Note:1 this is rated for PG13 I don't own any characters this is also a Pokemon/Charmed crossover

Note2: This is set after Prue died (On Charmed), **************************************************************************** ******************************************
The Switch Summary: Witch, Piper Halliwell and a Pokemon Trainer, Ricky,from different world switch bodies after Piper reads a spell out loud by addicent, and in the worst time, in Hoenn a Pokemon is threating all Pokemon and Humans alike and a demon is bend on destroying Earth Will the switched heros save each other's world. Or will they fall under evil **************************************************************************** ******************************************

Piper Halliwell

"Hmm I wonder why I have never notice this spell before, maybe it a way to bring Prue back she started reading the spell forgetting that she shouldn't read it out loud

World to World
Switch my body
So may I see through another eyes
Switch my body with another. (A?N I know that was a crap spell) Piper finished the spell waiting, "Well that was really weird then she walked off in grief that the spell didn't bring Prue back and went to her bedroom.

"Torchi" said a very strange voice Piper opened her eyes to find a very weird chicken creature looking in her face with two other unfamiliar people, "Rick we have to go, Mauville City is not far" said the female voice, Piper quickly standed up making Torchi fall "Who the hell are you" she said then with an answer she flicked her fingers at them "Uh Rick what are you doing" the male one said "What did you just call me" she replied wondering why they weren't freezing

"I think Rick forgot his waking pills, Cassie" The boy said to Cassie Then Piper's eyes travel down to her fingers where no were no marriage ring on her hand. In matter of fact her arm was a shade lighter then it was, almost like her sister Paige skin, then she realised she didn't have any breasts either a mirror was standing by she looked In it to reveal that she had short spiky hair and her brown eyes where now Blue, Piper screamed "What the hell happened to me" she said then she turned to Cassie and the boy/ "Why don't you tell us" Cassie said "Well I am Piper Halliwell a witch, but I don't have the powers in this body" Piper said "Right and I am the Pokemon god, grovel before me" he chuckled.

"I am serious I am really a witch in... What in the Hell is a Pokemon" Piper said taking a double-take

"Wow you really are not faking it" Cassie said "No" Piper replied then a huge explosion could be heard the Trio ran out to find a mysterious creature floating above a ball of fire.

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