Summary: Albus has a new teacher-student program. Snape is stuck with Ginny, Colin, Harry, and Draco for a couple of months. Each has their own secrets. But will Snape be able to save all of them from the fates that await them? Especially when two are near death, one has health problems, and one is leading the world to destruction. It's a life or death matter.

Behind the Open Door

          Draco sauntered into the Great Hall with Blaise Zabini by his side. Pansy searched through the crowd frantically.

"Dwakie-poodie! Where are you poodins?" cried a very annoying Pansy.

"Oh lord!" cried Draco as he grabbed Blaise by the collar and puled him through the swarming crowd of students in the Great Hall. He seated himself at the very end of the Slytherin table, hidden by Crabbe and Goyle's huge bodies.

"I sympathize with you, Draco," stated Blaise sarcastically as he wiped away a fake tear.

"Oh shut up!" exclaimed Draco.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Draco, my boy, you have forgotten the deal you made with me!" stated Blaise. "No bad language!"

"That was not bad!" argued Draco.

"Would you tell a teacher that?" asked Blaise.

"No," mumbled Draco.

"Than it's vulgar!" said Blaise.

"But I wouldn't ask my teacher what's happening. Is that vulgar?" asked Draco.

"Let's debate that later," Blaise said. "Let's talk about summer." Then he plunged on about his father's ideas for the Dark Lord. A strand of red hair caught Draco's sight and he dozed away from the conversation.

Colin stumbled into his seat, pulling the tablecloth with him, and his camera snapped a photo of a flying plate that crashed on the Ravenclaw table. Colin blushed wildly and snapped a photo of an angry Ravenclaw girl who had a piece of glass from the plate stuck in her palm.

"Hey Coli!" cried Ginny Colin turned around and snapped a photo of Ginny. She was smiling and her hair was tied in pigtails. She looked happy but her eyes had a twinkle of some deeper emotion. Colin didn't see that, though.

"Hey, Pin-Dough," replied Colin. Ginny giggled. Colin always came up with the oddest nicknames for her. But they were much more to Colin.

"Where do you come up with those nicknames?" asked Ginny.

'What nicknames?" he asked.

"You silly thing!" Ginny cried as she nudged him in the arm playfully.

Harry sat a few seats down from Ginny, off in his own world.

"Hey Harry! How was your summer?" Ron asked. "Harry?" he said as he waved his hand in front of Harry's face in a circular motion.

"Huh, yea, what were we talking about?" Harry asked.

"Um ,Harry, are you alright?" asked Hermione.

"Yeah, fine," he replied, his voice far away. "Just fine..."

"Settle down everyone, settle down," boomed Dumbledore's voice. "Today we begin a new year! And we have a new project planned out for the 6th and 7th years. It is the new student-teacher program. Each teacher will be held responsible for a few select students. The students shall be informed privately. Those students and teachers will not be attending Hogwarts this year. New teachers will replace them. Do not worry, they are equally as good. As for your education, those who are selected do not worry. You will be taught by your teacher at his/her house all the materials you must know and will be owled your hw from the other teachers if it is found necessary. Now for a few words of encouragement: Kiwis, pickles, yogurt, and five! Now dig in!"

Everyone paused for a while before eating trying to understand what those words had to do with anything. After everyone just figured that those were just any words, they tucked in and the feast began.

Three red letters and one green one landed on four chosen students' beds and those were the beginning of a life or death year.

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