A/N: Remember when Hayley was nearly assaulted by that Matthews guy but jesse saved her, this is set no that episode. This is also a bit of a charmed crossover but only one of all 5/6/7 (Cole, Prue and Darrly count as 5 6 and 7) is in it Paige Note:1 I know Paige was adopted but lets say Mr Matthews is Paige older brother even thought she never had one, Paige is found at the dropping centre by Noah more expiations later in the story Note:2 this episode was set in 2002 and the year is 2003 so that means some are in and out, here what here and not here, The new characters in the show Kit, Beth, Tasha are in, Kane and Kirsty releship are in, Nick is still here and he still with Jade, Colleen still has cancer, Flynn and Sally are married but one different Sally doesn't have that disease or whatever so she is 5 months pregeant Stophie will be in, Max is wondering between Kathryn, Temora, and Louise. Also Will returns These things are out Josh is not in the bay, Shelley and Rhys are still divorce, Dylan is still in the bay but Angie is dead, Paris is not in the bay, also know that this will centre mostly around Paige (From the show called charmed for these who don't know.) Dane Matthews (I don't know his first name so I made one up) Hayley, does include Jesse, Irene, Tasha, Nick, Jade, Kirsty and Kane, and Noah who starts to develop feelings for Paige and Kit, Matthews next target.

Some of the other characters may be in the story too

Pg strongly advised that only 13 and above read may contain rape mild language a little sexual heat (Bewtween Noah and Paige, Kristy and Kane) and some violence and supernatural themes between Paige and Dane, Summary: what would happened if Jesse didn't enter the gym when Halyey was assaulted also it a bit more different Hayley was rapped on that day, 1 year later and Mr Matthews return since Hayley lied and said she was never raped no one knows what happen things get more hectic when Matthews comes back as a witch which he found out from his long-lost sister.

Hayley Smith Walked along side the beach of Summer Bay "The sea I so beautiful" she muttered to herself Then she turned and saw her raper, Dane Matthews was talking to Kit Hunter Hayley stared at him until he noticed her "Hey Hayley" he waved to her Hayley ran off leaving Kit with a puzzled look.

Noah Lawson heard a sound in the quiet dropping center, he wondered who it was since it was early he walked until he came to a Red-Haired pale skin and hazel eyes was standing in front of stacks of fallen books. "Uh what you doing" Noah asked The woman noticed him "I am sorry I will clean this I just was distracted she replied "That okay. Uh" Noah said looking for a name "Paige, Paige Matthews, well actually Paige Halliwell" she said Noah just stared at her. "You know it rude to stare don't you" Paige said 'Oh sorry" was all Noah could say then before neither of them could say a word Hayley came in crying. "Hayley! What is on the earth is the matter" Noah said "He back" she sobbed "Who back?" Noah asked puzzled

"My.." Hayley didn't want to say the name or the word

"Your what?" Noah said still puzzled

"Rap-per" Hayley said through tears then another figure entered the room "Hayley what was that about" Kit asked "Somebody raped you" Noah said Hayley nodded "Was it that Dane guy?" Kit asked she once again nodded "My Brother isn't a raper" Paige spoke up "That creep is your brother" Hayley said "So that where he was last year" Paige said "Hayley are you okay" another voice said Jesse was standing in the doorway "Jade and Nick said that they saw you running hectic from the beach" "No I won't be until..." Hayley stopped in mid sentence Jesse, Kit, Noah and Paige followed her gaze

"Dane what you doing here" Paige finally said "Get out!" Noah said in a voice he hardly ever use "What why you kicking him out" Kit asked "Okay would somebody please tell me what going on here" Jesse asked

"Dane he rapped me a year ago" Hayley managed to say

A/N I know it is really short, but is it good should I continue