thing. Once we turn 17, we are allowed to use it.
And we don't have to worry about getting expelled. Isn't that good news?"
he said. Dudley stepped back out of Harry's room.

"You're lying." He said, glaring at Harry. He chuckled.

"Don't believe me? Go ask your mum. She'll tell you." He said simply.
Dudley drew himself up and walked back down the hall. Harry laughed and
turned to his trunk. He opened it and started to pack his things. He was
looking forward to tomorrow already.

*Well, there's the first chapter. I hope you all like it! Let me know.