Note: This is just a Poem reflecting of how Max was feeling when Eloiuse
Died, and Eloiuse Thoughts before she died. PG13 on the safe side don't own
Max or Eloiuse If I did Eloiuse would be alive and be with Max
I held her in my arms,
Knowing that she would never wake up again That we would never kiss,
She would never able to eat Ice Cream or brush her hair again
I hide my feelings away from the other family members, I made a Shrine for
Every night I blow a kiss to the sky maybe hoping that she can feel it in
Heaven, I stared at her picture on my night stand wishing that it was fake
that she was still alive.
She was really brave she knew her time was coming and their was nothing we
could do
I wanted to hold her again, Kiss her,
I try to be strong for Eloiuse
I just want her to be back with me talking to me.
Even thought I feel her presence but no one else can.
Eloiuse was special, and young and innocent
I hold it in
Knowing that someday we will be reunited in the Heavens again
God Bless Eloiuse and that God has taken her under his wing until we meet
I have to go now, Uncle Rhys is calling me
I know someday we will be together someday and even in her death she will
still be around and waiting for me in Heaven.
Eloiuse (Before her death)
I try to be strong,
For my parents, Max Knowing that my Time is coming, Knowing I will be
greatly missed, but aleast Max show me the best time of my life, aleast I
had my first boyfriend.
Somebody who took care of me and stood by me to every step, I didn't want
my moment with Max wasted,
I wanted him to hold me in his arms forever.
Max and my parents not to mention others think that I am really strong, but
inside I am been torn knowing that soon I am never going to do anything
again, Never even be a teenager,
Be with Max until we are old and wrinkly, Never to have Kids again.
I wanted to stop Time reverse everything my life and make me not have
I wished every night that the cancer could just go away, vanished,
disappeared and let me be with my first boyfriend. But I am getting Tired I
know it coming I can't do anything to prevent it but wait for death to
come, I lay my head on Max's shoulder feeling myself becoming weaker but
still strong inside knowing that when I am gone,
Jade, Dani, Kirsty, Beth, Scott, Kit and Rhys would comfort him.
I hope that we will be reunited in Heaven and Max will find me and I will
find him I hated Death himself,
I hated Cancer wondered how it was created and why it choose to kill so
many innocents as myself I feel my eyeslids getting heavier I wanted to
opened them grasp at Light But then I fell limp his Max's arms,
Goodbye Max I will Always Love you until the end of Time was my last
thoughts on Earth, The Wide World that I would never see again I am now on
my way to Heaven Knowing that Max will be strong for him.
God Help Max to keep on living and Moving
God Bless Max.
A/N What did you guys think, Good and sad? Deicated to Eloiuse (What was
her last name again and I have a feeling I might be spelling her name
wrong) I think Max and Eloiuse would of made the perfect couple if cancer
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